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About Green Communications

  1. 1. GREEN Communications manage the medium, manage the message
  2. 2. simple
  3. 3. For anyone operating in the world of public relations or communications GREEN would recommend that you look at the principles behind Barak Obama’s campaign for the White House and how they can be applied to your own business… Keep it simple and be consistent. Stick to your objectives. Obama’s campaign Everything about the Obama campaign was was rigorously committed to its objectives and big and yet simple. The big ideas addressed every aspect of activity was focused on core issues that are crucial to the majority of achieving one, some or all of them Americans. They were communicated and simultaneously. Not only did it achieve the addressed in a really simple way – primary objective of getting people to vote for consistency and simplicity ruled together for Obama, but the campaign also successfully maximum effect. achieved its fundraising objective - more than Stay true to your message. Change was the £500m dollars. one word that summarised the campaign and Get to the people that matter. At the heart of was referred to again and again. The prospect the campaign was a quest to embrace and train of moving away from a Republican local people to build volunteer bases in government for the first time in eight years different communities – this led to one of the symbolised it all: change – that, in turn, led biggest grassroots campaigns in the world people to believe in change for the good. By today. Individual advocacy is the biggest simply staying true to the message, the driver of sales – turning one supporter into an campaign created a ground swell of opinion advocate was worth at least 10 votes, as the that it was change that was needed to win. results show. Obama’s website is even called change.gov.
  4. 4. change
  5. 5. Make people feel empowered and Getting the language right. Every element of involved. This was the real secret of its the campaign used language that captured the success. Every single person involved at the audiences and had maximum impact – the grassroots was made to feel like he or she had choice of words and tone had to be in harmony a role to play. Whether participating in a rally, with the campaign’s overall vision and donating or training, the campaign ensured messages. It was about using few words for that voters became the most important maximum effect – Yes We Can, For the Change participants and felt like their contributions We Need... really mattered. Every piece of communication was personally addressed to the recipient with a personal message of Mass integration. Undoubtedly the mass thanks from Obama. integration of all forms of communications and data gathering are mutually beneficial Refine your data gathering and completion. components of a cohesive political operation. Such was the scale of the compilation of data This was the key to the campaign’s overall that the campaign’s different hits reached success. It shows that consistency and a millions every time. A centralised online conjoined approach works. To say it broke new database meant every detail was recorded ground would be an understatement. and allowed for easy cross-referencing of information and creation of lists to target specific groups, ensuring that the commun- Protect your brand. It’s all very well building ication was right on target every time up a successful brand but it is as important to Embrace different media forms. Obama is ensure that you maintain and protect it. With the “king of social networking”. During the expectations now well and truly raised, that is general election 46 per cent of Americans what we will all be watching for. Obama’s next used the internet to get information. As a challenge is to protect his reputation which will result, online activity including YouTube, be another fascinating story to tell… myspace and FaceBook were used to maximum effect
  6. 6. think
  7. 7. GREEN offers intelligent ideas, passionately delivered to a set of values that define who we are as individuals and as an organisation. We extend our clients’ thinking and make their brands, marketing communications and public relations work harder, enabling them to be successful in a tougher, more competitive marketplace. You cannot have an excellent organisation without excellent communications. That is what we deliver to our clients guided by our expert skills, time, contacts and networks, and by our values: • our paranoia about achieving the best results for our clients • telling things straight, built upon genuine, committed relationships • using intelligent thinking and creative flair to add value • accepting our responsibility to make best use of resources and opportunities • seeking to make the lives of our clients, colleagues and community better
  8. 8. how
  9. 9. We aim to be strategically creative, tactically effective and "fun". GREEN practises what it calls three-dimensional communications. We see our clients in the widest context – from the workforce right through to the end user. We provide tangible strategic advice through our work. But that is only part of the story: we live and breathe communications for our clients. When a client takes on GREEN it gets a team. Each client enjoys a dedicated account manager for the day-to-day activities and to progress the agreed programme of work, who is in turn supported by an account executive. In addition, there is further support from a director who is responsible for the initial strategy and for keeping a watching brief over the account. There is always a wider network of expertise to call upon, providing the client with the best people for the right price. GREEN operates according to strict standards of service.
