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Information About Breast Reduction and surgery


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  • Breast reduction surgery is the most popular way to make large breasts smaller. It is slowly losing its popularity because of its side effects. Natural breast reduction is safe to use. It burns excessive fatty tissues and cells in the mammary glands will reduce the size of breasts.visit
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Information About Breast Reduction and surgery

  1. 1. Information about Breast Reduction
  2. 2. S.No Title 1 Breast Reduction - Reduction Mammaplasty Surgery 2 Breast Reduction - Side Effects and Sensitivity Changes 3 Breast Reduction Surgery - Facts To Know 4 Breast Reduction - Everything to Know About It 5 Breast Reduction - Risks and Supplements 6 Breast Reduction for Males - Gynaecomastia Surgery 7 Breast Reduction - Medical and Aesthetical Calling 8 Breast Reduction - A Solution for Macromastia
  3. 3. Breast Reduction - A Solution for MacromastiaMacromastia can be medically described as the state of having overly heavy and large breastswith average body size. Even one breast can be disproportionate and enlarged with fats andtissues. The solution to this condition is the breast reduction surgery.Macromastia, or over-sized breasts, can cause many complications like saggy breasts with lownipples, disproportionate breast, back-neck-shoulder pain and scar due to strained bra straps,breast skin thinning and irritation due to stretching, circulation or breathing problems andrestricted physical activity due to poor posture and pendulous breasts. It can also havepsychological impact like heavy emotional burden and loss of self-confidence.Breast reduction surgery is technically known as reduction mammaplasty which includesremoval of excess skin, fat and glandular tissues to make the breast in proportion to the body.Only those people should opt for breast reduction who are physically healthy, avoid smoking,suffer from restricted activity due to large breasts, suffer from the mentioned complications andthose who have realistic expectations and are not trying to fit in any ideal image as this surgery isa very individualized decision.The risks or complications are present in any surgery. And the complications involved in areduction mammaplasty are infection, blood clots, breast asymmetry, persistent pain, fat necrosis,unfavorable scarring, poor wound healing, fluid accumulation, bleeding hematoma, potentialinability to breastfeed, skin discoloration, allergies to sutures, tapes and glues, injectable agents,blood products and topical preparations, excessive firmness of breast, anesthesia risks,temporary or permanent damage to nerves, blood vessels, muscles or lungs, possibility ofrevisional surgery, potential skin or tissue loss, temporary or permanent changes in breast ornipple sensation, potential/partial/total loss of nipples or areolas, breast contour and shapeirregularities, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary and cardiac complications or permanentpigmentation change, swelling and bruises may occur.
  4. 4. With the awareness about all the mentioned risks and complications, if one does not wish to gounder the knife, the other alternative is the medical products like breast reduction pills which cannaturally reduce the size of breasts with no negative side effects. These pills target thesubcutaneous adipose tissue, simply put as the fatty cells in the mammary glands and reducethem in size and quantity. The best part of taking a pill is that it leaves no scars unlike a surgeryand the ability to breastfeed is also retained. There are also herbal breast supplements which aresaid to regulate specific female hormones affecting the breast growth.Breast reduction surgery or mammaplasty should be taken as more of a corrective surgery forfunctional purposes rather than a cosmetic surgery for aesthetic appeal.Breast Reduction – Medical and Aesthetical CallingBreast reduction one of the most sought after surgeries today, and one can guess obesity as areason of this condition. These surgeries are combined with many other cosmetic surgeries likeliposuction or botox or abdominoplasty – tummy tuck. This surgery also is a medical need incases where activities are hindered or there are back problems due to overly large bosoms. Thissurgery gives a proportional shape to the body with improvement in the shape and size of theseassets.Though people have whims and fancies of idolizing celebrities, not all should go for such surgicalprocedures. People with large breasts in proportion to the body, suffering from bra strapsindentation, skin irritation, neck or shoulder pain, nipples and areolas pointing downwards, onebreast larger than the other or plain dissatisfaction with the shape and size, prove to be goodcandidates for breast reduction procedure. Today, teens and adolescents are very conscious about their figures and they strive to achievethe perfect body shape and hence employ such surgeries. But breast reduction should be doneonly when the breasts are fully developed. On the other hand, middle-aged women planningpregnancy should not go for such a surgery as child-birth and breast-feeding may have randomeffects on the size and shape of the breasts. One should keep in mind that the expectations fromthe surgery should be realistic.The surgery procedure initially includes the selection of a specific technique for reduction ofbreast. The commonest method used for this surgery is making three incisions – one near theareola, one from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease under the breast and the thirdincision follows the natural curve of the crease. After the removal of excess tissue, skin and fat,the drooping nipple and areola are shifted to the corrective position. The areola is reduced in sizeas it is stretched when the breasts are larger. The skin above the nipples is brought down and thebreast is reshaped. Other procedures like liposuction may be minorly combined to improve thecontour under the arm.
