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Red Spot Printers Licensing presentation


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Red Spot Printers Licensing presentation

  1. 1. Red Spot Marketing Licensed Printers White Label Programme
  2. 2. Agenda 1.RSM Marketing - Brief Background 2.Why Printers? 3.Six Step Marketing System 4.Initial Training 5.Ongoing Training and Support 6.Why White Label? 7.Why take out a License - Summary 8.Fees 9.Next Steps
  3. 3. 1.Red Spot Marketing a.Founded in 2005 - Privately owned. Jon Johnson & Ian Brown (UK) b.Two Companies Red Spot Marketing & Red Spot Marketing UK c.Consultants in Phoenix - Toronto - Vancouver - New York, New Jersey - New Hampshire - United Kingdom d.RSM provides Integrated Marketing Services to SME’s e.We focus on: f. Developing and writing integrated marketing plans for SME’s g.Providing packaged repeatable monthly integrated lead generation services h.We do not provide “a la carte” marketing services or take on marketing projects i. We become the Marketing Manager or Director for those companies who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford one
  4. 4. 2.Why Printers a.Print demand is in decline and volumes will never recover b.Too many printers are and will chase too few orders c.Marketing and Printers are natural partners! a.Printers are already part of the Marketing Solution b.Focussed on a product that is the bottom of the chain c.More value and more margin is higher up the chain d.Offer your clients more than just print e.Offer your clients an Integrated Marketing Solution f. Offer your clients Marketing Expertise g.Offer your clients a Marketing Strategy and Plan h.Offer a solution that opens up other income stream regular repeating income i. By offering a whole / holistic solution to increase your worth
  5. 5. 3.Six Step Small Business Marketing System a.We will show you how to implement a strategic approach to providing small businesses with a repeatable integrated marketing programme b.Stage 1 - Assess current marketing activity c.Stage 2 - Identify what is missing and what is broken d.Stage 3 - Create the missing elements and fix the broken e.Stage 4 - Create an integrated marketing plan using multiple media (including print) to generate leads f. Stage 5 - Implement the marketing plan consistently using our tools g.Stage 6 - Measure results and adjust the plan
  6. 6. 4.Initial 30 Day Training a.Pre Launch Programme - Receive Initial documents and tasks to prepare yourself b.Introduction to the Red Spot Small Business Marketing System c.How to market yourself or the system and tools d.Red Spot Marketing Lead generation and Sales Process Training e.Introduction to Website Marketing and Online Lead Generation f. Introduction to Social Media Marketing g.Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing Campaigns h.Introduction to Direct Mail Campaigns i. Introduction to Email Marketing Campaigns j. Introduction to Public Relations
  7. 7. 4.Initial Training j. RedSpotPLAN Marketing Templates and developing plans for clients k.RedSpotEMAIL Setting up and delivering an email campaign l. RedSpotWEB Creating and developing a website m.RedSpotPR How To Develop and Deploy a PR Campaign n.RedSpotLANDING How to design and develop a Landing Page o.RedSpotCALL-TRACK Adding a Call Tracking Number to A Marketing Campaign p.RedSpotRESOURCES How to use them q.Overview of pricing and costs associated with the various tools for clients
  8. 8. 5.Ongoing Training & Support a.Monthly Webinars - new topics and additional training on tools and advanced marketing techniques b.Updates on RSM technology - processes or other assets, tools and capabilities c.Marketing Updates - on new and current marketing trends and innovations d.Regular 1-1 Consultation RSM Exec Team - ½ an hour of 1-1 consulting - coaching to each license holder each month e.Email and Telephone Support - during business hours f. Access - to our password protected Licensed Consultant and White Label Client areas on our website
  9. 9. 6.Why White Label? a.Use your own company brand and infrastructure b.Set up another distinct business? c.Re-invent yourselves d.Changing perceptions is difficult - Printer to Marketeer? e.Rebrand using all of our documents and materials to use as your own f. System can be used by your entire company g.Depending on the package you choose all your team can be trained
  10. 10. 7.Why - Summary a.New media has changed Marketing forever b.Traditional media will never be in the same demand c.Print will survive but highly targeted and in small volumes d.New digital media has splintered marketing communications e.Open up multiple income streams instantly f. Clients expect a multifaceted strategy g.Exploit the margin opportunity within existing clients h.Exploit the margin opportunity of new clients i. Re-position your business as a Marketing Solutions company j. Be of irreplaceable value to your clients k.Not just a provider of cheap print
  11. 11. License and Training Fee Structure Training and License Fees 1.Individual License Fee (online) - £1000 Training conducted online over a 60 day period One person will undertake all training 2.Corporate License Fee (online) - £3000 Up to five people within the business can undertake the training online 3.Corporate License Fee (on-site) - £5000 Up to five people trained on your premises over an intensive 5 day period
  12. 12. Monthly Subscription Fees Monthly subscription fees - Access all resources Single User - £350 Corporate Users - £500 RedSpotEMAIL Platform £25 per month per client account plus £7.50 per 1,000 emails sent Suggested retail £49 per month £10 per 1,000 RedSpotWEB Platform £75 per month per client account up to 1GB storage Suggested retail £125 to £250 per month RedSpotPR Platform 10p per media record No contract - 1 full calendar month notice required in the event of cancellation
  13. 13. Next Steps Book a one to one call with Ian Brown Email me at Phone me on 01249 859 257 We can go through all your questions and queries Thank you for your time