  10. 10. service
  11. 11. Building your profile, managing your reputation, communicating with your markets - they all depend on the media. Public relations and media relations is one of the cornerstones of the GREEN service. We use the power of the media - newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and social media - to communicate your messages to your target audiences. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure the right message is being given to the right people at the right time to generate positive coverage to underpin your corporate and business objectives. We have extensive experience of providing pro-active, hardworking, cost- effective and successful media relations programmes for a broad range of clients. We also provide support in the following areas: Marketing services: GREEN can provide objective, impartial advice, to give strategic direction to your brand and campaign, or produce high quality collateral, advertising and direct marketing campaigns. It is all about getting the maximum attention of the public by using minimal resources.
  12. 12. service
  13. 13. Social Media: The internet is changing. It is no longer a place where passive audiences read online news and reviews. It is becoming a place where active audiences take part in a conversation – through blogs and social networks. GREEN is a leader in the field of social media and emerging Web2.0 technologies. You can’t control these conversations, but with GREEN’s help you can engage with them and help shape them to accurately reflect your brand. Crisis Management: At GREEN we have an unrivalled track record in helping clients to deal with a major crisis. We can work with your management team to effectively prevent today's problem becoming tomorrow's crisis. Graphic Design: GREEN prides itself on highly creative graphic design. From corporate identities and branding to leaflets and brochures, from exhibitions and newsletters to packaging and websites. Brand Workshop: Far too often organisations do not make their most precious asset work hard enough for them. Brands and corporate identities can take years to build up, and just seconds to convey the right message. From a simple logo design to a fully detailed corporate identity manual, we can provide you with a full Brand Workout which ensures your brand messages are fit for purpose.
  14. 14. service
  15. 15. Community relations: Never forget that the local community is a stakeholder in your business. For public bodies such as local councils and government agencies, communities are often the critically important audience because they will be directly affected by a decision or a policy. GREEN has a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with the community when there are sensitive issues to communicate. Internal communications: We all say it. Our people are our best asset. But too often we keep them in the dark when we know that illumination gets the best out of them. Effective internal communication must reflect the style and values of your organisation, provide information, be motivational and result in improved overall performance. Events management: Sometimes you need a big splash in order to make an impression. A launch event can bring together many strands of your public relations strategy, enabling you to meet key people face-to-face, impress them with the quality of the event and provide a good story for the media. GREEN is experienced at planning and managing events to ensure they meet your objectives - and occasionally surpass them!
  16. 16. clients
  17. 17. GREEN Communications has worked with a wide range of clients in a number of sectors. We have delivered award-winning public relations campaigns delivering fantastic results for our clients. We have designed outstanding brochures and other marketing collateral, built compelling websites and created memorable brands. Here are a few of them: Redcats / United Utilities / Northern Gas Networks / Warburtons plc / Greens Health & Fitness / NetConstrct / The Wensleydale Creamery / LINPAC Plastics Yorkshire Water plc / Netto Foodstores / Pace Micro Technology / Grant Thornton / Rollits / Nabarro Nathanson / Brooke North / GVA Grimley Partnership Investment Finance / McInnesCorporateFinance / Ernst & Young Yorkshire Housing Group / Enterprise Insight / Learning & Skills Council Univentures / Yorkshire Forward / South Yorkshire Investment Fund GraduatesYorkshire / Yorkshire Universities / Yorkshire Tourist Board / Best Western / Fuelmyblog / First / Business Link / West Yorkshire Police Calderdale Health Authority / Calderdale Council / Strulch / Leeds University Business Schools / Northern Leadership Academy / Gamestec / Danoptra Euro Car Parts / ByBox / PicPac / Platinum Rails / Park Cake Bakeries Swarcliffe & Brunel Housing / Mini-Roles / Quickplay Sport / Prostar
  18. 18. a body of work