  5. 5. If the nipples and areolas are left attached to the underlying tissues, the sensation is preservedand the ability to breast feed may also be preserved, though, it cannot be guaranteed. A detailedsurgery can be seen and read about on websites with explanations, and queries can be resolvedby asking questions to doctors online.The other techniques for incision vary on the basis of the expected size and shape of the breastsand the surgeon’s recommendation. Some techniques may avoid the incision from the areola tothe crease vertically. In case of extremely large breasts, one may have to sacrifice the possibilityof breast-feeding to achieve the desired shape and size.Breast Reduction for Males - Gynaecomastia SurgeryMale breast reduction is not unheard of, but rarely spoken about. The breast reduction surgeryfor males is known as gynaecomastia. Medical news around the world talks about how modernman does not shy away from grooming and taking care of his physique and body as ‘look good-feels good’ factor. There is a definite increase in the percentage of men who have undergone theknife and one of the reasons is the gynaecomastia surgery.Gynaecomastia is a medical condition of over-developed or enlarged breasts due to hormonalchanges, disease, negative side effects or a drug reaction. It may also be a natural condition andthe surgery may be a cosmetic surgery for aesthetic appeal or a medical condition requiringcorrective surgery. The main characteristics of this condition may be excess development ofglandular tissue or fat or both and gynaecomastia may be present unilaterally (one breast) orbilaterally (both breasts).These surgeries are highly individualized surgeries and one should go for it only with realisticexpectations and not to fit in any ideal image. Good candidates for this surgery are men withhealthy physique and normal weight, who are bothered by their enlarged breasts and their breastdevelopment has stabilized. Surgical correction of gynecomastia is best performed on men whoavoid smoking and drugs and healthy individuals with no life-threatening disease or conditionswhich slower or impair healing process.A candid consultation session is necessary for the patient and the doctor before the operation.There may be enquiries about the lifestyle, health and expectations of the patient. He may beasked about his previous surgeries, allergies, current medication and supplement intake.Potential risks, outcomes and other consequences may also be discussed with him andrecommendations may be given. The preparation of the surgery may include diagnostic testing,adjusting current medications and avoiding smoking, aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs as theycan increase bleeding.As gynaecomastia is a highly personal decision, one should take the decision whether thepotential risks and complications are acceptable. A consent form may be asked to be signed to
  6. 6. ensure proper understanding of the risks. Breast reduction surgeries are generally done onoutpatient basis under general or local anesthesia with sedation. Experience of shortness ofbreath and rapid heart beats should call for immediate medical attention. The practice of medicineand surgery is not an exact science and hence there may be cases where best result is notachieved in the first attempt itself.Breast Reduction – Risks and SupplementsBreast reduction has become one of the most common plastic or cosmetic surgeries today and ismostly done so that women can be confident and comfortable with their bodies and assets.There are many things one should be aware of before taking a decision to go for breastreduction surgery. One of the biggest problems is to know the breast size in proportion to thebody. A small reduction is known as a cosmetic surgery and one should know how many gramsper side should be reduced. Talking about medical claims and insurance, they need to know theexact amount and size to qualify it for insurance.Though complications may be rare, they may still occur and hence, one should watch out forinfection, loss of breast, asymmetrical breast or loss of felling or sensitivity. There have been alsocases where negligence and malpractices of the physician results in heavy damage for thepatient. The doctors sometimes remove more tissues than the pre-determined grams from eachbreast and mismatch the breast size. There have also been cases of careless work where thesutures got separated after the surgery and became infected causing green discharge from thesurgery site. Though the doctor may suggest that the patient’s body is allergic to stitches andrefuses to heal, it also includes the doctor’s mistake. The patient may have to get treatment forstaph infection which may develop after the surgery. Fat necrosis is a rare complication while theworst can be death. One should be aware and alert of all such risks before taking the breastreduction decision.One should also be mentally and physically prepared before the surgery. One may experienceanxiety or stress and but remembering the basic reasons for undergoing the surgery helps toreinforce the purpose of the surgery. One can be physically prepared by being fit and doingcardio and increase the ability to heal faster.
