Energy Eficiency North 3


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Energy Eficiency North 3

  1. 1. EnergyEfficiencyNoW Issue 3 2007 Northwest Products and Services MegaFan Technologies High Volume Low Speed Fan technology - Possible savings on heating and energy bills of up to 50% using HVLS technology! Envirolink Northwest – Energy Efficiency Team
  2. 2. Contents 4 Foreword Envirolink Northwest Spencer House 4 Stern Report 91 Dewhurst Road Warrington WA3 7PG 5 Driving Down Energy Costs Tel: 01925 813 200 Fax: 01925 819031 Email: 6 Megafan Web: 9 Thermal technology and energy 10 Energy efficiency workshop PUBLISHER Benham Publishing Limited 4th Floor, 12 Eco Cooling Orleans House, Edmund St, Liverpool, L3 9NG 13 Invisible Systems Tel: 0151 236 4141 Facsimile: 0151 236 0440 email: 14 Endress and Hauser web: ADVERTISING AND FEATURES 16 Energy efficient cooling Simon Castell MANAGING EDITOR 17 Ex-Or/Blackburn Rovers Ian Sibbick SUB EDITOR 18 SHS uses it’s loaf David Hall DESIGN As an independent company we can offer an objective solution Philip Catterall / David Coffey for all your compressed air requirements including; • Preowned, Refurbished and Rebuilt Equipment ADMIN MANAGER • Flexible Financing Options– AirGen • Outsourced Air Packages Kerry Howard • Short and Long Term Mixed Equipment Equipment Hire • Service Packages for to 15 years • Energy Audits Extended Warranty up • Air Quality Testing ACCOUNTS • Energy Reduction Schemes • Retrofit Variable Speed Drives Joanne Casey • Compressor Management Systems • SMS text Alarm Packages • Custom & Turnkey Packages • Part Exchange & Purchase of Redundant Equipment MEDIA No. • 1049 Why not give us a call to bench mark your current provider? Airtec Ltd Manor St St Helens WA9 3AX Tel 01744 736050 Fax 01744 730917 PUBLISHED February 2007 © Benham Publishing Ltd LEGAL NOTICE © Benham Publishing Limited. Please remember None of the editorial or photographs may be reproduced without prior written permission from the publishers. Benham to mention Publishing Limited would like to point out that all editorial comment and articles are EnergyEfficiencyNow the responsibility of the originators and may or may not reflect the opinions of when replying to Benham Publishing Limited. No responsibility can be accepted for any EnergyEfficiencyNoW is printed for Envirolink Northwest inaccuracies that may occur, correct at adverts or features on paper from 100% recycled de-inked post consumer waste. time of going to press.
  3. 3. Wind Direct – Blowing Down Energy Prices Energy Efficiency – starting point for Driving down Are you feeling the pinch from the ever-increasing costs of electricity? Do you want to fix your electricity price for the long-term? Do you want someone to do all the arrangement work for free; all you pay is a tackling climate change fixed electricity price? Even better, do you want all of this whilst taking action against climate change? Wind Direct has the answer; a wind turbine project in a box. T he purveyors of energy efficiency solutions gained another boost recently I am often asked about what other benefits an active approach to energy efficiency energy costs Wind Direct sells fixed price electricity to industry having at its own cost developed, installed and maintained a wind turbine on an industrial site. Wind Direct will: with the publication of the Stern Report: brings. Process improvements are one of nergy management specialist ENER-G Efficiency has • investigate the possibility of placing a wind turbine on your site The Economics of Climate Change. The main points of this are set out below, but the real tangible benefits that often emerge from measuring and monitoring E struck a deal with Unipart that will see the automotive and logistics giant make a considerable saving on its annual • • take all the development risk to bring the project through the planning process purchase a wind turbine and install it at your site at its own cost • operate and maintain the wind turbine at its own cost the report’s main conclusion was that the energy use. Motor speeds, compressed air energy expenditure. • sell you fixed price, green electricity at a price lower than your current electricity price benefits of strong and early action to pressures, heat levels, flow rates that can With the rising cost of energy having reached the tackle climate change far outweigh the be reduced or adjusted to produce lower boardroom of most organisations, being offered guaranteed “It is too good to be true is often the reaction of industrial site owners”, said Chris Porter, Sales Director of economic costs of not acting. In terms of energy use invariably result in longer savings was an attractive proposition for