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It service-delivery-models


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Read on for white paper detailing IT Staffing Solutions and IT Outsourcing.

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It service-delivery-models

  1. 1. 630-607-7203 IT Service Delivery Models & Domestic IT Outsourcing ServicesTech professionals remain in high demand through 2012, said a recentJessica Jewellsurvey by The survey states 65 percent of hiringprofessionals surveyed indicated their companies or clients look toadd technology professionals in H1 2012.A recent CDW survey said, "Seventy-six percent of 1,045 IT decision-makers polled plan to replace or install new hardware for someportion of their enterprises. Their top spending priorities are PCs (60percent), security (55 percent), cloud computing (50 percent),virtualization (41 percent) and mobility (39 percent).”CompTIA details high-demand gigs for the IT world coming up in2012:“IT security professionals - The high cost of data breaches andsecuring cloud environments has renewed employers interest ininformation security professionals.Software developers -- The expansion of mobile computing, cloudcomputing and business intelligence has increased the need for theseprofessionals.December 19, 2011
  2. 2. IT leadership positions -- These jobs include business relationshipmanagers, and IT consultants who can sell and deliver services.IT managers and directors - These professionals are needed for twokey areas:Infrastructure -- Specialists who can help develop company policies tomaintain and secure an infrastructure that supports a growingnumber of mobile devices.Applications -- Specialists who can help determine which applicationsshould be developed or modified to serve this growing number ofmobile devices.”Recruiters are crucial in the American IT industry climate.Why Scott Nash?I bring the knowledge required for IT efficiency, uniqueness, cost-effective services, reduction of managed costs, leveraged resources,risk reduction, competitive edge outside your internal departments,Security and reduced soft cost with local resources, providing the bestsolution for IT staffing needs.My experience includes long and short term on-site consulting forsavings in benefits, recruiting, payroll services, and personneladministration will increase profits and decrease fixed operationalcosts.Project staffing permits customers to make better utilization of theirinternal staff, while outsourcing complex projects or special non-recurring needs. Better utilization of internal staff leads to satisfiedusers, increased productivity, and lower costs. Most corporaterecruiters cover between 20-40 openings, with some supporting up to100 positions. As a result, recruiters don’t have the opportunity tospend the quality time recruiting that they would like. A recruiter can’teffectively and proactively support 40 openings.Next year offers more opportunity for clients to find the best fit fortheir staffing needs with the help of IT staffing agencies.December 19, 2011
  3. 3. I work with SmartSource, a key IT staffing solutions group hasascended as a voice in the marketplace to attract the top players. I havethe network, experience, and professionalism to source passivecandidates and approach them in a professional manner withopportunities in your company that may be of interest them. Scott, inpartnership with SmartSource can help with you to find well-qualifiedengineering and technical personnel.With 20 years of experience, I specialize in IT service delivery modelsand domestic outsourcing of IT services. He provides solutions forlabor in relation to; contract-to-hire, staff augmentation and directhire for IT managers and HR departments.What’s Hot in IT StaffingMy staffing niche ranges from high-end tech and medical industryprofessionals such as:Cisco – CCIE, CCVP, UCCETelecom engineersVirtualization & Storage engineersMicrosoft EngineersActive DirectoryExchange & ClusteringData center & Server engineersHelp Desk/Desktop/Technical Support engineersPOS & Field service engineersConfiguration & IMAC & Apple certified techniciansNetwork/Wireless and security engineersCitrix engineersProject managersData ModelerWeb DesignerWeb DeveloperLead Application DeveloperMessaging AdministratorData Architect Data Warehouse AnalystDecember 19, 2011