  7. 7. Vitamins and herbs and online healthcare products can aid as supplements but one shouldconsult the physician before any such intake. Though vitamin E helps in rebuilding the bloodvessels and helps in healing, it also acts as an anti-coagulant which may run the risk of excessivebleeding. Though there are some vitamins which can be taken after discussing with the physician,like Vitamin C, Vitamin E 400 IU for reducing breast tenderness, Magnesium 400mg to reducewater retention, negative moods and pain, Vitamin B6 100mg to reduce irritability, fatigue anddepression and Calcium 1000mg to reduce body aches and bloating.One should take into consideration all the pros and cons before taking a decision for breastreduction surgery.Breast Reduction - Everything to Know About ItBreast reduction is a very individual decision. It’s highly personal and one should not take suchdecisions just to imitate somebody or because any celebrity goes for it or it is thought to be ideal.One should always consult their doctors before taking such an invasive and a body-alteringdecision. The doctor may be able to suggest some alternatives rather than a breast reductionsurgery. There have been many alternative considerations but one should check with the doctor ifone is eligible for it.The breast reduction surgery mainly includes reducing some grams of tissues from both thebreasts equally. The important part is the post-operative care to be taken. There may be breastpain for some time but it is said to reduce with the intake of mix of vitamin B1 and B6. But oneshould be careful, as usage of vitamin B6 for more than 50 mg can cause possible nerve damageand make the extremities numb. Even vitamin E can help to reduce pains but one should notexceed 200 mg per day. A fatty acid called Primrose oil, helping to prevent arthritis and maintainbrain functions can also help but one should always consult the doctor before its usage.Such an important decision like breast reduction, surely calls for support from friends and family.It’s the emotional support that counts and these people, with whom such experiences are sharedabout how the surgery affects, would be a lifeline. There should be some support as it helps thepatient overcome the little glitches on the road to recovery. Not everybody would understand thedecision to have smaller breasts and hence it is the support of family that counts and supportsthis decision.