Unipart, when it Wind Direct, “and when we explain we will invest around £2m in the installation and take on all the development risk, the inevitable question is where is the catch?” There is none and Wind Direct’s growing the first port of call for action, then energy equipment life and often more consistent was approached by ENER-G Efficiency. portfolio of projects, with the latest 2 x 2MW installation at Eastman Chemicals, a polymers factory in efficiency naturally fits the bill. It’s often product quality. The very discipline of After the company had made a detailed survey of the Cumbria is a testament to this innovative use of the Renewables Obligation. simple, can be no or low-cost, and brings analysing the process to see where energy first Unipart site, they were able to put forward a Your own “Power Tower” on a spare corner of your site saving typically 10 – 20% of your electricity bill is direct bottom-line benefits to those savings can be made also often results in guaranteed proposal to deliver an annual saving of around an exciting proposition. Realisation however is a complex and risky process which may cost £50,000 - companies and organisations that institute potential process improvements being 30%, in return for a small monthly rental fee. With zero £100,000 in development only and even then success is not guaranteed. “The track record of Wind Prospect and Econnect (partners in Wind Direct) who were involved in over 60% of all windfarms built in such measures. shown up, with the consequent financial capital outlay, there was no risk involved, especially as the UK last year was one of the key reasons we have agreed to fund up to 100MW of projects” said Tom Ian Sibbick – Managing Editor benefits accruing. Unipart was guaranteed a saving, even if it meant ENER-G Murley, Director of Energy Investments for Hg Capital. writing Unipart a cheque in the unlikely event of a shortfall Wind Direct, through its partners (Wind Prospect Group, Econnect Group and Optimum Energy) have huge in savings. experience of Wind Energy projects going back to 1988. They have a 94% success rate for planning Stern Report There are numerous measures that can be implemented. These range from simply automating the reading of energy meters to improve cash flow by avoiding overpaying the utility company, through to introducing changes such as consents. 60% of all wind farms built in the UK last year involved Wind Direct and its partners. Recent projects have seen Wind Direct team working with Snowmountain in March, Cambridgeshire and more recently Eastman Chemicals with 2 x 2MW machines in Workington, Cumbria. After identifying a potential site, Wind Direct moves forward with the planning process and the design the economic consequences advanced controls for the heating and ventilation system, and engineering phases. “We work closely with our host to minimise disruption and maximise health & safety,” says Chris Porter. so for example, when delivery doors open, the heating of climate change switches off in that area. The final stage is operation. Wind Direct will supply low cost, fixed price electricity and in return will require occasional access to the turbines for maintenance purposes. he recent Stern Report homed in on the economic consequences of failing to take urgent This technology is underpinned by ENER-G’s T global action to tackle climate change. It stated that whilst the cost of acting now could be limited to around 1% of global GDP or more, significant delay could see this rise fivefold or NETcaretaker web enabled interface that allows for data to be collected at the company’s control centre, and The benefits to industry of Wind Direct’s offer are great: cheap electricity, price security and a positive environmental impact. Every time you watch the news or read the paper, climate change is hitting the headlines. Sourcing your electricity from wind means you can make a real impact on the future of our more. adjustments made to ensure optimal operational efficiency. environment. ENER-G Efficiency’s Managing Director, Paul O’Brien, The report pointed out that there was still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, explained, “With Unipart, financial savings are only a part of but only if strong action was taken now. Without this strong action, climate change could the story. They are also keen to minimise the impact that have very serious impacts on growth and development. Whilst the costs of stabilising the their business has on the natural environment, and as we climate will be significant, at the present time they are manageable, but that delay will be all know, saving energy will reduce greenhouse gas dangerous and prove very costly. emissions.” At the first