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Westminster forum isc crowd sourcing developing digital april 2019


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Westminster Education Forum ISCDigital Crowd Sourcing Developing Digital April 2019

Published in: Education
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Westminster forum isc crowd sourcing developing digital april 2019

  1. 1. Why Crowd Source Developing Digital? Ian Phillips @ianhabs Asst. head @HabsBoys Crowd Sourcing a Schools’ Guide to Developing Digital The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School Chair Independent Schools Council (ISC) Digital strategy Group
  2. 2. ISC Digital overview Digital Intelligence
  3. 3. The Problem 2 in 3 schools said in ISBA Survey May 2018 1. Schools not getting value for Money 2. Schools not confident data is secure 3. Don’t have proactive alerting practice Only 3% of IT budget spent on teacher CPD
  4. 4. Underutilisation: A value-for-money crisis A 1,000 student school spends over £400k p.a. on IT Only 1 in 3 Bursars think their IT is good value Teachers underutilise IT • All roles agree IT is underutilised in majority of schools • 2/3 Academics aren’t confident in teachers' ability to enhance learning outcomes using existing IT skills • Cloud collaborative tools only being used in 40% of schools, only 7% always use Survey provides clues why… • Reliability of IT an issue for 2 in 3 schools • Only 1/4 of schools provide teachers CPD • 45% of schools’ teachers can’t access IT at home for lesson prep/marking • Teachers only part of IT strategy in 1 in 4 schools • Majority of teachers unaware of IT vision and strategy in 4 out of 5 schools
  5. 5. Security and Safeguarding concerns Security • 2 in 3 school Bursars are not confident their data is secure • 1 in 4 of schools don’t patch their systems until the holidays (or worse) • Fewer than 3 in 10 have independently audited systems re withstand hacking • 9 in 10 school teachers aren’t fully aware of how to manage student data Safeguarding • Only 1 in 4 schools have online safeguarding solutions that work in their students’ first languages • 1 in 3 schools' IT teams think they don't have any form of proactive alerting in place Our survey of Bursars, IT leads andAcademic leads says…
  6. 6. ISC Digital overview A Problem Shared is ….
  7. 7. Similar Aims Inorder to develop DQ and inspire our students to be the innovators and entrepreneurs the world will need 1. Improve teacher workload 2. To encourage collaboration & Co-use 3. To support the development of “out of hours” school and lifelong learning 4. Increase ROI and reduce TCO and be able to measure digital success
  9. 9. ISC Digital overview Aim: Transferability
  10. 10. Schools’ Guide to Developing Digital • Vision - Clear, evidence based Digital vision; all stakeholders at the heart of the Strategy to support learning • Training - Spend >20% IT budget on Training, Teachers on Pedagogy and all Staff on productive use of Tech • Identity - Plan for seamless and secure use of Devices and Cloud • Infrastructure - Resilient Infrastructure, ensuring efficacy of use by all with simple processes for procurement and maintaining standards • Safety - Safeguard children, data, systems and develop responsible children • Partnerships - External support to supplement in-house Technical Skills, create test beds for innovation to enhance learning and enable agility within steady predictable development
  11. 11. Good Practice Crowd Sourcing a Schools’ Guide to Developing Digital EdTech50 Schools project sponsored by Intel, JISC and the Chartered College to understand and share good practice for clear vision, policies and robust and reliable infrastructure
  12. 12. ISC Digital overview How can we make IT easier?
  13. 13. ISCDigital @ISC_Digital If a Problem Shared is … How can we make it simpler? Ian Phillips @ianhabs Asst. head @HabsBoys Chair ISC Digital strategy