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Camosun college camosun global-consulting-viewbook-2015-2016


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Camosun college camosun global-consulting-viewbook-2015-2016

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Camosun college camosun global-consulting-viewbook-2015-2016

  2. 2. YOUR GLOBAL PARTNER 30+ »» years of experience »» active international partnerships Camosun College (Camosun) is one of the largest and most comprehensive colleges in the province of British Columbia. Located in the provincial capital of Victoria, we serve over 18,000 learners annually in certificate, diploma, apprenticeship, applied bachelor’s degrees and post-degree diplomas. Each year we welcome over 1,200 international students from nearly 60 countries to our two campuses on the west coast of Canada. Camosun offers over 160 different programs in industrial trades, engineering technology, business, health, sports, arts, and sciences. Camosun has been a leader in international education since 1983, facilitated by Camosun International (CI) – a centralized department integrating international admissions, student services, study abroad, customized programs, and global project and consulting services in collaboration with the broader college community. Our onshore and offshore consulting services include: »» Multi-year, curriculum development and train-the-trainer partnerships »» Short-term customized programs Camosun supports demand-driven, innovative training and capacity building in a variety of sectors, effectively delivering practical solutions to real world challenges. As your educational partner, we are flexible and ready to work from the boardroom to the backroads to the beaches. CONSULTING VIEWBOOK 2
  3. 3. ºC 0º 5º 10º 15º 20º 25º JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Camosun College is EQA certified – a British Columbia government designation that assures high quality education standards and consumer protection mechanisms. YOUR NEEDS, OUR EXPERTISE From accountants to pipefitters, chefs to engineering technologists, Camosun helps transform lives to build a better future - worldwide. We collaborate with stakeholders to ensure our programming and global consulting meets the needs of industry. As your partner, we can draw upon expertise through our: »» • School of Access »» • School of Business »» • School of Arts and Science »» • School of Trades and Technology »» • School of Health and Human Services »» • Centre for Sport and Exercise Education Our instructors are carefully selected based on their industrial or professional backgrounds and teaching qualifications. We have over 900 employees, from support staff to instructors to senior leaders. Instructors are provided with curriculum services and ongoing professional development through the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). We are also home to Camosun Innovates, our applied research department that operates the Camosun Technology Access Centre (CTAC), bringing together engineering technology and precision equipment for prototyping and advanced manufacturing to support various clients. Whether you’re a small enterprise, multi- national company, college, university, government or development bank, we have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to partner with you on projects in: »» Industrial Trades »» Technology »» Business »» Sports, Exercise and Health »» Tourism and Hospitality »» Leadership and Teacher Training CA M O S U N 3
  4. 4. INDUSTRIAL TRADES Through our School of Trades and Technology we meet the training needs of sectors such as construction, extractives, and marinespace. Many of our skilled trades instructors come from natural resource industries like forestry, mining, oil and gas; commercial and residential construction; automotive service; or metal fabrication and shipbuilding. Our technical and vocational programs remain at the forefront of industry, utilizing Program Advisory Committees to keep curriculum relevant. Each year, students and instructors participate in Skills Canada competitions, regularly bringing home top honours. We offer a variety of foundation and apprenticeship (up to interprovincial Red Seal qualification) training in: »» Electrical »» Heavy Mechanical »» Automotive Service »» Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning »» Sheet Metal and Metal Fabrication »» Fine Furniture and Joinery »» Horticulture »» Professional Cooking »» Pipefitting »» Gas-fitting »» Plumbing »» Sprinkler-fitting »» Welding »» Nautical »» Carpentry CONSULTING VIEWBOOK 4
  5. 5. In addition to trades, we offer (mechanical, civil, mining, and electronics and computer) engineering technology education and consulting services which support construction, extractives, and marinespace sectors. We also offer industrial Health and Safety certificates such as Occupational First Aid and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS). The provincial government recognizes our long- standing excellence in trades education having recently invested $30 million in our new Centre for Trades Education and Innovation as a key foundational piece of the multi-billion dollar provincial Liquefied Natural Gas strategy. We are one of the largest and most comprehensive trades institutions in Canada. Our trades accreditation is provided by the British Columbia Industry Training Authority (ITA) which is recognized provincially, nationally, and internationally. We have international experience building capacity of institutions to develop technician- level programs. For example, construction in Mozambique and pipefitting in Tanzania. CA M O S U N 5
