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Case study


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LINPAC Packaging & Social Media

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Case study

  1. 1. Case Study Social Media & LINPAC Packaging
  2. 2. How it worked for LINPACLINPAC Packaging is one of the GREEN’s oldest clients.In the past we have solely concentrated on traditionalpublic relations.Eighteen months ago after the implementation of aFresh Thinking! programme we convinced them toinvest in social media.Today LINPAC now ranks top on a Google search for“food packaging” – all helped by the company’s vastsocial media foot print. Moreover, journalists nowreference the blog before a press release.
  3. 3. New website is link rich with social media
  4. 4. Blog has now has 17,000 subscribers
  5. 5. And we can monitor LINPAC’s audience
  6. 6. 748 followers on Twitter for a packaging company!
  7. 7. 75,000 friends on Facebook
  8. 8. Gives us huge viral reach
  9. 9. All our pictures in one place
  10. 10. All latest news every day
  11. 11. Ranked Number One on Google
  12. 12. Here’s how it works for you1. We identify your Brand Story - so we can tell the narrative of your business2. We identify your Brand Platforms – topics where your are a ‘thought leader’3. We create a digital infrastructure – Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, daily newsletter, Facebook, Pinterest4. We produce a Content Plan using your Brand Platforms5. Delivered with minimum input from you