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Tag search on GigaOM Pro


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How to run t

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Tag search on GigaOM Pro

  1. 1. Tag SearchonGigaOM ProGigaOM ProGigaOM Pro
  2. 2. Tags are found atthe top of eachreport page.Click on the tag to run a search or on the “+18 more”to jump to the bottom and browse all tags on a report
  3. 3. We have generaltags as well ascompany andtechnology tags.Click on the tag to run a search on any of these tags.
  4. 4. GigaOM ProCompany PageSubscribe to updatesClick additional tagsto rerun search onintersection of twotags
  5. 5. Intersection of twotags, LTE & VerizonClick [x] to removetag and re-run searchNumbers next to atag indicate numberof reports thatmatch intersection ofcurrent result andthat tag.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. ifttt.comUse to distribute RSS entries to otherplatforms.