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY Camosun offers several programs for technicians and technologists, such as: »» Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology Diploma »» AutoCAD Graphics Certificate »» Civil Engineering Technology Diploma »» Computer Network Electronics Certificate »» Computer Systems Technology Diploma »» Electronics and Computer Engineering Diploma – Renewable Energy »» Environmental Technology Diploma »» Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma Unique within Canada, we also offer bridge programs where technology graduates can take an advanced diploma to transfer to a university for a Bachelor’s of Science in: »» Civil Engineering »» Electrical & Computer Engineering »» Mechanical Engineering »» Mining Engineering The Camosun Technology Access Centre (CTAC) provides a two-way connection between industry and the college’s technical resources. Leading experts in engineering design, applied research, automation, instrumentation, and reverse engineering provide product development and process improvement services to industry. Our prototyping services are versatile; CTAC provides local companies with access to 3D laser scanners, digital modeling software, 3D printers, cast molding, water jet cutting, CNC machining, and implementation of robotics and automation. Dedicated staff work alongside students and local companies to find solutions to current technical challenges. CONSULTING VIEWBOOK 6
  7. 7. Our strong partnerships with industry allow us to provide applied research opportunities for our students and instructors. Camosun Environmental Technology student, Kyle Nelson, was named Co-op Student of the Year for BC/Yukon for his geomatics work at the Institute of Ocean Sciences. CTAC is a member of Canada’s Composites Research Network, which links Camosun to a wide range of industry experts across the country and can be drawn on to provide solutions to industry and opportunities for students. CTAC also works closely with Camosun’s Co-op Department, helping identify student placements including two Brazilian students who worked with a Canadian UAV (drone) manufacturer. We connect industry to the education process by supporting productivity enhancements such as automation. For example, a team of four mechanical engineering technology students developed an automated beer dispensing machine for Phillips Brewery as one in a series of Camosun projects undertaken with the local brewery. A core component of much of today’s research relies upon the use of sensors, monitoring everything from human performance to ground water contamination. We can support the development of a system to remotely sample, test and send reports to improve the quality, frequency and reliability of monitoring under a variety of isolated conditions in remote locations. CA M O S U N 7
  8. 8. BUSINESS Our focus is on theoretical and practical applications, offering over 30 programs including: »» Business Diplomas Majors: Accounting, Finance, General Management, Indigenous Business Leadership, Golf Management, or Public Administration »» Associate of Arts Degrees Major: Economics »» Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees Majors: Accounting, Marketing, or Human Resource Management and Leadership »» Post-Degree Diplomas Majors: Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, or Applied Tourism and Hospitality 96% of our School of Business graduates find work related to their field of study and are well positioned for success in an ever-changing global environment. Our School of Business offers a broad range of programs, expertise and connections to the business community. Our instructors bring a wealth of real world experience to the classroom and our international partnerships. CONSULTING VIEWBOOK 8
  9. 9. Camosun School of Business Graduate, Jessica Cruise, was tagged as one of the 2015 Top 30 Under 30 by BCBusiness magazine. In less than six years, Jessica has grown her company, Vibes Fitness Inc., to four franchises in Victoria and one corporate studio in Vancouver. We are linked to several other high quality business schools in Europe, India and the Asia-Pacific region. We bring a global perspective to our teaching and consulting whether we’re in Prague, Mumbai, or Wellington. We also offer a variety of Continuing Education classes, from a few evenings to a few weeks in length. Areas of focus include project management, digital marketing, finance and investing (including the four courses to obtain the prestigious Certified Financial Planner designation). We are one of the largest accounting programs in Western Canada and the only DECA chapter west of Manitoba. Camosun offers all the pre-requisites to enter the internationally recognized Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) program. CA M O S U N 9
  10. 10. SPORTS, EXERCISE & HEALTH Camosun offers innovative programming that combines fitness and science with management and leadership. Through our Centre for Sport and Exercise Education (CSEE), we offer the following programs: »» Diploma in Exercise and Wellness »» Diploma in Sport Management »» Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy »» Bachelor in Sport and Fitness Leadership – Exercise and Wellness »» Bachelor in Sport and Fitness Leadership – Sport Management The Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE) opened in 2008 as an independent organization located on Camosun’s Interurban Campus. PISE is a state-of-the- art facility serving the general public, high performing athletes, and coaches through world class training, education, testing, and innovative services in collaboration with the Canadian Sport Institute and Camosun College. APPLIED RESEARCH Our aim is to encourage innovations that benefit elite athletes, as well as the general public, through experimental design, application development and commercialization opportunities. For example, our Sport Innovation Centre (SPIN) at PISE works with the Government of Canada’s “Own the Podium” initiative to develop solutions in equipment prototypes and textile technologies to advance Olympic and Paralympic performance in wheelchair rugby, swimming, and bobsledding. CONSULTING VIEWBOOK 1 0
