Ian McKee Social Media Workshop Sept 12


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A full day Social Media Workshop - led by Ian McKee CEO of Vocanic, Asia's largest full service social media agency.

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Ian McKee Social Media Workshop Sept 12

  1. 1. !"#$%&()*$%MARKETING WORKSHOPHe travelled the worldand now he’s backrefreshedrechargedand ready to rock!12 Sept 2011Sime DarbyConvention Centre !"#$%&((To register call Ruby at +603 7726 2588 !"#$%&()*+(or ruby@ham.com.my
  2. 2. !"#$%& ()*$% MARKETING WORKSHOP Ian Mckee CEO, Vocanic. Ian McKee is CEO of Vocanic, Asia’s leading Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing business. He has over 20 years of experience in sales, IT, and starting and running subsidiaries the UK, Europe, US and for the last 13 years in Asia. Ian also brings with him 8 years of experience of running regional business with clients from Australia and Japan. Ian now publishes various blogs, and is frequently seen on TV talk shows within the scope of Word of Mouth marketing. As CEO for Vocanic, he specialises in Identifying In uencers and crafting strategies to engage and activate them to launch word of mouth campaigns for clients such as Heineken, StarHub, Citibank, Discovery and Adobe. Prior to Vocanic, Ian was MD for Informative Asia Paci c working on customer dialogue and In uence marketing projects for brands such as Zuji, DBS Bank, HP, Nokia, BP, and Mars brands such as Cesar, Pedigree, Starburst, M&Ms and others. Originally from the UK, Ian has called Singapore home for the last 12 years. Today, he is Asia’s leading Word of Mouth Marketing specialist.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN ABOUTSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING:! What’s Wrong with the current model! The Value & Economics of Advocacy! Social Media Marketing as part of an integrated campaign! Ethics! Viral Marketing! Evangelist Marketing! Buzz/Stunt/Guerrilla Marketing! In uencer Driven Social Media Marketing! The Groundswell(tm) Planning Process! Who are In uencers – How do you identify them! How to activate In uencers! The Impact of In uencers – Some observed Metrics! Participant Activities – Break Out Workshop Activities! Social Media – what is it! Why You (as a marketer) should care! The 4 Steps to “do” Social Media Marketing
  3. 3. !"#$%&()*$%MARKETING WORKSHOPPROGRAMME ! Social Media Marketing as part of an12 Sept 2011 integrated campaign8.30 am ! In uencer Driven Social Media Marketing Registration. ! The Groundswell(tm) Planning Process9.00 am ! Who are In uencers – How do you identify Introduction. them9.15 am ! How to activate In uencersA review of the old model ! The Impact of In uencers – Some observedActual Media Consumption Metrics! Trust 3.00 pm! Visibility Afternoon Tea! Q&A 3.15 pm10.30 am Ethics ! Participant Activities – Break Out WorkshopMorning Co ee10.45 am Activities ! Social Media MarketingAn Overview of Peer to Peer Marketing Techniques ! Why You (as a marketer) should care! Viral ! The 4 Steps to “do” Social Media Marketing! Evangelist! Buzz / Guerrilla 5.00 pm! Social Media Marketing Wrap up. Q&A.1.00 pmLunch2.00 pmThe Value & Economics of Advocacy! In uencer Driven Marketing
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING WORKSHOP "*$ !()#&+ %&!"#$%&$(&!%) $*(+!"&,-.&#%$(*",)$--",)%$/,) 12 Sept 2011 8.30am - 5.00pm+45) ,/$&1) (Lunch and co ee breaks included)(,1) 3$6) Sime Darby Convention Centre&.,%01!,.$.0+,2*,.3!"."/) Please complete this form and !"#$%&($%)*+, -)%./%($"+%(!"#"01%(*2( 0"&3(4"&,5%4(*2( .5)()-#* fax it to +603 7722 5712 ,1/$+/5-66/.(!"667#%!-&%"#,(869(,$#()5$( :;<=>?@;AAA;<ABAB !"#$%%&$()*)!$+,!$-"./$0,)/$1$ ,675(-*+%2( +)-)!$+,!$/2#$34-)3*$ 56666$7,)*)$*,-8,2$-)*)943)#$ .5))6C*1 For more information please contact: +:$;56<$==%5$%>??$$$ 0:$;56<$==%%$>=1% Ruby +603 7726 2588 Email: ruby@ham.com.my%!/&%$(&!%.3!"/.7589:;9.<=>?>@><A.B>C.9D?C:.<:C?E@E<:F?;G%$/,) +45) Admission fees: RM 1,200 (per pax) RM 1,100 (For group booking 3 pax +)H!I.(&(1,) ,/$&1) !"#$%&()*(+, -,.&/#,012314056 )*)5,#10,(501,$57%$/,) +45)H!I.(&(1,) ,/$&1)%$/,) +45)H!I.(&(1,) ,/$&1)%$/,) +45) !"H!I.(&(1,) ,/$&1) !"#$%&%"#()""*%#+,(-./(&.-#,0/.-)1/2(!-#!/11-&%"#,(#"&(-!!/3&/$4