five sites being tackled, it is expected that The report also made clear that unilateral action alone was not sufficient and that action on there will be CO2 savings of almost 1,000 tonnes per climate change was required across all countries, and demanded an international response. annum, which is enough CO2 to fill a thousand jumbo jets. This would need to be based on a shared understanding of long-term goals and agreement on In making this positive step forward, they are not only frameworks for action. However, this need not inhibit the aspirations for growth of either rich enjoying an improved bottom line, but also making a or poor countries. valuable contribution to the international targets for the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions. What the report did stress was that there was a range of options available to reduce ENER·G is a privately owned international group of emissions but that decisive and deliberate policy action was required to motivate their take- companies, and provides clients with a range of up. technologies focused not only on Energy Management, but also Cogeneration, Renewable Energy, and Energy from The report suggested that key elements of a future international framework should include: Waste. ENER·G Efficiency • Emissions trading Launched in February 2002, ENER·G Efficiency is foreword • Technology cooperation currently helping hundreds of industrial and commercial • Action to reduce deforestation sites save on their annual energy bills. • Adaptation From small companies up to the largest international groups, their clients include organisations such as JCB Full details of the report can be found at Compact Products, Ideal Standard, Ceandess, Lear Corporation etc. Further press information please contact Tim Ward or Malcolm Stevenson at Parker Ward Limited. Telephone +44 (0)1743 24 24 99 email or Visit for further details. Page 4 Page 5
  4. 4. 24ft, 6 blade HVLS Fan A 6 blade Installation at a Northwest site egaFan Technologies was Like so many great ideas, the actual flow across the floor effectively cooling the hardware. Once the fans are installed by Energy Saving is a M established in May 2006 by Managing Director Garry Stiven who, while working as a consultant, saw the technology behind the High Volume Low Speed Fans is very simple and relies on the basic principles of air movement. In area through air movement. It is this air movement against the body that brings about the comfort factor. One 24ft MegaFan’s team of highly qualified electrical engineers, they are extremely economical and cost from as little as 5p breeze with MegaFan potential for HVLS Fans and decided to import them himself. The six bladed fans are imported from the UK and Europe HVLS Fans will be at their most beneficial in the winter, especially in money saving terms. In almost all large, comparatively high ceiling MegaFan HVLS fan will replace 25 conventional high speed fans but only cost the same as running one. The noise and disruption experienced with multiples per hour for even the largest 24 foot fan. The return on investment period for HVLS fans is approximately 40% over two years, with a payback period that averages less Californian company, MacroAir LLC, whose buildings, much of the heat that costs of high speed fans will also be negated as than 18 months. founder Walter Boyd, created the High consumers dearly ends up trapped in the the fans run very quietly and the air High Volume Low Speed Fan technology was first Volume Low Speed Fans. MegaFan ceiling area benefiting nobody and movement is gentle. MegaFan has recently completed a Technologies now aim to distribute the fans harming us all through overall wastage. major HVLS Installation Project for created in America in the mid 1990’s. Now, to large manufacturing facilities, warehouses, Through the installation of HVLS Fans this Garry Stiven said “In the UK, the main Simpson Strong Tie, who lead the industry logistic companies, retail parks, currently wasted source of heat can be advantage of these fans is that in the in hanger design and are committed to MegaFan Technologies is currently the only UK gymnasiums, auditoriums and air craft recycled by HVLS Fans de-stratifying the winter they can save a company or building safe structures. companies all over the UK and Europe. In the air and pushing the warm air back down to organisation up to 50% on their energy bill company that imports HVLS Fans. These large fans US companies such as Wal*Mart, Coca Cola, ground level. Savings on heating and and, in some cases in the US, even bigger John Phipps, Production Director of are available in sizes between 2.44mts (8ft.) and Black and Decker, Pepsi and Ford are happy energy bills of