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  1. 1. Noble Indian PortalCreated by: Mr. Sudhir Raval (Founder& Director) Noble Indian Pvt. Ltd Ahmedabadinfo@nobleindian.org9/9/2010Compiled by : Prraful Daga (Web Evangelist & Technocrat)This document covers the scope of Noble Indian Web Portal. It describes in brief about various title which will be highlighted in community oriented web portal of Noble Indian.<br />Theme<br />It is LIVE platform for “noble” information of India and Indians. The theme of “Noble Indian” is about spreading positive and motivating information about India to Indians and to world. Here, the word information is enhanced from its base meaning i.e. “knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance”, to “Noble Information” i.e. “knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance and which is noble and motivating also”. <br />How will it be presented? Presentation Layer<br />Presentation of this information will be on top of portal platform. So, it will be accessible by Indian spread all over the world and citizens of other countries also.<br />Uniqueness<br />It is proposed to be one of the unique platforms to collect noble news and noble information from visitor themselves by using various Web 2.0 tools like facebook, twitter and linkedin. It will also be an initiative towards showing the positive sense of every noble news and noble information item.<br />Coverage<br />Multilingual content of noble news and noble information<br /><ul><li>The content will be in English, Gujarati and Hindi
  2. 2. Multilingual content has dual benefits:
  3. 3. Local visitors to the website will be able to post content in their local language
  4. 4. Having noble information and noble news in local language will help in more penetration and more frequent visits from same and more visitors.</li></ul>Noble news and noble information of development<br /><ul><li>This title will be having the coverage of noble news and noble information in relation to the development and economy.
  5. 5. Visitors will have an access to the development related activities happening in their local area.
  6. 6. The development related noble news and noble information will be made lively by adding videos and audios in content.</li></ul>Literature of Indian Intellectuals in various domain<br /><ul><li>This title will cover motivating and thought provoking article about humanity and Indian culture.
  7. 7. The goal of this space is to provide intellectuals of various states for presenting their ideas which can help in promoting and spreading Indian culture and global peace.
  8. 8. The goal of this space is also to provide space for creative and innovative ideas of intellectuals hidden in corners of India.</li></ul>Thought provoking columns and articles<br /><ul><li>This title will cover various thought provoking articles in relevance to development, economy, plight of citizens in various areas, citizen rights etc. The participation will be made by common citizen, literary people and politicians as well. </li></ul>Behind the scenes activities of people/professionals working on theme of positive media<br /><ul><li>This title covers the behind the scenes work done by the team of Noble Indian in compiling the news and information which goes in portal.
  9. 9. This title also covers various positive news covered by various news professionals spread all across India.</li></ul>Noble information and noble news which can be helpful to decision and policy makers<br /><ul><li>This is the selected list of articles and contents which will be scaled to reach the ears of decision and policy makers.
  10. 10. It will also be having the status of each scaled articles i.e. if any feedback is given by higher authority to which the article has been sent.</li></ul>Noble information pertaining to parliamentary decisions<br /><ul><li>This is one of highlighting area of this portal.
  11. 11. It covers decisions and arguments pursued in parliament of India.
  12. 12. It is the transparent reflection of day to day discussion being done in Indian Parliament.
  13. 13. It will help visitors to the portal see clear accountability of the candidates representing their area.
  14. 14. The availability of parliamentary discussion in the portal will also allow analytics professionals to design facts based reports about performance of their elected candidates in parliament.</li></ul>People voice: the argument and suggestion of Indian<br /><ul><li>This is the space where people will come with their views and suggestions about various development activities and initiatives taken by government and local municipal corporations.
  15. 15. Selected voice will be scaled up to concerned authorities for proper action and feedback.
  16. 16. It is expected to surge the positive sense of interaction and the feeling among people that problems can be solved by interaction with right people on repetitive basis under right platform.</li></ul>Motivating facts of India and all states<br /><ul><li>This title will take more in-depth look on local states and Indian sub-continent.
