Shoretel Unified Communications Platform


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This document gives a brief overview of Shoretel's architecture

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Shoretel Unified Communications Platform

  1. 1. SOLUTION BRIEF ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform Unique architecture distributes intelligence throughout the system and offers modular scalability At the core of ShoreTel’s Unified Communications (UC) solution is a unique distributed platform that provides the system’s core communications capabilities. Purpose-built for IP, this open, highly reliable platform, fits right in with your existing infrastructure, works seamlessly with your business applications and processes, and makes integrated business communication easy to deploy and manage. The ShoreTel UC system scales easily and is ideal for multisite companies because it behaves and appears as a single, unified system with full PBX, Benefits voicemail, and automated attendant functions.• Designed for the IP age to be easy to deploy, use and manage A distributed • ShoreTel’s built-in distributed communications solution workgroups feature provides basic ACD• Highly reliable with 99.999% functionality that is ideal for informal call (five-nines) availability The UC platform integrates multiple centers. Simple call routing, overflows, for enterprise-class announcements, historical reports and facets of communications into a single performance distributed architecture to provide a range real time alerts are built into the core• Based on open standards of rich capabilities. platform. to fully integrate rich communications • Call Control is the foundation of the • Audio and web conferencing as well capabilities while providing platform and the flagship of the ShoreTel as Instant Messaging are services fully a single image of the architecture. Embedded in the highly managed and deployed through the system reliable ShoreTel Voice Switches, ShoreTel UC System.• Flexible platform for growth ShoreTel’s call control is provided as a offers modular scalability true distributed application. Each voice • Features on the ShoreTel platform are switch hosts the application, services easily accessed through ShoreTel IP all of its associated users and network Phones and the ShoreTel Communicator interfaces, and works with all other voice application suite, which includes full switches to create the complete solution. mobility capabilities. Since the platform is based on open standards, additional • Applications including unified popular solutions, including Microsoft messaging, account codes, and others, Outlook email, interactive voice response are integrated into the core platform and systems, voicemail-to-text and leading deployed at either a central location or CRM solutions easily integrate to meet distributed to all sites. any business requirement.
  2. 2. Distributed call control agent or customer behaviors. The integrated experience through the The ShoreTel distributed software ShoreTel Communicator boosts agent architecture deploys core voice and supervisor productivity and allows communications capabilities at each them to monitor real-time queue or site. This architecture means a single agent activity. Distributed workgroup system can serve multiple locations while functionality further enhances the providing for stand-alone reliability at customer experience by ensuring that every site in the event of a wide area agents in remote sites or branches are network (WAN) failure. available independent of any network outages. The result is a single-image system that scales easily, distributes to • The UC platform also includes an all geographies, delivers feature integrated call detail reporting (CDR) transparency to all users and delivers rock- and call accounting system. With CDR, solid reliability. the system tracks the calls for users, trunks, and workgroups. The integrated Distributed voice applications call accounting system goes further in Voice applications, including voicemail, helping you manage communications auto-attendant, and basic ACD are costs by associating customer or project similarly distributed through the accounts to all calls or by enabling enterprise as integral components of the password access to advanced calling UC platform. permissions.Leading technologyDesigned for power efficiency • The ShoreTel UC platform unified ShoreTel Voice Switches andand independently tested1, messaging features can be either AppliancesShoreTel Voice Switches centralized at the HQ location oralso help lower energy distributed across a network on ShoreTel Voice Switches host ShoreTel’sconsumption, one of the key standard servers or inside ShoreTel distributed call control software anddrivers of ShoreTel’s low total support ShoreTel IP Phones, SIP devices or Voice Switches. As a stand-alonecost of ownership. combinations of analog devices. They are system, ShoreTel provides a feature-rich voicemail solution for all enterprises available in a range of sizes for enterprise1 ShoreTel, Inc. Unified as well as advanced call routing rules headquarters, regional offices and small Communications Systems that let workers customize how their to midsize businesses. ShoreTel Voice Evaluation of Power Switches also provide network interfaces callers are handled. When combined Consumption vs.Cisco to bridge your communications beyond Unified Communications with ShoreTel desktop and mobile user interfaces, users can take advantage the enterprise by supporting SIP, analog, Systems, The Tolly Group, of easy-to-use visual voicemail, can and ISDN trunking. October 2008 integrate their voicemail inside their ShoreTel 50V, ShoreTel 90V, and ShoreTel Microsoft Outlook inbox, and can easily 90BRIV Voice Switches feature an direct their calls based on their calendar. embedded voicemail and auto-attendant • The ShoreTel UC platform includes an functionality providing distributed and embedded auto-attendant that provides survivable service attendant features at a 24-hour automated call answering and remote office or site. routing to improve service and brand ShoreTel’s VPN Concentrator and InGate image. Outgoing prompts can be SIParator are key components of the UC customized and linked to the time of platform that provide a secure solution day and/or day of the week. Individual for connecting to end-user telephones groups have their own menus with or service providers over the IP network. unique greetings and options. The ShoreTel VPN Concentrator enables • Basic ACD is native to the ShoreTel secure and remote deployment of UC platform. ShoreTel’s basic ACD or ShoreTel IP Phones in the user’s house, “workgroup” solution provides basic customer’s location, or in the enterprise’s call center functionality to enhance smaller locations. The InGate SIParator customer experience and report on provides secure connectivity to network- based service providers for both inbound and outbound calling.