up to 50% have been savings have been made.” Simpson Strong Tie said “Since the converts to HVLS Fan technology from recorded using HVLS technology. installation of the MegaFan Hi-Speed, Low 7.32mts (24ft) in diameter and can save MacroAir. In the UK MegaFan Technologies is The ceiling mounted fans consist of six Volume system we have already observed negotiating with a number of the UK’s largest In the summer, the fans blow down or ten aerodynamically designed increased efficiency and effectiveness in companies thousands of pounds on energy bills. companies to install HVLS fans before this large columns of air which, when they aluminum blades that are driven by a one the distribution of cool air during the winter’s increasing heating costs hit profits. reach the floor, cause a gentle breeze to or two HP motor with ceiling mounted summer and warm air during the cooler Page 6 Page 7
  5. 5. Megafan (continued) High Volume Low Speed fans supplied are easily installed, cost effective Thermal Technology and a low maintenance solution to both heating and ventilation problems and Energy o just how well do we know our management skills, we can all make a S buildings? We can talk for ever about how we must save the environment, reduce COÇ emissions and listen to the politicians pontificating ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ positive contribution towards saving energy and COÇ emissions An engineer would not have known the about the problems we will encounter huge losses of heat in the next example. within the next 20 years if we don’t address these issues now. However, The exposed parts of a heating system periods. We are delighted not only with the encountered in either the summer or addressing them and doing something are approximately 150ºc. This represents cost savings but also with the winter. about it seems to be light years apart and both a waste of energy and money as well as environmental advantages associated with no amount of rhetoric seems to move us This powerful image above is the residual being a Health & Safety risk the system. Garry Stiven added “The fans are quick any further on. It is the steps we take now heat signature of a hand long after it has been that are vital. removed from the surface on which it was to install and maintain. We can both placed. Furthermore, our facility has become supply and fit the fans and perform a full All businesses, government and local The number of items a camera can examine Ambiflex Ltd are UK more comfortable for staff due to better turn key project. MegaFan Technologies in a building is extensive but can be divided manufacturers of Building control of the environmental conditions will do free, no obligation site surveys for government bodies have one common into three main areas, electrical, mechanical Management Systems (BMS) and this system facilitates”. companies anywhere in the UK or Ireland.” goal, to reduce overhead costs. In the controls for heating / ventilation / case of business this relates directly to and fabric. Electrical faults can cause air conditioning in non-domestic profit and in government to the services excessive use of energy, phase balancing, buildings. MegaFan Technologies are dedicated to As well as all this, MegaFan they have the ability to offer. We cable faults, distribution boards, fuse boxes providing HVLS fans that are safe and easy Technologies can help facilitate Interest appreciate that to approach the problem etc., mechanically, faulty pumps, worn All our products are eligible under to use and are environmentally friendly. Free Carbon Trust Loans with no from the position of ‘social conscience’ is bearings, air conditioning units, leaks etc., the Carbon Trust’s energy The six blade fans feature an Interlocking arrangement fees for small to medium not ‘cool’, but to talk about lost profits or draughts, wet rot, dry rot, damp, cold spots, The examples shown fully illustrate the technology list for the Enhanced Safety System and ten blade fans include sized companies that will provide flat roofing etc. The list is by no means power of thermal technology. Never before excessive costs will perhaps give more of Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. exhaustive but by solving these problems and have such informed decisions been possible, safety clips, safety wire and safety links. companies with immediate benefits from an incentive to become involved in contributing towards saving our others will without any doubt reduce both your enabling us for the first time to accurately To find out more and get a free Both systems are designed to secure the energy savings and a much improved quotation contact us on: fan in the unlikely event of a mechanical