  19. 19. CASE STUDY In September 2003, after almost 20 years under the with follow up materials relating to planned sponsorship control of Scottish Courage, the Theakston family sought opportunities previously identified – the largest of these to acquire the Masham-based brewer they gave their being the launch of the Old Peculier Crime Novel of the name to. Year to coincide with the Harrogate Crime Writers Festival. The family, led by Simon Theakston invited GREEN Communications to devise a public and media relations Implementation programme that positioned the new business as an independent family brewer. Liaising with the Scottish Courage Press office The key objectives therefore were to position Theakston which,under Stock Exchange rules was bound to make the as the premier brewer of quality cask ale in the UK and re- announcement to the markets, GREEN held various talks position the company as a “born-again family business with target media to prepare them for the announcement of resurrecting old traditions and values”. the deal. Target media included all regional morning, evening and Planning & Research weekly titles; all regional TV and radio; trade press; CAMRA titles; and nationals. GREEN identified the need to focus on the “family” and the GREEN also arranged for several one-to-one interviews return of one of Yorkshire’s most famous brands to the with the Theakston family and established a portfolio of Theakston fold – Under Old Management—and reinforce strong photographic images to accompany all press the traditions associated with the brand. materials. We also considered the various issues that would be thrown up by an historical schism created by a Theakston Results family split 20 years previously when Paul Theakston established the rival Black Sheep rival. Coverage of Theakston: Under Old Management was Directors Simon Theakston and Collin Wood were given outstanding. It is calculated that the coverage generated an intense media training session over a two day period to was worth in excess of £750,000. Key outputs included prepare them for press, telephone, radio and TV coverage by all regional media - frequently as a front page interviews. lead. A series of press releases were prepared together The story even made it on to the Wall Street Journal, BBC Look North, The Today Programme and BBC
  20. 20. CASE STUDY Newcastle allocated more than four minutes to the story band subsequently commissioned a follow-up piece. Similarly Yorkshire TV’s Calendar did two features on the buy back and one-to-one interview with Simon Theakston and the staff. The Guardian – carried a full page story and dedicated a Leader to the buy back drawing positive association with the current discussions about the world trade agreement. CAMRA directly re-engaged with Theakston and local correspondent, Barrie Pepper wrote several subsequent “freelance” pieces. Interest in the story remains high and subsequent sponsorships, including the launch of the Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year, continue to maintain momentum in the media. Simon Theakston, Managing Director, Theakstons, said: “GREEN was instrumental is re-positioning our business in the eyes of the beer drinker and the landlord and helped reinforce all the values associated with our brands.”
  21. 21. CASE STUDY Graduates Yorkshire is an online graduate recruitment Planning company providing a recruitment service to meet the growing demand for graduates in SMEs and, with its Early on GREEN recognised it was important to co-opt a growing success, its services later expanded to help series of advocates who would support the Graduates employers of any size. Yorkshire. GREEN approached a number of politicians, Graduates Yorkshire was spun out of the Careers Service business leaders and student groups. of the regions 10 universities which retain a stake in the GREEN also began talks with key media offering them social enterprise. exclusive coverage on the different stories generated. We In January 2007 Graduates Yorkshire re-launched its also sought to create a strong online presence making website and was spun out from the region’s 10 university best use of Web2.0 and social networks – Facebook in shareholders a stand alone social enterprise business. Key particular. objectives included: Research was also commissioned by leading economist Professor Mark Hepworth and demographics expert, • Position GraduatesYorkshire as the first port of call for Martin Frost called Graduates Economies in Britain which employers in the region seeking graduate recruitment. would lend weight to the Graduates Yorkshire cause. Meanwhile, a series of launch events were organised at all • Drive traffic to the website through creative use of public the key universities to which students and employees were and media relations and guerrilla marketing techniques. invited. All the above was to be supported by a steady stream of • Engage with, and encourage Yorkshire business to press materials, including features and case studies for all recruit from the region’s student cohort. targetted media. • Ensure more students graduating from the region’s Implementation universities take up employment in the region. GREEN developed a launch event in Leeds to publicise • Engage directly with the region’s business community – the publication of Graduates Economies in Britain to which creating a powerful peer-to-peer community through the all leading regional and recruitment press were invited. GraduatesYorkshire website. Forward planning and feature calendars were notified to spread the message.
