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Marathon Training Program


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Published in: Sports, Education
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Marathon Training Program

  1. 1. Taking on the 21-kilometer challenge has never beenthis good! Learn more about the training program at
  2. 2. Marathon Training Program Objectives• Improve strength and Endurance• Increase speed work• Finish the race injury free
  3. 3. Marathon Training Philosophy • Discipline • Drive • Patience
  4. 4. “ The truth is that every runner in amarathon is a survivor or nothing,including the winner. “ – Dr. GeorgeSheehan
  5. 5. Most Important ComponentsMarathon Long Runs A 17 mile or longer run is already considereda marathon long run. These runs help you buildand boost your endurance.
  6. 6. Most Important ComponentsMarathon Long Runs Begin with a slower pace early in the run andwhen you reach the 5-mile mark, increase yourmileage.
  7. 7. Most Important ComponentsTempo Runs (Lactate Threshold Runs) The combination of tempo and interval runswill improve your body’s ability to process lactateacid. This means that you will be able to run longerand farther by maximizing your lactate threshold.
  8. 8. Most Important ComponentsTempo Runs (Lactate Threshold Runs) This type of running training lasts 4-7 miles.Once completed, you should follow it with the 2-3mile warm-up.
  9. 9. Most Important ComponentsVO2max Training Runs This type of training run will help you instrengthening your lung power and respiratoryefficiency.
  10. 10. Most Important ComponentsSpeed Training Running form and leg speed are improvedwhen you do sprints that involve repetitions ofdistances that last 50 to 150 meters
  11. 11. Most Important ComponentsRecovery Runs Shorter runs that are done at a comfortableand relaxing pace are called the recovery runs. Italso helps in increasing your body’s recovery.
  12. 12. Most Important ComponentsMarathon Pace Runs These is the part of the training where youare forced to use the same running form and pacethat you will be doing in the actual marathon race.
  13. 13. Most Important ComponentsMarathon Pace Runs Start your marathon running pace runs withshort but comfortable distances. After, you shoulduse ¾ of the remaining run to the same pace andform as you would in the real event.
  14. 14. Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? Whatever type of runner you are, all the right training is here: