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Creative Mornings Ottawa speech on “Reuse.”

Betcha can't go a day without stumbling on a reclaimed or repurposed somethin or other. What's old is new, and what's new is reused. Our LA chapter host Jon Setzen selected the theme "reuse".

Now, reusing isn't just about turning old pop cans into toy cars. The Creative Mornings Ottawa team decided to take a different spin on what it means to reuse when it comes to a brand, and a message.

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Ian Capstick at Creative Mornings Ottawa

  1. 1. - Reuse -Presented at Creative Mornings
  2. 2. - Intro - What’s a brand? “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” - Oscar Wilde
  3. 3. - About me - MediaStyle “Style is knowing who youare, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” -and- "I never miss a chance to have sex or appear on television.” - Gore Vidal
  4. 4. today we will... Brand Incorporating Analysis Reuse
  5. 5. - three r’s -Reduce Reuse Recycle
  6. 6. - Brand Elements - Earth Wind Water Fire Owned Earned Paid Shared
  7. 7. - worth repeating - over & overConsistent Regimented & Clear Message + Interaction, Look & Feel = Your Brand Story
  8. 8. - Elements of reuse - renovation Regifting repurposing upcycling refilling deposit programs
  9. 9. - Interpreting -Literal Symbolic
  10. 10. - Union 613 -
  11. 11. - Victoire-
  12. 12. - 3rd life-
  13. 13. - re: purpose-
  14. 14. - Liquid content - Principal 10%Everyday content 20%Innovative ContentRisky Content 70%
  15. 15. - the big lessons - Brand ReUse Innovate “Perhaps the most "Of course there are "After years of telling salient factor for the many ways we can reuse corporate citizens to most successful brands something. We can dye trust the system, many is the promise of it. We can cut it. We can companies must relearn consistent quality. change the buttons. instead to trust their Whether its a business Those are other ways to people - and encourage or a consumer making a make it alive. But this is a their people to use purchasing decision, new step to use anything neglected creative they want to be sure in - hats, socks, shirts. Its capacities in order to tap this world of endless the first step in the the most potentchoice that their decision process." economic stimulus of all: is the right one.” idea power."– Rosi McMurray, The Brand Union - Issey Miyake, designer - Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School
  16. 16. Thank you questions?@iancapstick on Twitter ian@mediastyle.ca 613.863.7746
  17. 17. @iancapstick@mediastyle