  11. 11. We have our own Athletic and Exercise Therapy Clinic open to students, employees, and the general public, offering state-of-the-art applied learning for our students and exemplary services for clients. In addition to Sports and Exercise, we are also proud providers of healthcare practitioners and have partnered with schools from Japan to provide exchanges and customized programming for decades. Camosun’s School of Health and Human Service offers: »» Practical Nursing »» Bachelor of Science in Nursing »» Dental Assistant »» Dental Hygienist ATHLETIC EXCELLENCE Victoria is the training ground for nine Canadian national teams, including Olympic competitors training at PISE in rowing and rugby. Our Camosun Chargers athletics program currently fields teams in basketball, volleyball and golf. Since inception into PACWEST in 1994, our teams have qualified for 80 provincial and national championships, achieving over 40 medal finishes. In 2015, the Camosun Chargers men’s volleyball team won the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association’s National Championship title. CA M O S U N 1 1
  12. 12. TOURISM & HOSPITALITY We offer two hospitality programs: »» Diploma in Hospitality Management »» Post-Degree Diploma in Applied Tourism and Hospitality We also offer culinary arts programs through our School of Trades and Technology: »» Professional Cook 1, 2 and 3 and apprenticeship all lead to Red Seal designation Our instructors have a broad range of skill sets, from: master’s degrees in international business and hospitality and tourism management; to Red Seal and Chef de Cuisine designation; to food and beverage curriculum development for overseas projects; to experience developing entrepreneurial and sustainable tourism curriculum; to managing co-op work terms with industry stakeholders; to hotel accounting knowledge and management experience. For the past 40 years, our highly respected Hospitality and Tourism Management programs have become well known both locally and globally for delivering relevant, hands-on, socially responsible education. With strong connections to industry and an applied learning philosophy, our learners gain the skills and confidence to become effective leaders in the industry. CONSULTING VIEWBOOK 1 2
  13. 13. Our strong graduate network provides excellent connections to industry locally, nationally and globally. We have strong connections with many of the global corporate hotel chains such as Fairmont, Four Seasons, Westin, Hilton and Shangri-La. We also work closely with destination management organizations such as Tourism Victoria and Tourism Whistler. Camosun has hospitality partnerships throughout the world. For example, with funding through the Canadian government, Camosun partnered with a university in Jordan to develop new curriculum that aligned with the local hospitality industry. JUSTIN’S STORY After graduating from Camosun’s Hospitality Management program and completing a few work terms in Whistler and Victoria, Justin Foisy joined Delta Hotels, starting as Assistant Front Office Manager at the four-diamond Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa. Since then he’s had three career moves towards his current position as Executive Housekeeper where he oversees a complex operation managing the largest team in the hotel, with as many as 45 people reporting to him during the peak season. “Camosun was my ticket into this industry. Everything I learned has been job-relevant but it was through the co-op work experience that I was able to find my niche. I love finding ways to deliver exceptional customer service.” CA M O S U N 1 3
  14. 14. LEADERSHIP & TEACHER TRAINING Our global consulting activities in education and institutional development are grounded in a commitment to excellence in teaching. We customize training programs that meet the needs of unique partners, bringing our extensive international experience in pedagogical design and leadership of technical and vocational education and training (TVET). Instructors in our School of Access have a wealth of experience in essential skills, academic upgrading and overcoming barriers to employment. Our Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) provides instructors with curriculum services and ongoing professional development. For example, CETL offers instructor development with programs like: »» Department Chairs Institute – a retreat for those leading from the middle, analyzing leadership challenges and promoting introspection »» Instructional Skills Workshop – an intensive four-day participatory workshop to improve teaching and learning in a variety of formats Through our School of Business, we offer courses such as: »» A certificate in Leadership Development »» A two-day workshop called “Young Leaders Connections for Young Women” – an emotional intelligence and leadership development experience to support young professionals »» Short courses through Continuing Education in: Leading Change; Leading the Multigenerational Workforce; Managing Performance; Problem Solving and Decision-making; and Strategic Planning Many of our international partners ask us to conduct a needs analysis of their institution in order to better customize on-site leadership seminars. As peers, we corroborate mutual benefits from sharing and discovering with fellow teachers and leaders in an intercultural context. CONSULTING VIEWBOOK 1 4