  22. 22. GREEN also created a dedicated weblog which integrated several social media tools including Facebook, Flickr and a discussion forum as well as Digg, Technorati and Del.icio.us ranking tools. Additional materials and functionality were also added to the Graduates Yorkshire website. A programme for a regular drip feed of press materials and interviews with key titles was also put in place. Creative Input GREEN brainstormed a series of creative story angles to target different media. These included: Independent Research – GREEN and Graduates Yorkshire commissioned by leading economist Professor Mark Hepworth and demographics expert, Martin Frost called Graduates Economies in Britain which would lend weight to the Graduates Yorkshire cause.
  23. 23. CASE STUDY Picture This! – A photography competition was launched as part of a month long road show attracted significant through the website encouraging students to send in their audiences and support from local SMEs. images of the region. Users of the website were invited to During the period traffic to the Graduates Yorkshire vote on their favourite. website rose by 20 per cent on previous years – crucially with major employers signing up to the service including Me & My Graduate – GREEN developed a series of HBoS, Asda, the NHS as well as the target market of real-life case studies based of graduates who had met SMEs. their employer through the Graduates Yorkshire website. Regional Road Show – A road show launching the Graduates Yorkshire service held events in Sheffield, Leeds, York, Hull, Bradford and Huddersfield. Results Phenomenal regional press coverage was achieved, including interviews with Martin Edmondson on BBC Radio Martin Edmondson, Chief Executive of Leeds and several other local radio stations. Crucially the Human Resource trade press also carried Graduates Yorkshire: “GREEN has stories about Graduates Yorkshire’s re-launch as social worked hard to deliver a fantastic PR enterprise. The total AVE is calculated as £195,595 campaign generating huge interest in Significant broadcast coverage was achieved including mentions on BBC Radio Leeds, Viking Radio and Minster Graduates Yorkshire. They had a very FM. Graduates Yorkshire continues to attract more than precise and logical plan and delivered 350,000 monthly average web hits. perfectly on that as can be seen by the During the course of the campaign GREEN generated considerable coverage in key media. The events held rise in traffic to our service."
  24. 24. CASE STUDY Situated in the market town of Hawes in the heart of the casts; and other UGC. Yorkshire Dales National Park, The Wensleydale GREEN also made best use of online social networks like Creamery prides itself on being the only maker of real Flickr, Facebook and other feeds to add to the Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese in the World. “conversation”. Our aim was to use social media as a GREEN was tasked with devising a creative campaign to platform to spread the “conversation” about Wensleydale support The Wensleydale Creamery’s bid for Protected and translate that into genuine deadwood media coverage. Designation of Origin (PDO) which aims to promote and A petition in support of the campaign – available online protect food products in the EU. Under PDO rules and at the visitor centre – was also put in place. manufacturers of cheese based outside Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, would be banned from calling their Implementation cheese real Yorkshire Wensleydale. PDO status for The Wensleydale Creamery would protect the regional heritage of real Yorkshire Wensleydale GREEN developed the Wensleydaleblog– using the cheese. It will also help to ensure that consumers are WordPress blogging platform - which integrated several getting the genuine article – a hand-crafted cheese made social media tools including Facebook, Flickr and a in Wensleydale. Key objectives included: discussion forum, as well as Digg, Technorati and • Successfully promote and support the Creamery’s bid for Del.icio.us ranking tools. We also included an RSS feed to PDO status allow visitors to subscribe to our feeds. • Build and maintain brand