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Food Service


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Types of Food Service & Top 10 Unusual Restaurant in the World!

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Food Service

  2. 2. The Origins of Classical and Modern Cuisine • Quantity cookery has existed for thousands of years, as long as there have been large groups of people to feed, such as armies. • But modern food service is said to have begun shortly after the middle of the eighteenth century middle of the eighteenth century middle of the eighteenth century. • At this time, food production in France was controlled by guilds. • Caterers, pastry makers, roasters, and pork butchers held licenses to prepare specific items. • Guests had little or no choice and simply ate what was available for that meal.
  3. 3. • In 1765, a Parisian named Boulanger began advertising on his shop sign that he served soups, which he called restaurants or restoratives. • The new developments in food service received a great stimulus as a result of the French Revolution, beginning in 1789. • Before this time, the great chefs were employed in the houses of the French nobility.
  4. 4. • The 17th century Antonin Carme born in 1784, published works on cooking, and although many of his preparations today seem extravagant, he simplified and codified an earlier and even more complex cuisine. • Georges Auguste Escoffier is a central figure in the modernization of haute cuisine as of about 1900, which became known as cuisine classique. • The 1960s were marked by the appearance of "nouvelle cuisine" as chefs rebelled from Escoffier's "orthodoxy" and complexity. • Within 20 years, however, chefs began returning to the earlier style of haute cuisine, although many of the new techniques remain.
  5. 5. Grande Cuisine • Haute cuisine Haute cuisine (French: literally "high cooking") or grande cuisine grande cuisine was characterised by French cuisine in elaborate preparations and presentations served in small and numerous courses that were produced by large and hierarchical staffs at the grand restaurants and hotels of Europe.
  6. 6. CAREME Marie-Antoine Careme • All the changes that took place in the world of cooking curing the 1700s led to, for the first time, a difference between home cooking and professional cooking. • One way we can try to understand this difference is to look at the work of the greatest chef of the period following the French Revolution, Marie-Antoine Careme Antoine Careme (1784-1833)
  7. 7. ESCOFFIER Georges-Auguste Esciffier (1847-1935) Georages-Auguste Escoffier (1847- 1935), the greatest chef of his time, is still today evered by chefs and gourmets as the father of twentieth-century cookery. • Escoffier was called "the emperor of chefs" and "emperor of the world's kitchens" by Emperor William II of Germany. • He modernized and codified the elaborate haute cuisine created by Marie-Antoine Careme, and developed the 'brigade de cuisine,' system of kitchen organization.
  8. 8. Types of Food Service
  9. 9. TYPES OF FOOD SERVICE Table service and Counter service are the most common forms A hostess/ host is responsible for seating the guests Principles that a waiter must know: Food is served onto guest plate from left If food is pre-plated, then service is thru’ right Soups are served from right Ladies are always served first and rest are served clockwise Fresh cutlery and crockery is served thru’ right Soiled plates are cleared from right
  10. 10. 1. English service Often regarded as “host service”/ “family style” service Host plays an active role Usually found in coffee shops, family restaurants etc.
  11. 11. Process involves: Food is brought on platters by waiter, shown to host for approval The waiter then places it on table Either host portions the food and serves to guest or portions it and allows waiter to serve Usually the main dish is meat Vegs. and potatoes are placed in centre for guests to help themselves while sauces are served by waiter
  12. 12. 2. French service Its not very common Usually seen at upscale clubs and restaurants Involves Personalized service The waiter has a fancy cart for carrying foods The table is already made and waiter just have to serve carefully and neatly Sometimes foods are cooked in front of guests Guest serve themselves
  13. 13. Advantages: Allows guests to see the food before they decide Proportioned acc. To guest’s wish Chance to make additions before it is served Disadvantages: Cannot be opted for certain dishes Time consuming Expensive Space required for moving carts
  14. 14. 3. Guéridon Service Guéridon means “ trolley” Here food is partially prepared from kitchen and is fully cooked at guest’s table side Here cooking is done on Guéridon trolley The waiter should be a showman as well as a good cook, He should carve a joint, fillet a fish, prepare coffees etc.
