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Presentation template

  1. 1. Introduction to ADI for XXXXX adiBy John Eaglesham advance d digitalMonth, 2013 institute
  2. 2. Our mission“Stimulating growth for our customers by reshaping traditional markets using new technology”
  3. 3. Our focus and sectors i-Focus ADI E-Band SystemsWarmNeighbourhoods® Connected CommunicationsCustomers & healthPartners ADI CHP-VPP TechnologyCustomers & as anPartners enabler forCustomers & growth in ADI SmartConnectPartners other sectorsCustomers &Partners Smart energy
  4. 4. Smart EnergyProducts & Services adi advance d digital institute
  5. 5. Smart EnergyADI Smart Connect products and servicesComponents, bespoke technology design andproduct development for the Smart Meter, SmartHome and Assisted Living marketsADI Smart GridProjects and communications technologies fortomorrow’s energy-efficient “smart cities”
  6. 6. Switch 2: Increasing sales by 10 times through technology“Insert quote here from partner ofcustomer. “Insert quote here frompartner of customer. “Insert quotehere from partner of customer.“Insert quote here from partner ofcustomer.”
  7. 7. “Insert quote here from partner of customer. “Insert quote here from partner of customer. “Insert quote here from partner of customer. “Insert quote here from partner of customer.”Chameleon: From whiteboard to mainstream deploymentwith a Big Six energy retailer
  8. 8. Connected HealthProducts & Services adi advance d digital institute
  9. 9. Connected HealthADI i-FocusAchieving people-centred healthcare andindependent living through interoperability andexperience-led designADI WarmNeighbourhoods®Consumer services using technology to supportfamilies and carers
  10. 10. ADI led the consortium which developed a home-to-hospital video teleconsultation service based inAiredale Hospital in West Yorkshire, and which wenton to build and operate the new “Telehealth Hub”
  11. 11. i-Focus delivering connected statutory and consumer journeys Public/statutory Commercial/consumer Private Care Social care Routine Personal Health Wellness Chronic care Friends & Acute Health family Local services
  12. 12. WarmNeighbourhoods®: Consumer servicesusing technology to support families and carers
  13. 13. Communications Technology adi advance d digital institute
  14. 14. Our expertise health communications smart energy digital media communications roadmap creation project managementHardware FPGA DSP Softwaredesign design expertise developmentDigital & Analogue Xilinx Modulators Real-time embeddedHigh Performance Altera Demodulators LinuxHigh Volume ModelSim Filters Assembler, C, C++,Cost optimised Scripting Matlab JavaAltium Drivers UML
  15. 15. ADI worked in a collaborative partnership with aradio manufacturer through algorithm developmentand mathematical modelling to deliver a proof-of-concept prototype transferring data at rates ofmore than 1Gbps over a wireless link. “Insert quote here from partner of customer. “Insert quote her artner of customer “Insert quote here from pa of customer. “Insert quote here from partner of customer.”
  16. 16. About ADI2006Established by 2010 2012Yorkshire £1m turnover FocusForward as an 2008 independent proposal wonR&F innovation First TSB from Yorkshire £2m dallasagency contracts Forward contract 2007 2009 2011 First commercial Moved to Moved to contracts waterfront Salts Mill building
  17. 17. ADI: key personnel
  18. 18. THANK YOU adiBy John Eaglesham advance d digitalMonth, 2013 institute