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An IT guru with over 20 years of sales experience, Scott Nash has many long-time friends and colleagues in the technology industries.

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Welcome to

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. About Me• An IT guru with over 20 years of sales experience, Scott Nash has many long-time friends and colleagues in the technology industries.• An alum of Lewis University, Nash obtained a B.A. in Mass Communications and Marketing in 1990.• Nash is not only a dutiful father, but also loves to work out, read, travel, cook, and watch movies.• Born and bred in America’s Heartland, Nash is described as confident, patient, passionate, optimistic, and sometimes even funny!• Some of his favorite vacation spots include; Italy, France, Spain, Jamaica, Mexico, US Virgin Islands and The Dominican Republic
  3. 3. 6 reasons how I can become your best value added-staffing partner for IT staffing, recruiting, professional employer organization (PEO), solutions & services, temporary, permanent, contract to hire, or multi sites deployments.• 1) When youre looking to hire a staffing partner, it is for situations where your own internal staff cannot locate the ideal candidate and your partners recruiting process needs to be more than posting requisitions on job boards . A snapshot of my recruiting process. Once a client elects Nash for their PEO services he has a multitude of resources to draw upon to fulfill their individual needs.• Cultural match for both candidate and organization is my most important attribute to ensure a placement success.• With a thriving, healthy company with skilled, ethical and committed employees, further strength and success is inevitable.
  4. 4. 2) What makes – different? I focuson results and truly know what my customers wantsand needs are. Im capable, experienced,knowledgeable and clearly define what my customerscan expect from me in relation to the effectiveness,speed of locating the best talent for your specificneeds. I provide multiple lines of communication24/7 and return my clients questions within one hourand always respond to my clients issues the sameday. Youd be insane not to work with me as I workdiligently for my clients’ trust and seeks opportunitiesto prove himself. Clients are not asked to pay, unlessthey are 100% satisfied with his solutions.
  5. 5. • A professional employer organization (PEO) one- stop-shop provider of integrated services, enabling business owners to economically outsource HR management services like; payroll, human resources, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation. PEOs also provide other HR services, such as; recruiting, risk & safety management and training.
  6. 6. 3) turnover is not an issue as I have more than 20years in IT staffing, recruiting, professional employerorganization (PEO), solutions & services, temporary,permanent, contract to hire, or multi sitesdeployments. I provide real recruiting and value as Iconsider myself an expert with my proven experiencein comparison to a newbie fresh out of college with norelationships or personal development to trulyunderstand your needs. I strive for face-to-facemeetings nationwide as my clients are in every city inAmerica.
  7. 7. 4) I speak the truth regardless if it will hurt yourfeelings and will never overpromise my commitmentto you and my role in helping you. In the long run Imlooking to build a mutual beneficial relationshipbased on your respect of the services that Iprovide, while being brutally honest with myassessment of your requirement with the hopes ofgetting more work from you in the future. has on-going relationships nationally with literally thousandsof IT consultants possessing a broad range of skillsets, from the latest cutting edge technologies toolder legacy systems
  8. 8. • 5) Nash’s experience helps clients identify, communicate and create specific solutions to solve problems. He specializes in providing premium IT staffing services and solutions that solve cost, quality and efficiency. Nash is available to assist clients with a multitude of service offerings.• Services span a spectrum including:•· Network Infrastructure & Support•· Applications Services & Development•· ERP Development and Support•· Database Strategy and Management•· Business Intelligence
  9. 9. 6) Whether your needs are: IT staffing, staffaugmentation, HR support, recruiting, PEO servicesor any other variety of professional services, Nash ishere for you. Nash’s goal is to provide you with eithershort or long-term needs without increasing yourfixed costs. He offers a comprehensive IT staffingsolution that provides companies with theopportunity to evaluate their current resources andimplement a plan at a predictable cost structure.