  15. 15. Advantages: It is a visual display to customers An opportunity for waiter to show his skills Helps increase popularity of restaurant Disadvantages: More space required Safety concerned Skilled staff required Expensive Innovation of recipes required
  16. 16. 4. Russian Food service Fairly elaborate silver service much on lines of French service with use of Guéridon trolley Waiter pre-portions food (whole joints, fish)and serves onto guest plate and places the plate in front of the guest Display and presentation is of concern
  17. 17. Advantages: Only one waiter is required Elegant and entertaining No extra space Guarantees equal portions because food is pre-cut Gives personal attention to guests Disadvantages: Initial big expense in silver equipment Since one platter is used for serving the last guest may see a less attractive display In party’s the waiter must hold a heavy tray
  18. 18. 5. American/ pre-plated service It is pre-plated from kitchen itself and is normally found in restaurants with large guest turnover Portion is predetermined from kitchen the waiter ensures accompaniments are already placed on table with right table cover
  19. 19. Advantages: • Saves time • fast • Cost efficient • Nutrition information is easily accessed by nutrition label in menu • Casual dining Disadvantages: • Choice of portion size cannot be predetermined • Some ingredients can be annoying to guests • High in fat and energy •
  20. 20. 6. Silver Service All food is presented in silver dishes with elaborate dressing Here the waiter serves the food to guests at the table The table is set for hors d’oeuvres Food is portioned to silver platters from kitchen and is placed at sideboards with
  21. 21. Before service, waiter ensures if the food is served onto guest’s plate in a stylish manner The waiter then picks the platter from hot plate and presents it for host approval Service is done using a spoon and fork the course is done in an organized way hence the courses follow one another at
  22. 22. Advantages: • Elegant • Faster than French service • Hot food is served at table quickly Disadvantages: • Skilled waiter is required • Capital investment on silver platters
  23. 23. 7. Buffet service Self service where food is displayed on tables The guest either takes his place a stack at the end of each table or requests the waiter to serve him For sit-down buffet service, tables are laid with crockery and cutlery For fork buffet, seating arrangements does not exist, guest uses fork and eats standing
  24. 24. Advantages: Food is displayed in an attractive manner Less service skill required Servers can attend to many guests at one time Disadvantages: Careless in handling food Less personal attention to guests
  25. 25. 8. Cafeteria Service Menu is fixed and displayed on large boards Coupons have to be purchased in advance or indicate their choice of selection to counter attendant at the time of purchase Food is pre-plated and served along with cutlery Guests take the seats provided by the establishment Industrial canteens, colleges, hospitals
  26. 26. Advantages: Minimal staffs are required Does not require any special equipment Last minute changes can be made Disadvantages: Choices are limited Foods are not prepared acc. to order
  27. 27. 9. Counter service Developed in units where customers have limited time for meal Tall stools are placed for guests to have their meal
  28. 28. Advantages: • Fast • Lower costs • Less service skill needed • Customer has his own choice of selection Disadvantages: • Less food safety • Time consuming
  29. 29. 10. Room Service A 5 star international hotel should provide 24/ 7hrs of service Highest level of service is considered 3 types of room services are as follows: Centralized room service Decentralized room service Mobile room service
  31. 31. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant - Rangali Island, Maldives  Located at the Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island Resort is a gorgeous and intimate underwater restaurant (seating capacity is 14 people) that is more than sixteen feet below sea level.  Opened in 2005, the all-glass restaurant has a menu consisting of fresh seafood, beef rib eye, veal, and other
  32. 32.  Encased in a transparent acrylic roof, the restaurant offers its diners a 270-degree panoramic view of sea creatures swimming in the Maldives’ crystal clear waters.
  33. 33. Ninja New York - New York City, USA A medieval setting & roaming magicians delight children at this subterranean Japanese eatery. Address: 25 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013, United States
  34. 34.  Designed to look like a 15th-century Japanese feudal village  Full of dark nooks and snaking passageways, you’ll dine amongst stealthy warriors—the waiters—who roam, romp, and perform tricks, all the while serving sushi and sake.  Just call it Japanese fare mixed with martial arts flair at its best.
  35. 35. Dinner in the Sky - Montreal, Canada
  36. 36.  Originating in Belgium  The concept involves a crane hoisting guests, who are securely strapped into “dining chairs” 160 feet up in the air, along with a table, wait staff, and everything that’s required to enjoy a meal floating above the ground.  The novelty-based mobile restaurant has gained popularity worldwide and is now offered for limited run periods in cities around the globe, including Montreal.
  37. 37. Redwoods Treehouse - Warkworth, New Zealand
  38. 38. Address: 1415 State Highway 1, Warkworth 0983, New Zealand Hours: Open today · 9AM–5AM  Built in 2008, the pod- shaped structure is situated over 32 feet above the ground in a Redwood tree in the town of Warkworth, north of Auckland.  The striking venue is used exclusively for private functions and events, with a capacity of 30 guests.
