Peter Lik Nov08 New Release


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Brand new images from Pete. Get one now as they appreciate quickly!

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Peter Lik Nov08 New Release

  1. 1. NE W RELE ASES BY PE TER LIK NOVEMBER 20 0 8 Master Photographer, Peter Lik, fresh from his visits to the crisp autumn air of the eastern seaboard and the vast emptiness and calm of the salt flats in California, returns with images of unparalleled beauty and drama. Lik continues to push the envelope of his creative genius with a collection of images that speak to the broad spectrum of nature’s breathtaking cycle of being. These offerings represent Lik’s endless passion for his craft and his drive to endlessly deliver images that will captivate and inspire the viewer. If you are an existing collector, please contact your Art Consultant. For more information call 1.888.545.6696 NEW YORK LAS VEGAS MIAMI HAWAII KEY WEST ASPEN LA JOLLA AUSTRALIA w w w.peterlIk.Com
  2. 2. LiLies of the pond Location: Acadia National Park, Maine Edition SizE: 950 artiSt Proof: 45 Simplicity in nature is so powerful. I was shooting the fall colors in Acadia National Park, Maine, and wanted something special. On a hike the previous day, I noticed this delicate composition of reeds and lilies in a shallow pond, but was unable to shoot as the wind was strong. I hiked back in, and the stillness of the late afternoon had completely transformed the shot. The reeds reflected perfectly, and the multi-colored lilies added a special element to their tranquil moment. The silence of the day was broken only by my shutter. This image captured my feelings of our delicate, fragile planet in a simplistic abstract.
  3. 3. da r k side of the Moon Location: Death Valley, California Edition SizE: 950 artiSt Proof: 45 The power of a full moon really affects my emotions. I timed a trip out to Death Valley with hopes to capture this lunar presence. I woke up at 4:00 am, and hiked over the salt flats that I had scouted out the day before. The whole landscape was still and calm, lit by the full moon. As the white salt flats reflected this magical light, I stood in amazement. Isolated and surrounded by the quiet mountains – the only sound was the salt crunching beneath my feet. I was 282 feet below sea level and the feeling was incredible. A slight glow on the horizon indicated sunrise and I frantically searched this moonscape for the perfect salt patterns. It was a race against time. Once I found the place, I quickly set up my tripod and captured this magical panoramic scene. I chose my Noblex panoramic camera with a special revolving lens, to capture the vastness and entire mood of the scene. Minutes later the moon vanished behind the mountains and the moment was gone.
  4. 4. Mona rch Location: White Mountains National Park, New Hampshire Edition SizE: 950 artiSt Proof: 45 After a restless night in the camper, the rain showers keeping me awake, I knew the shoot would be worth it. I grabbed my gear just upon daylight and hiked the banks of the gorgeous Swift River. It was early October, and the colors were peaking. Then I saw it – a forest giant, on the edge of the river, peaking in foliage. The wet leaves were so colorful, they looked like they had been painted. The dark evergreen backdrop really highlighted the oranges of this artwork. I prayed for the wind to stop as I shot this four second exposure. The rapids in the foreground added a special painterly feel to the shot – a mood I always strive for. I look at this shot and still hear the rapids. The smell of the autumn foliage stays with me forever.
  5. 5. atL a ntic shor es Location: Acadia National Park, Maine Edition SizE: 950 artiSt Proof: 45 The Maine coastline has always had a magical presence for me. For over a week I explored the vast coastline of the Acadia National Park to find a location that spoke to me. Once I had found that spot, every morning for a week, before the sun drenched the coastline, I had been greeted by bland, colorless skylines. However, my persistence and patience paid off. I wanted to shoot this image in twilight, to give the image a nice warm feel. I carefully composed the shot, using a vertical angle to give the shot dimension and strength. Fifteen minutes prior to sunrise, the soft light was perfect. I worked quickly and exposed a roll of four shots. The round boulders and stunning clouds gave this image a nice warm gentle feeling. Minutes later the sun rose, and it was just another normal day. I feel like I can walk into the shot and touch the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.
  6. 6. swift r iv er Mist Location: Acadia National Park, Maine Edition SizE: 950 artiSt Proof: 45 The autumn colors were in their full glory when I visited Acadia Nation Park in Maine. Unseasonably poor weather had brought the power of autumn on much more rapidly than usual. I knew I had to work quickly. The cyclone the week before had stripped the trees of their bounty of leaves, which would have normally blown away. The water from the massive rains had held them in place creating a collage of fall colors beneath the trees. Mother Nature was giving a gift only to me, to capture and share. As I was struggling to keep my footing along the rushing banks, I couldn’t find the right perspective. I wanted something more. I knew I had to climb. When I reached the top of the bank, I knew I had found what I had been hunting for. As a reward, a gentle mist was lingering above the tree tops setting off the scene. I setup my camera and fired. As I stood there waiting for the film to expose, I found the warmth that had alluded me for so long.