  15. 15. We undertake occupational analyses in Canada and around the world in targeted sectors to help identify competencies required for new or revised programs in colleges, polytechnics and universities. With our curriculum development expertise, we can customize and design curriculum to meet your needs. In addition to certificates and advanced degrees in specialty areas such as electrical or English, our instructors and senior leaders hold Provincial Instructors Diplomas, and often master’s or doctorates of education. Aside from leadership development in technical education in rural China, Camosun’s certified facilitators deliver Instructional Skills Workshops (ISW) for institutional partners in Tanzania, Mexico and Brazil. CA M O S U N 1 5
  16. 16. We provide customized training for cohort groups (minimum 12 students) in programs ranging from three days to three months. Camosun English Language Adventures (CELA) – Our most popular option for secondary school and university age students. This two-week English program for international students expands vocabulary and communication skills through exciting curriculum in the classroom and diverse adventures outside the classroom. These activities may include sea kayaking, indoor rock climbing, whale watching, hiking, zip-lining, indigenous arts and crafts, and museum tours. Professional Development – Camosun regularly designs and develops short-term customized programs for cohort groups of adults and professionals from around the world. For example, we have provided English Language Training for Vietnamese pilots, vocational management training for professors from Brazil, Instructional Skills Workshops for teachers from Mozambique and China, and hands-on pipefitting training for engineers from Tanzania. WE ALSO OFFER CUSTOMIZED SHORT-TERM PROGRAMS IN VICTORIA Looking for information on becoming a full-time student? Many of our former CELA participants return to enroll at Camosun as full-time international students. For more information go to CONSULTING VIEWBOOK 1 6
  17. 17. SAFE Victoria has all the facilities, vibrancy and culture of a large urban centre, but with a friendly, community-minded feel. In fact, the crime rate in Victoria remains among the lowest in North America. Students can participate in our homestay program (living with a local family) or choose to find accommodation in the many excellent nearby hotels. PRACTICAL Our activity-based programs help students apply their English in a practical environment. We can provide customized programs for cohort groups with particular areas of interest such as business communications, hospitality, outdoor adventures, or healthcare. BEAUTIFUL Victoria is a scenic seaside town located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. Often referred to as the “City of Gardens,” Victoria is well known for its natural surroundings, mild climate, cultural diversity, shopping, restaurants and year- round recreational activities. CA M O S U N 1 7
  18. 18. GREATER VICTORIA »» Capital city of British Columbia »» Population of approx. 350,000 »» Year-round destination with 3,500,000+ visitors annually »» Known for its parks and gardens, surrounded by ocean, beaches, hills, and mountains »» Mildest climate in Canada »» A cosmopolitan centre, with heritage architecture and a lively arts and entertainment scene »» Home to world-class museums, golfing, cycling, hiking and fishing (among many other activities!) »» Advanced technology is the leading economic generator »» Other major generators include tourism, government, health, education, marine, and construction »» Home to Canada’s Pacific naval fleet CALGARY VANCOUVER SEATTLE VICTORIA WHISTLER VANCOUVER SEATTLE C A N A D A TORONTO »» Served by more than 120 daily flights to Victoria International Airport »» 25 minute flight from Vancouver »» Four hour flight from Toronto »» Home to three post-secondary institutions: the University of Victoria, Royal Roads University, and Camosun College »» Regularly ranked among the top cities in Canada CONSULTING VIEWBOOK 1 8
  19. 19. YOUR GLOBAL CONSULTING PARTNER, HERE OR THERE Camosun offers two delivery modes to meet the needs of international clients: in Canada, on one of our campuses in Victoria, or on-site at the partner’s location. Our collaborative approach supports your projects, needs and goals. Camosun works with local and global partners to build our clients’ capacity in Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET). Camosun has the ability to customize and deliver relevant, internationally-recognized training consistent with industry demands. Our global consulting services are focused on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). With CI’s in-house project management expertise, we have the capacity and desire to manage short consultations to multi-year projects for clients such as development banks, aid agencies, governments, consulting firms and the private sector. As your partner, we bring proven success in international project delivery and a strong grounding in Results-Based Management (RBM). CAMOSUN COLLEGE »» One of the largest and most comprehensive college in BC »» Over 18,000 learners each year »» Average class size is under 35 students »» 160+ certificate, diploma, apprenticeship, and applied bachelor’s degree programs »» $114 million annual budget »» $1.2 billion economic impact per year »» 94% of recent graduates satisfied or very satisfied with their education CA M O S U N 1 9
  20. 20. | 2015/2016 CONNECT WITH US           CONTACT US CAMOSUN INTERNATIONAL For enquiries about partnerships and customized training, email: INTERURBAN CAMPUS 4461 Interurban Road Victoria BC V9E 2C1 Canada +1-250-370-4812 LANSDOWNE CAMPUS 3100 Foul Bay Road Victoria BC V8P 5J2 Canada +1-250-370-3681 Photos: Camosun AV Services, Tourism Victoria