  39. 39.  Access to the Treehouse is provided by an elevated treetop walkway.  The Redwoods Treehouse is now available for hire as a private venue for corporate events, work parties, product launches, intimate weddings and other celebrations.  You cannot book for individual dining.
  40. 40. Cat Café Nekorobi - Tokyo, Japan Address: Japan, 〒 170-0013 Tokyo, Toshima, Higashiikebukuro, 1−28−1, 3F Hours: Open today · 11AM–10PM
  41. 41.  Nekorobi is a hip cat café located in the entertainment district of Ikebukuro where you can spend time with friends of the feline kind.  Patrons enter through modern glass doors into a dimly lit joint where cats prowl and sprawl out, and where a drinks dispenser vending machine offers a variety of hot and cold beverages including coffee, royal milk tea,
  42. 42.  Visit in the evening and you’ll have a chance to witness the dinnertime ritual where the kitties feast on cat food in glass food bowls arranged in a circle around a floor lamp.  For feline lovers, this place is no doubt the “cat’s meow."
  43. 43. Safe House - Milwaukee, USA Address: 779 N Front St, Milwaukee, WI 53202, United States Opened in 1966 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  44. 44.  This Midwestern U.S. restaurant has a rather nondescript exterior, but that seems to be the precisely the point.  Everything related to the spy-themed restaurant is based on the CIA definition of a safe house, which is meant to be a seemingly innocent premise where an intelligence organization would conduct its covert operations in relative security.
  45. 45. Modern Toilet - Taipei City, Taiwan Province, People's Republic of China The idea for this odd restaurant was conceived by one of the owners while he was reading while sitting.
  46. 46.  Initially it only sold chocolate ice cream in containers shaped like a squat toilet, but once the humorous spin became a great success, a full-fledged, bathroom-themed eatery emerged.
  47. 47. Today, Modern Toilet is a chain with locations across Asia and it has plans for further expansion.
  48. 48. De Kas - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Address: Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, 1097 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands Hours: Open today · 12–2PM, 6:30–10PM
  49. 49. Chic garden conservatory serving Mediterranean dishes made from organic ingredients grown on-site.
  50. 50.  An old greenhouse in Amsterdam that was due to be demolished in 2001, but was saved by an ambitious Michelin star chef, Gert Jan Hageman, who converted the unique twenty six foot high glass building into a restaurant and nursery.
  51. 51. Mediterranean vegetables, herbs and edible flowers are grown and harvested at the greenhouse and garden near the restaurant, and Hageman can be found in De Kas’ nursery daily, working the soil, planting, weeding and harvesting herbs and vegetables.
  52. 52. The Bubble Room - Captiva Island, Florida Address: 15001 Captiva Dr, Captiva, FL 33924, United States Hours: Open today · 11:30AM–3PM, 4:30–9PM
  53. 53.  Opened in 1979, this eclectic restaurant decorated with classic toys from the 1930s and 1940s started as a small one-room eatery, and today has grown into a multi-themed restaurant occupying all three stories of the house it originated in.
  54. 54.  Staff are known as "bubble scouts," each wearing a different crazy hat. Moving trains are on all three floors and photographs of old-time movie scenes and stars adorn every available wall space.  “It’s always Christmas at the Bubble Room” is a theme made evident by the presence of the many Father Christmases, the Elf Room, and year-round Christmas lights.  Music from the 1920s to 1940s serves as the restaurant’s soundtrack, and the bright and cheerful pastel colors of the venue make it a near- hallucinatory experience.
  55. 55.  Favorites on the current menu are original items offered since the restaurant’s early days such as Socra cheese (a cheese served flamed tableside), Bubble Bread, and many of the colossal-sized desserts.
  56. 56. O.NOIR - Toronto, Canada Address: 620 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1N3, Canada Hours: Open today · 11AM–12:30PM, 1–2:30PM, 4:30– 10PM
  57. 57. Blind staff serves French-Italian fare in total darkness & surprise dishes test patrons' taste buds.
  58. 58.  O.NOIR's philosophy is that a diner’s enjoyment is amplified when his sight is eliminated as the other senses become heightened.  Flashlights, cellphones, and luminous watches are prohibited from the dark dining establishment.
  59. 59. THANKYOU!