working environment. environment. costs and thus your energy consumption – so forecast and reduce wasted energy and failure. you have now helped yourselves and the costs. Long term budgets based on factual Tel: 0161 941 1122 For more information on MegaFan environment. evidence can be produced with confidence. E-mail: So what do we do, how do we do it and High Volume Low Speed fans supplied Technologies or any of their products: when do we do it? Staggering! Below is a brand new building Knowledge really is power and now the and fitted by MegaFan Technologies are an tel: 0161 4260218 supposedly complying with building responsible custodians of our buildings can easily installed, cost effective, low fax: 0161 427 0033 regulations, yet hot air and therefore money is lead the way in reduced maintenance costs, maintenance solution to both the heating escaping from the eves. reduced energy costs and a clear We do need to save money in the and ventilation problems that are email: conscience. A health check of your buildings operation of our buildings, large or small, corporate buildings, schools or housing, now can and will save many thousands of but before we can achieve that we need a pounds and tonnes of COÇ emissions over thorough knowledge of them. It is better the next 20 years, so start now. At present to make decisions based on fact rather Government dictates in current legislation than best guessing the real problems. that only pressure testing can be used in There really is only one way to achieve new or refurbished buildings. The need to this, with the use of thermal technology. bring legislation into the 21st century and With the exception of ultra violet a allow the use of thermographic imaging to thermal imaging camera will see reach its full potential is essential everything that the eye cannot, and more besides and the use this technology This could conceivably have been found out Kevin Gould can provide non intrusive building testing. during an old fashioned pressure testing, but This is the first step a building manager thermal imaging found it early and enabled the should employ before incurring excessive construction company to correct the P O Box 248 Bury and unnecessary costs. The camera will problems. Minimum cost, no intrusion. Lancs. BL8 2FJ identify any heat signature between -50º 0161 764 1680 to 1500º and is accurate to 0.1 of a We believe that our environment is worth degree. saving and that by improving our building Page 8 Page 9
  6. 6. Through 2006, the workshops have covered a variety of topics Energy Efficiency Workshop – a big hit!! including Pumps and Pump Optimisation, Compressed Air, Energy Management and Lighting and Lighting Controls. Envirolink Northwest is now looking towards 2007. Motech Energy Efficiency Planned topics for 2007 include motors and drives; boilers and Steam otor Technology is pleased to announce the launch of a new Now Magazine Model of the Trasnpennine Desiro Express. Fully generation, heating and heat recovery; refrigeration and cooling; lighting; power factor correction, harmonics and voltage capping; building M range of “direct drive” motors which offer users improved performance, reliability and efficiency. equipped with Marl LED controls; energy management; insulation; microgeneration, and wind lighting Systems who power on industrial sites. presented at the Lighting On display for the first time at the Manufacturing Technology Ireland and Lighting Controls Many of the workshops will be on the sites of major energy users in Exhibition in Dublin, the SKA range of rotary and linear servomotors proved of great interest to visitors across many different industries. NEXT EDITION Workshop. the Northwest, where the host will provide a case study and present their ince June 2006 Envirolink Northwest has been hosting a series experiences of tackling relevant energy efficiency problems. The Servomotor based systems are becoming more prevalent not only Summer 2007 S of monthly energy efficiency workshops aimed at organisations with energy spends greater than £250,000pa. These workshops have been a real success and have helped energy users identify the workshops are designed to limit numbers in order to get the best interaction and discussion and specifically for organisations with energy spend greater than £250,000. due to the increased demands on machine throughput and reliability, but also on the need to improve efficiency. To include your news, stories, features and press releases, solutions and technology providers needed to reduce their energy For further information and details of the next energy efficiency Direct drive linear and rotary motors achieve this by reducing the please contact: costs. workshop