Canadian immigration laws


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For more information on Canadian Immigration Laws, and how to immigrate to Canada, visit Bellissimo Law Group today at 20 Eglinton Avenue West Toronto, ON, or‎ online at

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Canadian immigration laws

  1. 1. Canadian ImmigrationLaws How to Immigrate to Canada
  2. 2. Getting into the country of Canadathrough the process of immigration involvescertain procedures. Therefore, if you desireentrance into Canada, you need tounderstand the Canadian immigration laws.How to Immigrate to Canada
  3. 3. All immigrants are required to consent to a criminal background check. You also need to complete a medical exam and display some knowledge of the French or English language.Standard Requirements
  4. 4. Illegal immigration is aproblem that Canada faces;therefore, in order to getinto the country legally, youmust have PermanentResident status. You willhave the right to live andwork in the country;however, you cannot vote.You can also be deported ifyou commit crimes. Permanent Resident
  5. 5. You might wish to enter Canada on atemporary basis, or you might want tomake your stay permanent. Temporaryimmigration usually includes students,tourists or people who have work contractsin the country. It can also consist of thoseto seek shelter for humanitarian reasons.Temporary or Permanent
  6. 6. Permanent immigration is for those whowish to work and stay in Canada on apermanent basis. There are certain rulesthat apply to those seeking permanentimmigration, so you need to speak to animmigration consultant to discuss youroptions.Temporary or Permanent
  7. 7. The Canadian Experience Class allows workers outside of the country will two years work experience in Canada temporary immigration. If you have graduated from a Canadian tertiary school and have one year work experience, you will also qualify.Work Experience Class
  8. 8. If you want to start a business as an investor or entrepreneur, you can apply for business immigration status. If you are self-employed, you can also meet the requirements. This must be outside of QuebecImmigration for Business Purposes
  9. 9. Certain provinces with the exception of Quebec can nominate you if you will help the economy of Canada. If you possess the education, experience and expertise needed to function in the country. In order to be nominated, you must apply in the specific providence in which you wish to reside.Nominees
  10. 10. You can qualify for immigration if youhave a spouse, children, grandparents orcommon law partners who are citizens ofCanada. In this case, your family memberwill act as your sponsor, and you canbecome an immigrant. Each case isdifferent, so you need to contact animmigration consultant to tell you if youmight qualify.Family Sponsorship
  11. 11. If you have the ability to perform certainjob duties, you might qualify forimmigration in Canada. The country mightbe experiencing a shortage of workers in acertain profession, so the authorities mightapprove temporary immigration. However,you must prove that you are capable ofsupporting yourself.Skilled Workers
  12. 12. Quebec possesses adifferent system forapproving skilled workers.They want you to beproficient in French. If youdesire to work in Quebec,you need to petition thegovernment and then applywith the proper authorities.Skilled Workers
  13. 13. Canada is a country where many peoplewish to go because it possesses numerousopportunities. Before you apply forimmigration into Canada, you need to knowthe laws and requirements, so you will havean outstanding chance of being approved.
  14. 14. For more information on Canadian ImmigrationLaws, and how to immigrate to Canada, visitBellissimo Law Group today at 20 Eglinton AvenueWest Toronto, ON, or online at Reading…