  4. 4. CRM Business AnalystERP Business AnalystSystems Integrator ConsultantBusiness Intelligence AnalystOperations ManagerIT Management executiveServices sales executivessearch engine optimization specialistsNetworking Presales EngineerAllscripts PM & consultantNextgen electronic medical record (EMR) and ( EPM) professionalsEpic Ambulatory Project ManagerEpic ClinDoc Solutions ConsultantIn addition to routers and switches, Firewall, UCS servers, IPTelephony, Storage and Virtualization, Left Hand/HP, NetApp, EMC,VMWare.My experience placing qualified professionals in their respective fieldshas clients returning again and again.Current IT Salary RangesSalaries are high for the field, with a multitude of openings, themarketplace is prime.Information Week reports:Data Modeler: $80,750 - $111,250Web Designer: $50,750 - $83,000Web Developer: $58,000 - $94,250Lead Application Developer: $85,000 - $117,500Messaging Administrator: $59,750 - $87,000Data Architect: $91,750 - $126,500Data Warehouse Analyst: $82,500 - $111,500CRM Business Analyst: $68,500 - $93,500ERP Business Analyst: $71,250 - $98,250Systems Integrator Consultant: $63,000 - $88,000December 19, 2011
  5. 5. Business Intelligence Analyst: $82,500 - $116,250Operations Manager: $58,750 - $81,750I am dedicated to providing you highly skilled professionals whoseskills are a good fit to your unique hiring requirements and workplaceenvironment.My experience with the workflow for technology recruitingdemonstrates the results and accuracy your company is looking for inIT professionals.Service offerings:Recruitment workflow:December 19, 2011
  6. 6. Why the Demand for IT Staff?There is demand for individuals in skilled trades, Internettechnologies, engineers, sales managers and machine operators. Otherhot positions include data warehousing and business intelligenceprofessionals and quality assurance business analysts.Despite the opportunities, U.S. colleges are producing fewer math andscience-focus graduates. To compare in 1980, Math, Engineering andComputer Science grads comprised 11.1 percent of all graduates.Although in 2009, the numbers dropped significantly only claiming 8.9percent of all graduates.Skilled laborers are an aging population without enough new talentreplacing them in the industry. According to Scott Mellands, “Future ofRecruiting,” 40 percent of skilled laborers are due to retire within thenext five years. Past positions were filled by Baby Boomers who arebecoming the next senior citizens.December 19, 2011
  7. 7. It’s not that there isn’t job security or a comfortable salary for thoselooking to step in to the IT job market. Unemployment figures in ITmanufacturing are listed at 8.4 percent, well below the nationalunemployment rate. Additionally, average salaries for technologyengineers range from $75,000 and $100,000.U.S. Immigration policies are tightening since 911, issuing fewer visasto potential IT talent-seeking employment from abroad. BRIC has seena boom in tech talent over recent years with many of these individualsseeking employment in the U.S. with less success over recent years,opening up opportunity to domestic talent.This is good news for the IT professional seeking placement. With 20years of background in IT and recruiting for IT managers andcorporate IT departments has the expertise to help provide placement.Technology positions are due to see the largest increase in the labormarket, with an average of 4.5 percent. Employment in professionaland business services continued to expand in April 2011 with 51,000jobs opening.According to Robert Half, the world’s first and largest specialty staffingfirm says two-thirds of CIOs surveyed about the difficulty of hiringstaff reported it was “very” or “somewhat” challenging.IT job creators state it can average up to seven weeks to fill positionsfor skilled workers and managerial positions. Mid- and senior-level ITpositions are amongst the most difficult to fill, particularly forcompanies who seek skilled tech professionals with an understandingof business strategy.The demand for experienced mobile professionals will be a majortrend next year, Half cites. A primary reason starting salaries formobile applications developers will rise 9.1 percent to rangebetween $85,000 and $122,500.In most cases, professionals with specific skills — for example, AJAX,Java, SQL server — command premiums as high as 12 percent. SomeDecember 19, 2011
  8. 8. areas like Silicon Valley, IT workers can get as much as 35 percent overthe average starting salaries.Call to ActionIt is a strategic time for HR departments to collaborate with recruiters.With positions taking nearly two months to fill, and an ever-expandingindustry, with higher demands everyday from the end-customers, it’scrucial to engage with recruiters to ensure domestic recruiting.For more information on what options I can provide for yourcompany’s IT staffing needs, contact me at (630) 607-7203.Scott Nash ###Jessica JewellFreelance writerDecember 19, 2011