  8. 8. Before going for this surgery, one should also consult about the cost of this surgery. The costbasically depends on the size of reduction and the insurance cover. Breast reduction can alsoinclude nipple reduction and its attachment to blood supply. Estimates should be taken from thedoctor for every procedure to be done. One should also remember that this surgery should nottake place near the menstrual periods. One should choose that doctor whom one felt comfortablewith, during the consultation as it is his hands to alter the rest of life and if the doctor is such whodoes not pay attention to concerns and worries, he is not the best choice.One should keep all these things in mind before taking this important decision of a breastreduction surgery.Breast Reduction Surgery – Facts To KnowBreast reduction surgery is a highly individual decision and one should be aware about all thefacts associated to it. One of the important points to consider is the pre-operation appointmentbefore the surgery takes place.In most of the cases, one has to wait for the approval of the payment by the insurance companybefore getting the pre-appointment. At that appointment, the things to expect are, the doctor willhave your shirt off you to make some markings. Some may not go for this pre-appointment andthe work is done on the day of final surgery itself. One will also have to sign the consent form onthis day and is made to read the list of all the possible complications like uneven breast nipplesand death. A list of do’s and don’ts is also given. One may have to stop their medications forsometime like blood thinning medications and other vitamin tablets and aspirin. However, onemay continue the intake of vitamin C. One should know that getting cold can delay the surgeryand a sleep-aid can also be asked from the doctor. Bleeder test may be done earlier on the dayof the surgery to know hoe fast the blood clots in respective cases.The after-math of breast reduction surgery is important to know if one chooses to undergo thesurgery. Though this surgery can ease the pain and discomfort of women with heavy and
  9. 9. oversized breasts, there may be some side-effects or discomfort which may be experienced whilerecovering and the expectations regarding the surgery results.After the surgery, the patients are needed to keep a surgical bra for a few weeks and theirstitches are taken out within 1-3 weeks. On an average, it takes up a fortnight for recuperatingbefore they carry on with their normal life.The pain after the surgery takes place can be dealt with as they are not severe. The pain isexperienced in the first few weeks and also when sneezing, coughing or any other quick musclecontractions will aggravate the pain. The primary menstrual period while recovering from thissurgery will make the breasts enlarge and become more sensitive. The discomfort can be easedduring the healing process by OTC pain killers or doctor’s prescribed medicines. One shouldunderstand that the brief pain related to this surgery is minor when compared to the ongoing painassociated by having rather large and heavy breasts.These are some of the many important facts to consider while undergoing breast reductionsurgery for pre-operative and post-operative surgery care.Breast Reduction – Side Effects and Sensitivity ChangesBreast reduction surgery is a very invasive and body-altering decision and one should it a seriousthought and consideration before imitating somebody. Every surgery has its pros and cons andone should be aware of the side effects and changes they will experience after this surgery.Post breast reduction surgeries, most of the patients feel some discomfort and a change insensitivity of their breast and nipples. It is usual that the breast nipples are numb in the first fewweeks after the surgery and some women have also experienced the areola area to becomeoverly sensitive. These are normal after-effects of the surgery and they usually correct back fromhalf a year to full one year after the breast reduction surgery.There are many cases in which these sensitivity changes in the breasts last forever. Women withoverly large and heavy breasts may require their nipples to be fully taken off to allow moving it to
  10. 10. another area. This whole procedure of removing and moving it is called ‘free nipple graft’ and itmay result in loss of sensation, as the attached nerves are fully cut off during the procedure. Butthe nerves will heal as the time passes and there is a possibility of return of a little sensation.The side effects of a breast reduction surgery may be some discoloration and swelling but theyusually diminish over 3 weeks. Some may experience itching and dry skin in the incision area anda moisturizer can be administered to ease itching and dry skin conditions, but the incision areashould be omitted. Learning the post-operative rules and following it religiously can help indecreasing these side effects and help in faster healing recovery process.Breast Reduction – Reduction Mammaplasty SurgeryThe confidence of a woman is dependent on her good looks and her body assets. A woman willalways feel good if her body is in shape. So overly large breasts or small breasts may lead to theloss of self-confidence and hence breast augmentation or breast reduction may be employed.Breast reduction surgery procedure involves making an incision on the breast skin andremoving the excess fat, skin and glandular tissues. Sometimes, liposuction is also combinedwith the breast reduction surgery for the excision of excess fatty tissue and excess skin. Theother excision techniques are available but it is chosen on the basis of individual’s breast shapeand size, health condition, surgeon’s recommendations, personal preference and amount ofreduction desired.The breast reduction recovery period depends on each individual. After the surgery, the incisionsare bandaged and a support bra may be worn to minimize the swelling. A thin, small tube istemporarily attached under the breast skin to drain excess fluid or blood that is collected.
  11. 11. One should follow the instructions of the surgeon to take care post the breast reduction surgery.Taking care of the breasts post surgery, medications to be applied or pills to assist in healing,avoiding infection and specific instructions regarding the concerns for the surgical site arediscussed and they should be followed religiously.
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