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Peo services-and-company-culture

  1. 1. 630-607-7203 PEO Services & Company CultureJessica JewellIndividuals in professional and business services who were reported on seasonallyadjust payrolls increased from 17,012 in October 2011 to 17,365 in November2011.Additionally, employment in professional and business services continued on apositive trend in November (+33,000) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.People are not staying in the same job as generations have in the past. With a turnoverrate of about three years, the importance of an individual’s skills and expertise are morevalued than longevity at a company. By 2020, it is estimated that flexible workers willaccount for nearly 25% of the U.S. workforce. It’s because of this phenomenon, that itis even more crucial for employers to look to PEO service professionals for HRassistance.PEO ServicesA thought leader, Scott Nash speaks on outsourcing HR to a PEO (ProfessionalEmployer Organization). His expertise provides employers with an opportunity to meetcontrol costs and meet specific businesses objectives. Whether it’s a need to controlbenefits and risk management costs, or support the administrative requirements of agrowing company he can help. Nash, in association with SmartSource Inc. coordinatesHR Outsourcing and PEO services for businesses across the United States, representinga wide spectrum of sizes and industries.A professional employer organization (PEO) one-stop-shop provider of integratedservices, enabling business owners to economically outsource HR managementDecember 21, 2011
  2. 2. services like; payroll, human resources, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation.PEOs also provide other HR services, such as; recruiting, risk & safety managementand training.As of 2010, there were more than 700 PEOs operating in the United States, covering 2-3 million workers.Once a client elects Nash for their PEO services he has a multitude of resources to drawupon to fulfill their individual needs. Search internal database containing over 250,000 resumes, to find the best match for a company’s needs  Leverage established referral network enacted since 1996 Posts the position on Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice and other services  (saving the client over $1000 in job posting fees)  Conducts phone screens and face-to-face interviews, further qualifying candidates  Provides resumes of the top three candidates that passed his screening process   Help schedule interviewsUpon an offer, Nash provides a complementary background check, drug test andcertification verification.HR AdministrationTodays regulatory environment carries more risks for employers than ever before.Keeping up with the growing number of employee-related laws, rules and regulationscan be a challenge. Nash not only can provide a client with the support they need tonavigate the employment law landscape; but also provide additional Human Resources(HR) support.Payroll ProcessingA PEO is capable of completely handling payroll needs, letting the client focus on theirbusiness operations. Utilizing a PEO, the company enjoys the advantages of a payrollservice; in addition to the cost advantage and time savings of the PEO-- employeebenefits, risk management and Human Resources administration. For example, inDecember 21, 2011
  3. 3. 2010, SmartSource issued nearly 5,000 W2s to employees throughout the USA andCanada, helping scores of companies with their HR processes.By quickly transferring employees recruited by clients to our payroll they can respondimmediately to heightened productivity demands without maintaining unnecessarypersonnel through business downturns.Nash’s clients retain full control and supervision of employees while he assumes totalresponsibility for the payroll.Nash is capable of pay rolling a single individual, or an entire department and providespay rolling services including: • Payroll funding • Payroll and W-2 preparation • Employer of record status • Payment of workers’ compensation and unemployment taxes • Handle workers’ compensation and unemployment claims • Payment, processing and reporting of all mandatory payroll taxes • Provide alternative benefits optionsRisk Management & Workers Compensation InsuranceThe combined cost and the risk of not carrying workers compensation insurance can besignificant for most employers. Nash saves businesses across the U.S. thousands eachyear on workers compensation premiums and helps make work places safer bymatching the needs of a group with the right PEO.Employee BenefitsQuality benefits such as health insurance are inaccessible for many businesses due to;rising costs, plan requirements and administrative burdens. A PEO assists a companylower and control benefit costs. Nash and SmartSource offer several plans throughBlue Cross and 401k services using ADP. All plans are fully customizable based onevery client’s unique requirements.Recruiting ServicesSmartSource is a technical resource company that provides its customers with solutionsto a wide variety of technical staffing situations. Through SmartSource, you can accessa highly qualified and diversified pool of information technology resources at nationallevel.Designing a planDecember 21, 2011
  4. 4. With decades of experience, Nash works with his clients to design a custom PEO plan,ensuring employee retention. In addition, Nash helps evaluate clients’ IT staff todetermine if salaries are in line with current market rates.Plan PricingRates are based on a cost plus model, ranging from 10 percent to 20 percent. Factorscontributing to determining rates include; employee salary, payroll taxes, vacation timeand health benefits.ImplementationIntegration of Nash’s services for a client is straightforward and simple. Once theagreed PEO services are agreed upon between Nash and the employer, the companyannounces the change to it’s employees and distributes the new materials, welcomingnew additions on board.Many clients mix-and -match Nash’s service offerings and have the opportunity to optfor a strategic model to recruit and payroll staff. References available upon request.Importance of a Thriving Company CultureThe importance of company culture is key for any group. It’s integral to provide a setof ethics and a welcoming work environment to solidify a company’s position in themarketplace. It enables retention, productivity and positive PR coverage. Organizationswith an adaptive company culture that is aligned to their business goals routinelyoutperform their competitors. Needless to say, company culture can make or break acompany.Below are key components of a sound company culture: Employee commitment Empowered employees  High-integrity workplace  Strong trust relationships  Highly-effective leadership  Effective systems and processes  Performance-based compensation and reward programs  December 21, 2011
  5. 5. Customer-focused Effective multi-lateral communications  Commitment to learning and skill development  Emphasis on recruiting and retaining outstanding employees  High degree of adaptability  High accountability standards  Demonstrated support for innovation  Scott Nash, a consultant and associate of SmartSource, a technical staffing company,provides insights for clients on improving their company culture. With a thriving,healthy company with skilled, ethical and committed employees, further strength andsuccess is inevitable.For more information surrounding company culture consulting services or PEOservices, contact Scott Nash at (630)-607-7203December 21, 2011