  3. 3. ShoreTel Director PSTN /ITSP HEADQUARTERS INTERNATIONAL BRANCH Headquarters Server (System Adminstration, voicemail, ShoreTel ShoreTel Communicator & auto attendant, work groups) Communicator & RoamAnywhere [Physical or Virtual] RoamAnywhere Analog Device ShoreTel Voice Switches ShoreTel Contact Communicator Distributed Voice Center Server (voicemail & auto attendant) ShoreTel [Physical or Virtual] ShoreTel Appliances (Collaboration, Communicator VPN Concentrator, Contact Center & Mobility Router) ShoreTel ShoreTel IP Phone IP Phone ShoreTel Voice Switches IP WAN ShoreTel Communicator & ShoreTel RoamAnywhere ShoreTel Voice Switch Communicator & ShoreTel RoamAnywhere Communicator ShoreTel Legacy VPN Phone Voicemail OFFICE Legacy ANYWHERE Phones Legacy PBXPSTN/ITSP REGIONAL OFFICE PSTN SINGL E E-IMAGE ARCHITECTUR Business-critical reliability • Processors that do not require or use mechanical disk drives, eliminating the The ShoreTel distributed architecture single most common point of system provides highly reliable and brilliantly failure. simple UC capabilities across multiple enterprise locations. ShoreTel software • An embedded, real-time operating is hosted on embedded voice switch system and unique call control appliances to extend the overall system’s architecture, enabling them to reliability. communicate with each other and distribute call processing in the network. ShoreTel Voice Switches exceed today’s most stringent enterprise IT requirements, Additional reliability is proved by the delivering 99.999 percent (five-nines) following powerful capabilities: availability with: • PSTN failover: If the WAN is down • N+1 redundancy that helps ensure that or over-utilized for voice traffic or if a ShoreTel Voice Switch fails or is if bandwidth limits extension-to- isolated by a network fault, the phones extension calls between sites, calls can supported by that switch automatically automatically route over the PSTN, fail over to another voice switch – either ensuring seamless communication. at that site or a shared resource at the HQ location.
  4. 4. • Ethernet port failover: ShoreTel Voice Conferencing offers support for wide- Switches feature redundant network band codecs, providing a higher level uplinks. If the upstream network device of listening comfort, making everyone fails, voice switches automatically fail – regardless of their location – feel over to the redundant link, helping to more immersed in, and closer to, the ensure continuous operation. conversation. • Power failover: Every ShoreTel Voice • Zero-touch web conferencing: Users Switch features power fail transfer. If a on both PCs and Macs can share their complete power outage exceeds reserve desktops to collaborate on documents power duration, one analog trunk on with their team. They can manage the ShoreTel Voice Switch automatically their documents in their own personal connects to one analog telephone, libraries or using the public one. providing emergency dial tone. Participation for attendees is simplified, • Server Virtualization: For the as well: with a simple click on web link – applications residing on servers (such and no download – attendees can see as ShoreTel Director or Contact Center), the shared desktop within seconds. customers have an option to leverage • Self-service scheduling: Without a variety of business continuity features IT supervision or assistance, users offered by virtualization infrastructure can schedule or create spontaneous vendors to further strengthen the robustness of their UC deployment. conferencing, or even reservation-less conferences using an intuitive Web Integrated collaboration interface. For Outlook users, scheduling a conference has never been simpler: ShoreTel Conferencing and Instant simply pressing the “Conference” button Messaging make conferencing universally in the Outlook ribbon automatically accessible – well beyond traditional users, associates a ShoreTel Conference with such as Sales. It empowers all users with the meeting, including all information real-time collaboration tools, including those required for the host and participants to who have only occasional need for them. join. • Dial-in, high-definition conferencing: • Instant recording: The Instant Whether it’s a one-time conference or an Recording feature gives users more always-on conference, users can invite options for the storage and distribution their colleagues, partners, or customers of the recording of the conference and to dial into the audio conference services its accompanying Web presentation, in a single step. Because participants including keeping an archive of the can be dialed in directly, the dead-time event or enabling the distribution of the associated with waiting for them to join information to a broad audience. the conference is eliminated. ShoreTel About ShoreTel ShoreTel is a provider of business communication solutions whose brilliantly simple unified communications platforms, applications and mobile UC solutions promise a new rhythm of workforce engagement and collaboration. With costly complexity eliminated by design from its award winning, all-in-one IP phone system, UC and contact center solution, and its industry leading hosted business phone system, workers enjoy a freedom and self-reliance that other providers can’t match. Users have full control to engage and collaborate, no matter the time, place or device, for the lowest cost and demand on IT resources in the industry. ShoreTel is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has regional offices and partners worldwide. For more information, visit or WORLD HEADQUARTERS 960 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA. and +1 (800) 425-9385 Toll Free +1 (408) 331-3300 Tel. +1 (408) 331-3333 Fax for ShoreTel +1 (646) 230-5000 Tel. +1 (646) 230-5001 Fax for ShoreTel Sky EMEA +800 408 33133 Freephone +44 (1628) 826300 Tel. ASIA PACIFIC +61 (0)2 9959 8000 Tel.Copyright © 2012 ShoreTel. All rights reserved. The ShoreTel logo and ShoreTel are registered trademarks of ShoreTel, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other copyrights and trademarks hereinare the property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Part #850-1236-01/08.12