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10 questions to be able to answer about your school network


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10 questions to be able to answer about your school network

Published in: Education
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10 questions to be able to answer about your school network

  1. 1. What are we trying to achieve?
  2. 2.  What are we trying to achieve: T&L? Realisation of Whole School T&L Objectives Trust and confidence in EdTech so staff and students will invest their time to use for T&L Relationship with partners to realise ROI 99.999% reliability and consistency Predictable spending by strategic planning Promising and delivering against T&L criteria
  3. 3.  1. Generous Donation A generous donation of £250,000 was given to the school specifically for ICT developments what would you spend it on? What would be the advantages for the school Pupils, Staff and Parents? Answer?
  4. 4.  Your budget was suddenly cut by 50%, what would you cut and how could you cope, and what would be the effects on the School and the end users? Answer? 2. Budget Cut 50%
  5. 5.  What would be the effect of our main Internet connection being severed by a JCB? What services would we lose? Have we any on site backup systems in place? Answer? 2. Internet Severed by JCB
  6. 6.  What might happen if a major incident occurs while you (or any one specific member of your staff) are away on holiday abroad for 2 weeks? Answer? 3. Major Incident
  7. 7.  Can you show me your records of the systems' reliability over the past 12 months? Is the reliability acceptable? If not, how could we improve it and how could we implement the change? Answer? 4. System Reliability
  8. 8.  How many individuals are sufficiently privileged administrators that they can see the Head's documents, emails, etc.? Answer? 5. The Head's Emails
  9. 9.  If a pupil got hold of a staff password, and started using it, how would we ever know, and how long might it take to find out? Answer? 6. Staff Password
  10. 10.  Can you retrieve a file which was last seen one month ago, and how long would it take to retrieve it? Could you retrieve a file from six month ago? Answer? 7. Retrieving files
  11. 11.  Do you have a Skills Matrix? Is there adequate documentation to minimise a problem? 8. Skills Matrix
  12. 12.  Succession Planning. For each member of your staff – what would the effect be on running the system if they left? What tasks would it be difficult to perform, and how long might it take to recover from the loss? Answer? 9. Succession Planning
  13. 13.  Do you have a strategic development plan to make your spending predictable and set expectation for everyone for hardware and infrastructure? What’s your cloud plan? Answer? 10. Strategic Development Plan
  14. 14.  Thanks Ian Phillips @Ianhabs  Reading Tony Wagner’s Most Likely to Succeed Anything Else?