please contact David Hall at: number of elements in the drive chain. This new generation of or telephone on01925 813200 motors eliminates the need for gearboxes, belts and pulleys, The workshops provide a relaxed environment for energy couplings, racks and pinions, chain and sprockets and other power David Hall professionals, estate managers, facilities managers and for those with transmission components by driving the load directly. Business Development Manager a responsibility for energy, to network and hear from regional experts Envirolink Northwest Ltd on a variety of technology areas. The aim of these half-day events is The benefits become even more apparent when the axis to be to take a group of 15-20 attendees and provide them with a clear Spencer House, moved includes a motor. The weight of a servomotor is typically 50- indication of the benefits of embracing specific energy saving 60% lighter than a similar AC or DC motor of the same power rating. 91 Dewhurst Road technologies and show them possible solutions from regional Birchwood, Warrington, WA3 7PG In addition the mechanics to integrate the motor can shrink in size. suppliers. The workshops also explore how organisations can get help Efficiency improvements can translate into energy savings of up to in overcoming barriers to implementation of solutions. 50% compared to conventional methods, not to mention the Tel: 01925 813 200 improved machine performance. Fax: 01925 819031 Mob: 07968 388985 Andrew Fallows ( e-Mail: Energy Saving Products from Benham Publishing Limited 4th Floor, Orleans House, Edmund Street, Liverpool L3 9NG Tel: 0151 236 4141 Fax:0151 236 0440 At 7 pence per kilowatt hour plus CCL, every kilowatt saved equals £650 a year! At Wolstenholmes we believe know a thing or two about valves : Do you know how much money is Our services include : being spent on the following? • Specialist valve supply • Repair & Overhaul ELECTRIC MOTORS • • Valve packages Supply of valves from stock LIGHTING • Valve actuation GEARBOXES Do you need POWER FACTOR CORRECTION Call us on 0800 074 8558 and we may be able to cut your energy bills T: 01204 528609 F: 01204 361964 Page 10 Page 11
  7. 7. EcoCooling Invisible Systems: qualifies for Interest free More to it than meets the eye! loans from the ctober 2003 saw the formation of Carbon Trust on O Invisible Systems Ltd, a company dedicated to providing innovative and easy to use wireless monitoring industrial and systems for all companies, in particular for food production and retail. commercial The company evolved after Pete cooling Thompson, the Managing Director, realised that there was a need for providing projects. traceability of conditions and process and, more importantly, the market needed one single system to replace the myriad of EcoCooling evaporative cooling is an Subject to appropriate qualification the alternative to traditional refrigeration based systems that were currently on the alternative to refrigeration based air installation cost can be funded by an un- systems suitable for comfort cooling of market. conditioning and is used as part of a secured loan for up to four years. To qualify whole buildings or spot cooling of people balanced ventilation system to cool a company must be classed as a small to and machines. There are no harmful The company has taken off, with 100% buildings. A typical EcoCooler, rated at medium sized company with a minimum refrigerants and no re-cycling of air; doors growth each year and Invisible Systems 30KW, can reduce electricity costs by over annual energy saving of £1000 with a and windows can remain open allowing now works with many high profile £2000 and save 10,000kg of carbon over a project cost of between £5-100k. These people to breath in clean fresh air. The companies such as Grampian Foods, year compared to an equivalent loans can cover the complete installation considerable cost savings and contribution Greggs Bakeries, Challenger Foods, Glanbia refrigeration based system. These savings cost of replacement, upgrade or new to carbon savings make EcoCooling the and TDG Logistics. are sufficient for most EcoCooler installations. There is a simple application logical way to provide comfortable • Temperature, from frozen to The company is already on target for future installations in Small to Medium Enterprises process which can be processed within a conditions in many buildings. More recently, the company launched an high temperature furnace growth and has an infrastructure in place to (SME’s) to qualify for an interest-free three week period energy monitoring system that can processes manage it in anticipation of being at the Carbon Trust Loan. For more information on carbon trust loans typically save 