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Solar Lilies Perfect Pitch Presentation 2010


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This is my entry which won me a place as a finalist in the Worldwide Perfect Pitch Business Plan Competition of 2010. All entrants were given 2 minutes to pitch their business to Richard Branson and a room full of billionaires. Out of 25000 members and over 1500 entries we were honored to be considered for the finals. The result has been thousands of viewings, hundreds of inquiries globally and several interesting opportunities have developed around the world. your comments and inquiries are welcomed.

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Solar Lilies Perfect Pitch Presentation 2010

  1. 1. Solar Lilies Intl l Perfect Pitch Presented by Ian Cole, CEO, Chief Environmental Officer, SLIAugust 2010 confidential
  2. 2. Solar Lilies Intl l The Problem (s) Urban Heat Island effect and Global Warming Issues intensify Globally waterways are heating 1B Fish and fish eggs up killing off local aquaculture die in the Hudson River each year Increasing urban Peak Power demand on hot summer daysAugust 2010 confidential
  3. 3. Solar Lilies Intl l The Solution Solar Lilies are floating fields of solar pads which maximize solar energy capture close to cities with little transmission loss Shading and cooling improves the water quality for aquaculture 71% of the planet is waterAugust 2010 confidential
  4. 4. Solar Lilies Intl l Benefits 1000Sq mi Cost is less than ground mounted Of California Desert solar systems is now bulldozed or Modified for No damage or modification to the land Solar Farms Added environmental benefit of improving the water quality passively at no costAugust 2010 confidential
  5. 5. Solar Lilies Intl l Summary 100% Of Germany’s Acquire $500,000 in Funding Peak Power Is Provided Innovate By Solar Power Collaborate Demonstrate Sell Build Help save the environment!August 2010 confidential