Pulling the Plug - A Film 260 Flipbook compiled by Ian Ip


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Pulling the Plug - A Film 260 Flipbook compiled by Ian Ip

  1. 1. Pulling the PlugHow Social Media made BreakupsHarderBy: Ian IpImage taken from flickr user sa.y589
  2. 2. “There’s less structure for peopletoday……as relationships develop”Image taken from flickr user Mário ToméQuotation Source: [1]
  3. 3. …with reminders on adaily, even hourly basis.”“Facebook and Twitter make itincredibly difficult to move onbecause youre bombarded…Image taken by Ian IpQuotation Source: [1]
  4. 4. “Facebook has created a wholenew slew of obstacles……previously didn’t exist for people inthe dreadful world of dating.”Image taken from flickr user MichaelMitchener
  5. 5. “Social networking madegetting your ex the hell out ofyour life a lot harder.”Image taken from flickr user Brian D PerskinQuotation Source: [5]
  6. 6. “She dumped you and ran.Youre miserable—and younever want to see your exagain……Except there she is, inthat new profile picturesplashed all over yournews feed.” Image taken from flickr user Angela HauptQuotation Source: [2]
  7. 7. “It’s also made it more difficult toend relationships and move on”Image taken from flickr user ThePatronSaintQuotation Source: [4]
  8. 8. “Before Facebook……ending a relationship actuallymeant the end ofcommunication, for the most part.”Image taken from flickr user Ĝђ PhoQuotation Source: [6]
  9. 9. …doesn’t really do much whenyour online social lives are soentangled.”Image taken from flickr user rao.anirudh“Defriending…Quotation Source: [7]
  10. 10. …and led to greater distressover the breakup”“Remaining Facebook friendswith an ex delayed emotionalrecovery…Image taken from flickr user Manarianz5Quotation Source: [3]
  11. 11. “When a breakup is still raw andpainful, being exposed to your exthrough Facebook is like pouring salton a wound.”Image taken from flickr userbridges&balloonsQuotation Source: [2]
  12. 12. “When the cause of the breakup isambiguous or uncertain, and theresnot a lot of trust…Image taken from flickr user satosphere…we might turn to Facebook tofigure out how and why ithappened.” Quotation Source: [4]
  13. 13. “Facebook provides thecoincidentally perfect andautomatic window into the lifeof your evil ex”Image taken from flickr user CubaGalleryQuotation Source: [1]
  14. 14. “You can’t just cut apicture in half;Image taken from flickr user NikkiNikNak.…you have to actually dismantlean online universe.”Quotation Source: [7]
  15. 15. “So you scroll through yourcontacts, intending to delete herphone number…Image taken from flickr user wolfgangfoto…And then there are theemails, G-chats, photos onInstagram, and the cute thingsyou wrote to one another onFacebook, Twitter.”Quotation Source: [6]
  16. 16. “We get to edit our lives online.Leave out the bad stuff. Include onlywhats good, funny, and enviable”Image taken from flickr user Matic Erzen -TeaM PhotographyQuotation Source: [6]
  17. 17. “The very way Facebook is designedmakes it harder for you to cut contactwith your ex.”Image taken from flickr user S@ilorQuotation Source: [3]
  18. 18. “Some people want to forget but areextremely resistant to actual deletion,Image taken from flickr user assbachwhile others regret deleting thdigital possessions.”Quotation Source: [5]
  19. 19. “Lack of disposal tools meant…Image taken from flickr user Myla Rocknrolla…Keepers tooklonger to heal,disposers often regrettedtheir impulsiveness."Quotation Source: [3]
  20. 20. “Once you finally manage to seoffline ties,Image taken from flickr user Eric Spiegelthere’s really no way to avoidvirtual run-ins with your ex”Quotation Source: [1]
  21. 21. “Sometimes people arent evenlooking for information,but then it pops up and thatcan really throw you off”Image taken from flickr user Brian D PerskinQuotation Source: [1]
  22. 22. All images used are licensed under the CreativeCommons Non-Commercial Share – Alike 3.0 agreementand sourced from flickrCredits
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