20% or more on utility bills • Humidity forefront of their sector in five years time. A recent project was carried out for Geoff please visit our web site at and help to identify areas that are energy • Pressure - force, gas, fluid etc Ventilation systems can be very effective at Neal Litho in Feltham where 4 EcoCoolers hungry. This single, wireless remote • Fluid - level, flow etc Contact Details: maintaining comfortable conditions in were installed to create a total of 20 air or call us on 01270 750988 system can also pinpoint inefficient • Gas concentration - various Castle Mills buildings because of low ambient changes per hour in the print area where working practices and help allocate types Aynam Road temperatures found for much of the year. temperatures were exceeding 350C creating For further information please contact budgets for specific energy usage • Utility monitoring – Electricity, Kendal However during hot periods when the unbearable conditions. The Carbon Trust Jo Marshall locations. The detailed reports that are Water and Gas Cumbria outside air temperatures rise above 250C loan granted was for £18,500 which covered EcoCooling Ltd produced by the system, tailor-made to LA9 7FD these conditions cannot be maintained. In approx 90% of the total installation costs. Manor Close their clients’ requirements can help The ethos of the company is to ‘see the UK, when the weather is hot, the relative Geoff Neal Litho are delighted with their The Green implement energy saving measures and, in everything to the end’ from the initial Tel: 01539 722520 humidity is low, and evaporative cooling can application and have now a much happier Risby turn, reduce carbon emissions. enquiry to installation, the company Fax: 01539 739802 provide cool air. When this hot dry air is and more efficient work force and class this Bury St Edmunds provides guidance every step of the way. Email: passed over the wet filter pads found in an as their first step towards their goal of IP28 6QR Invisible Systems offer products for all Flexibility is the key to providing our Website: evaporative cooler the air is cooled. The air carbon neutrality. Tel 01284 810586 aspects of data logging, validation customers with a system designed to meet off temperature will never normally exceed EcoCooling is a simple, safe and low cost Email processes, monitoring and control, vehicle all their requirements. The products are 230C – even on record breaking 350C days. tracking via GPS and temperature tailor-made for each job and Invisible It is this combination of fresh air ventilation, monitoring, especially in the food industry Systems also have their own software CONTRACT PUBLISHING TO coupled with evaporative cooling, which can for HACCP compliance. All of these engineers to ensure that the software is UK INDUSTRY AND meet the needs for comfort cooling of many products are designed to work either on a designed specifically for the customer. GOVERNMENT buildings: public, commercial and industrial. stand-alone PC or as a web based application. The data is delivered in a Initially, Invisible Systems started off in Benham publishing EcoCoolers can qualify for Carbon Trust range of formats from a simple printed 2003 with a temperature monitoring system Interest-Free loans because they consume receipt, to PC reports tailored to the for retail shops and factories but it became produces publications for less electricity, and hence create less customers needs, SMS messages, Email apparent that with the sudden increase in RDAs, law societies, carbon impact, than equivalent air and via the internet. energy costs that a system for energy chambers of commerce, and conditioning systems. EcoCoolers offer a monitoring was required, within weeks low energy, low capital cost and low The hardware is constantly evolving as Invisible Systems, had developed and UK institutes and local operating cost alternative to traditional technology advances to provide customers integrated an energy monitoring system. government refrigeration systems. At 25% of the with the very latest technology to meet Benham Publishing Limited installation cost and just 15% of the running their company’s needs. Defining a customer’s needs and delivering 4th Floor, Orleans House, costs a single EcoCooler producing up to an affordable solution is why Invisible Edmund St, Liverpool, L3 9NG Tel: 0151 236 4141 35kw of cooling for just 1.5kW of electricity Here are some of the typical mediums and Systems believe they have been so Facsimile: 0151 236 0440 email: can save up to 10,000 kg of carbon per conditions that can be monitored by the successful in obtaining work with large web: year. system: national and international companies. Page 12 Page 13