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Docs viewer


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How to share your documents through your web site

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Docs viewer

  1. 1. How to access and update files in Google Drive
  2. 2. Create a Google Doc in Data Take note / copy ULR of doc Share doc – view / edit
  3. 3. Download & install plug-in plg_system_aridocsviewer
  4. 4. Enable plug-in
  5. 5. In ARI – Docs Viewer - Set viewer engine to iFrame
  6. 6. Create an article “Doc viewer” insert plug-in text contain URL of Google Docs {aridoc engine="iframe" width="100%" height="400"} CNIe2k44qGLVsTWyQJFqjhFmRpf2beucWlxI/edit{/aridoc}
  7. 7. Create Menu Item
  8. 8. Results View and edit