  10. 10. Additional placement history:• Inside/Outside Sales• Oracle/MS/SharePoint Database Admins• Web development and architects (Java and Microsoft)• System Engineers• Marketing• Quality Control• Data Warehouse Specialists
  11. 11. • 8) Staffing opportunities include (design, implementation, troubleshooting) of:• 1. Microsoft Engineer Architect’s, Active Directory, Exchange , Clustering• 2. Cisco networking engineers, Router and switches, Firewall, UCS servers, IP Telephony• 3. Storage and Virtualization, Left Hand/HP, NetApp, EMC, VMWare
  12. 12. Importance of a Thriving Company CultureThe importance of company culture is key for anygroup. It’s integral to provide a set of ethics and awelcoming work environment to solidify acompany’s position in the marketplace.It enables retention, productivity and positive PRcoverage. Organizations with an adaptive companyculture that is aligned to their business goalsroutinely outperform their competitors. Needless tosay, company culture can make or break a company.
  13. 13. • Below are key components of a sound company culture:• Employee commitment• Empowered employees• High-integrity workplace• Strong trust relationships• Highly-effective leadership• Effective systems and processes
  14. 14.  Performance-based compensation and rewardprograms Customer-focused Effective multi-lateral communications Commitment to learning and skill development Emphasis on recruiting and retaining outstandingemployees High degree of adaptability High accountability standards Demonstrated support for innovation
  15. 15. • Scott Nash, a consultant and associate of SmartSource, a technical staffing company,• provides insights for clients on improving their company culture. With a thriving,• healthy company with skilled, ethical and committed employees, further strength and• success is inevitable.• For more information surrounding company culture consulting services or PEO• services, contact Scott Nash at (630)-607-7203
  16. 16. • Individuals in professional and business services who were reported on seasonally adjust payrolls increased from 17,012 in October 2011 to 17,365 in November 2011.• Additionally, employment in professional and business services continued on a positive trend in November (+33,000) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.• People are not staying in the same job as generations have in the past. With a turnover rate of about three years, the importance of an individual’s skills and expertise are more valued than longevity at a company.• By 2020, it is estimated that flexible workers will account for nearly 25% of the U.S. workforce. It’s because of this phenomenon, that it is even more crucial for employers to look to PEO service professionals for HR assistance.
  17. 17. PEO Services• A thought leader, Scott Nash speaks on outsourcing HR to a PEO (Professional Employer Organization). His expertise provides employers with an opportunity to meet control costs and meet specific businesses objectives. Whether it’s a need to control• benefits and risk management costs, or support the administrative requirements of a growing company he can help. Nash, in association with SmartSource Inc. coordinates HR Outsourcing and PEO services for businesses across the United States, representing a wide spectrum of sizes and industries.
  18. 18. A professional employer organization (PEO)one-stop-shop provider of integrated services,enabling business owners to economicallyoutsource HR management services like;payroll, human resources, employee benefits,and workers’ compensation.PEOs also provide other HR services, such as;recruiting, risk & safety management andtraining.
  19. 19. • As of 2010, there were more than 700 PEOs operating in the United States, covering 2-3 million workers.• HR Administration• Todays regulatory environment carries more risks for employers than ever before.• Keeping up with the growing number of employee- related laws, rules and regulations can be a challenge. Nash not only can provide a client with the support they need to navigate the employment law landscape; but also provide additional Human Resources (HR) support.Payroll Processing
  20. 20. A PEO is capable of completely handling payroll needs,letting the client focus on their business operations.Utilizing a PEO, the company enjoys the advantages ofa payroll service; in addition to the cost advantage andtime savings of the PEO– employee benefits, riskmanagement and Human Resourcesadministration. For example, in2010, SmartSource issued nearly 5,000 W2s toemployees throughout the USA and Canada, helpingscores of companies with their HR processes. Byquickly transferring employees recruited by clients toour payroll they can respond immediately toheightened productivity demands without maintainingunnecessary personnel through business downturns.Nash’s clients retain full control and supervision ofemployees while he assumes total responsibility forthe payroll.
  21. 21. • Contact • (630) 607-7203• • Skype: iamscottnash • LinkedIn SmartSource, Inc. My It Works Variable Workforce Business Capabilities