profile with key multiples and The blog also made tactical links with other partner sites independents including the Yorkshire Dales National Park, British • Increase sales across the Real Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese Board, Wallace & Gromit and the Yorkshire Post range which launched their own “Uniquely Yorkshire” campaign • Generate significant news coverage in consumer and in support of Real Yorkshire Wensleydale ensuring regular trade press coverage. They also developed a dedicated website in support of the campaign. From the beginning GREEN was determined to spread the An entry for Wensleydale cheese was also accepted by word about Real Yorkshire Wensleydale via the web and Wikipedia which further added online authority to the through emerging social media, making best use of a campaign. Elsewhere, GREEN established an online dedicated Wensleydale blog; the blohosphere; wikis; pod- petition for those wishing to support the PDO
  25. 25. campaign and launched a series of competitions to get people involved. A podcast of a poem – To Make Wensleydale Cheese - written by Yorkshire poet Ian McMillan also generated further traffic and media coverage. Creative GREEN brainstormed a series of creative angles to be used on the website. These included: • Wensleydaleblog – A dedicated weblog was created and updated regularly with news about PDO and other developments at the Creamery. Other social media tools were also used including Facebook and Flickr. • Online Petition – An online petition was created inviting visitors to add their support. • Wensleydale Cookery demonstration – More than 60 consumer and cookery writers were invited to an event at Nat Mags House where celebrity chef Brian Turner demonstrated a range of Wensleydale recipes. Pictures of
  26. 26. CASE STUDY the event were posted on the Wensleydale Flickr account. Significant broadcast coverage was achieved including • An Ode to Wensleydale – Yorkshire poet Ian McMillan mentions on BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today programme; was commissioned to write a poem in praise of Yorkshire’s BBC Radio 2 news and GMTV news. Locally there were favourite cheese. several features on BBC Look North and Calendar. • More Wensleydale Gromit! – Britain’s favourite plasticine Wensleydaleblog continues to attract more than 400 characters and cheese fans, Wallace & Gromit were unique visitors a week. Visitors can leave messages of approached for their support and a post was placed on the support, sign the online petition and upload pictures and site. recipes. A podcast of Ian McMillan’s poem in praise of Yorkshire’s favourite cheese was also broadcast on the Results site and formed the basis of a poetry competition – which generated further press coverage. More than 18,000 people signed the petition in support of Phenomenal press coverage was achieved, including a the campaign and this was delivered to Westminster. The news piece and a supplement in the Daily Telegraph; The PDO application is due to go to Brussels once approved Times; The Daily Express and BBC News online. by DEFRA and the final decision is due later this year. Extensive regional coverage was achieved in the Yorkshire Wensleydaleblog continues to be updated. Post; Yorkshire Evening Post; Northern Echo and Darlington and Stockton Times. Coverage was achieved in numerous trade titles, including The Grocer; Food Industry News; Food Manufacture; Fine Food Digest; Dairy Industries International; Farmers Weekly and International David Hartley, Managing Director of the Sandwich and Snack News. Meanwhile, consumer Creamery said: “GREEN has worked hard women’s press featured stories about the cheese and to deliver a fantastic PR campaign associated recipes including Fresh, Delicious, Express Woman, BBC Good Food and Country Kitchens. generating huge interest in the Creamery. The Yorkshire Post launched their own Uniquely Yorkshire We have been particularly impressed by campaign with a dedicated website in support of the how the blog has generated so much Creamery. This ensured regular coverage throughout the campaign. The total AVE is calculated as £200,000. goodwill for our brand.”
