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GenY Ottawa Slides


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Slides from a presentation I gave at the inaugural GenY Ottawa - an informal social networking event for young Ottawans.

Published in: Business, Technology
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GenY Ottawa Slides

  1. 1. @ #GenYOTT Ian Capstick
  2. 2. effort load fulcrum
  3. 3. Mary Kay
  4. 4. Distributor 1st level 1st level 1st level 1st level 2nd level 2nd level 2nd level 2nd level 2nd level 2nd level 2nd level
  5. 5. Anthony Bourdain
  6. 6. idea cook book tv show attention & success companion book words book tour wants to tour and food articles / tour world online online attention & success
  7. 7. Chris Brogran
  8. 8. Buy it for Pages 113 - 143 on leverage
  9. 9. effort load Time Great People Consistency (including his Mom) Technology Delegation Community
  10. 10. Social Capital Creation
  11. 11. Social Capital Evaporation
  12. 12. Tips on making leverage work authentically
  13. 13. Keeping perspective and meeting expectations
  14. 14. Objective vs. goal
  15. 15. Use the phone. Yes, really.