  17. 17. The news items for this column will be collected by Noble Indian portal representatives spread all across India.</li></ul>References to other websites<br /><ul><li>This title records links to various websites for reference.</li></ul>Literary people’s blogs and YouTube’s<br /><ul><li>This is the space where portal provides a platform to the literary and renowned people to present their ideas on day to day basis. The platform consists of blog space, YouTube videos, twitter and face book profiles.
  18. 18. It also covers the profile and short biographies of respective renowned personality.
  19. 19. The assurance of thousands of visitors to the Nobel Indian Portal will ensure that the content shared by such renowned people is shared and viewed by more and more visitors to the website. </li></ul>Parliamentary team of India<br /><ul><li>This title covers the members of parliament their detailed bio data and short profiles.</li></ul>Thinkers of India<br /><ul><li>This title covers specifically, thinkers of India in various domains and their views about the activities happening in the relevant domains in Indian sub continent and it long term effect on Indian Growth and Economy.
  20. 20. It is more like interview and question/answers session.</li></ul>Social and political representatives of India<br /><ul><li>This title covers the social and political representatives of India and their short bio-graphies.</li></ul>Reporters and Authors of India<br /><ul><li>This title gives space to manpower of Indian Media Industry.
  21. 21. It covers their profile and biographies.
  22. 22. It also covers various archived stories covered by then in past. It may help them prioritize their profile and be known among people as a people responsible for making such famous stories.</li></ul>Lawyers of India<br /><ul><li>This is also a prominent section and it covers legal professionals of Indian subcontinent.</li></ul>High Valued/profile Professionals of India<br /><ul><li>This title covers high-profile and culturally and religiously dominant personalities of Indian subcontinent and their profile and biodata.
  23. 23. It also covers their views on various aspects of culture, development and economy of India and its role in spreading global peace.</li></ul>Leaders of Indian Industries<br /><ul><li>This title covers leaders, CEO’s, CIO’s, CFO’s of Indian Industries and their quick thoughts on various aspects of development in Indian subcontinent.
  24. 24. The views shared by people in this category are fact based and backed with certain proof. It is very important.</li></ul>Representatives of NGO’s<br /><ul><li>This title covers emotional side of development activities.
  25. 25. It covers various non-profit activities going on in Indian sub-continent.
  26. 26. This title can be scaled to generate various reports.
  27. 27. NGO’s representative in various corner of Indian may also register on portal to submit their own news story.</li></ul>Community platform for NRI Indians<br /><ul><li>This is Web 2.0 community platform, especially for NRI Indians.
  28. 28. It is a face book like platform for them to express their concern about development in their home lands.
  29. 29. It is a platform for interaction between NRI’s so that they can form the community and volunteer to implement some development activity in their homeland.
  30. 30. Portal will provide them with the platform to keep track of the initiated development activity by providing various artefacts like pictures, videos, and team involved in the activity.
  31. 31. It will ensure them about credibility of their financial donation and motivate them to donate more back to their homeland.</li></ul>Daily Life of the typical Indian: Story of the day.<br /><ul><li>This is also touching section of Nobel Indian portal.
  32. 32. It will highlight daily life of common man and achievements of his/her life in a smiling way.</li></ul>Surveys<br /><ul><li>This is one of the many interactive sections of the Noble Indian portal.
  33. 33. It includes surveys designed by experts in various interview sessions.
  34. 34. The view given by experts is compared with views given by participants in survey.</li></ul>Human Rights of the Citizen of India<br /><ul><li>This is one of the most important titles of the Noble Indian Portal.
  35. 35. It highlights human rights of an Indian Citizen and helps in spreading awareness about the same among Indian visitors to the Noble Indian portal.
  36. 36. It is proposed to be first initiative of its kind in Indian subcontinent till date.</li></ul>LIVE face2face meetings with prominent personalities.<br /><ul><li>It is video interview/audio interview of prominent personalities by visitors of the Noble Indian Portal.