  27. 27. CASE STUDY NETTO is the UK’s leading value retailer with more than NETTO as being a cheap, poor quality retailer appealing to 150 stores throughout the UK. It offers customers value lower demographic shoppers. These perceptions were and quality in equal measure through its Smart Shopping based on un-informed prejudice as many of the philosophy of offering a leading brand and NETTO’s own respondents had not even entered a NETTO store. The brand alternative. more positive reaction came from men who were keen on Conscious of the gap between Danish perceptions of buying major brands at low prices and had no concerns NETTO – where it is regarded as part of the mainstream about where they shopped. They were smart about shopping experience appealing to all shoppers including shopping. the middle class – and the UK, where discounting is still frowned upon, GREEN conducted an on-going media Implementation relations programme addressing all aspects of the store group’s brand, from new products, key personnel profiling, The overall strategy is based on engaging journalists with new store openings, corporate communications and NETTO, bringing them closer to the brand and the people promotions and competitions. behind it. The media relations programme focuses on The aim of the communications programme is to illustrate quality of product, store openings, spot items and how shopping at NETTO is a positive experience by corporate profile. Key to the programme were the concentrating on the quality of the product, the best value following initiatives: ethos and an efficient shopping experience. The main objective of programme is to position NETTO as Quality Counts - NETTO is very proud of the quality a genuine alternative to the major UK supermarkets and products it stocks and GREEN invested a great deal of promote the quality and value of its product offering. time in bringing this to the attention of key consumer journalists in the regional, national press and women’s magazines as well as the trade press. Planning Tried & Tested - product samples – including wine - were Comprehensive research was commissioned with AC dispatched to key consumer titles each time a product was Neilsen, the retail knowledge group, to assess positive and launched in store or repackaged. negative perceptions about the NETTO brand. This showed that many consumers associated Store opening - NETTO has an ambitious store
  28. 28. opening programme and in the past 12 months has opened more 25 new stores across the UK. Each new store opening is supported by an intensive media and press relations campaign in the local press and through door-to- door fliers highlighting the benefits of Smart Shopping and current special offers. Competitions - at each new store opening shoppers were offered the opportunity to enter a competition to win a variety of prizes, including Smart cars, holidays and trolley dashes. These competitions were run in partnership with the local press and radio. The results Coverage in press – including The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent on Sunday, Yorkshire Post, Chat, Woman’s Own, Bella, Daily Express, The Grocer, Checkout and other leading titles - has been very positive. In some cases the titles have editorialised the issue challenging British snobbery when it comes to shopping at NETTO.
  29. 29. CASE STUDY Recurrent headlines were: Store snobs pay the price, least two minutes each to the story. There was also a Treat in store at NETTO, No frills thrills, NETTO for best significant online presence for the story. value, Smart arrival of bigger thinking, NETTO makes Coverage culminated in a five minute package on the supermarket sweep, NETTO’s smart move. Netto phenomenon on BBC Wales, when GREEN Meanwhile, at a local level further coverage was generated facilitated visit to Netto in Denmark for the business in local and regional press about the store opening correspondent. In this he reviewed the growth of Netto in programme. Europe, Netto’s trendy antecedents in Denmark, the firm’s Meanwhile, a separate launchinto Wales generated Smart Shopping ethos and the quality of food - all key significant press coverage in The Western Mail (page lead messages for Netto.Estimated value of total editorial with follow up features) and all key titles including Barry & valued coverage was £1.2m. District News; Barry Post; Bridgend & District Recorder; Campaign Blackwood/Newbridge; Campaign Caerphilly, Ystrad Mynach & Bargoed; Campaign North Gwent; Netto Managing Director Claus Campaign Pontypridd; Cardigan & Tivy-Side Advertiser; Daily Post; Pontypridd Observer Group; South Wales Waedeled: “GREEN have consistently Argus - Newport; South Wales Echo; South Wales delivered excellent media coverage for Evening Post and South Wales Guardian. Netto and have raised the companies Significant radio coverage was also achieved and both independent and BBC TV stations devoted at profile far beyond our expectations.”
  30. 30. GREEN Communications Wakefield Media Centre 19 King Street Wakefield WF1 2sQ Tel: +44 (o)845 4503210 Fax: +44 (o)845 4503211 www.greencomms.com www.greenblog.co.uk www.twitter.com/GREENComms