Gianmario Iamoni's Video CV


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Business to business expert in ICT area, with experience in sales, marketing, business development, customer interfacing.
Freelance activity as business development consultant.

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Gianmario Iamoni's Video CV

  2. 2. whosGIANMARIO?
  3. 3. self PRESENTATIONa Business to Business sales&marketing expert in ICT area with experience in sales, marketing, business development, contract negotiation, customerinterfacing in a fast moving international environment.  Presentation skills  Very high business orientation  Consultative skills  ICT Market and business understanding  Negotiation skills  High level of initiative Customer interface skills  Time management
  4. 4. this is GIANMARIO
  5. 5. my VISIONIn my work I seek personal andprofessional To me, work is an fulfillment activity in which I can give the best and where I can improve myself day by day
  6. 6. I LIVE here…Arona (NO) - ITALY
  7. 7. …but I got my M. Sc. here Politecnico di Milano in QS World University Rankings According to the 2012 edition of the QS World University Rankings, Politecnico di Milano is ranked among the best technical universities. QS is one of the most significant rankings on international universities, mainly dedicated to prospective students and published every year at Politecnico di Milano improves its position in research rankings: Among the top 50 universities in the world in five areas of research: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering Among the top 10 European universities in three areas of research: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mathematics The first in Italy in five areas of research: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering. Particularly interesting is the evaluation of the quality of graduates made by HR managers of international companies. Here are the result obtained by Politecnico di Milano: Chemical Engineering (World 23, EU 5) Civil Engineering (World16, EU 4) Computer Science (World 27, EU 4) Economics and Econometrics (World 27, EU 6) Electrical Engineering (World 14, EU 4) Mathematics (World 33, EU 5) Mechanical Engineering (World 36, EU 6) Physics and Astronomy (World 46, EU 10)1994: Master of Science (M. Sc.) Electronics
  8. 8. 17 Yearsof EXPERIENCE = Knowledge = Wisdom
  9. 9. I got a right mix both of TECHNICAL background… Nov. 1995 – Oct.1997 Research and Development expert Nov. 1997 – Dec. 1999 Technical Support Engineer
  10. 10. …and SALES SUPPORT experiences… Jan. 2000 – Mar. 2007 Services Senior Solution Manager Apr. 2007 – Oct. 2012 Services Sales Manager
  11. 11. … ideally suited to REALISE MY DREAM: Freelance activity as Business Development Consultant The whole universe“Go confidently in conspires so that the direction of those who desire ityour dreams, live with all their being the life youve would be able toalways imagined.” realize their dreams.(Henry David Thoreau) (Paulo Coelho)
  12. 12. and TODAY…Nov. 2012 onLong term consultancy contract with: Altec designs and creates software solutions to help design activities, economical quotation generation, order processing and production automation for industrial company. Focused mainly on the air conditioning market, Altec software products range includes several solutions, customized on customers specifications, for selection of air handling units, drycoolers, finned tubes heat exchangers, axial and centrifugal fans.
  13. 13. GIANMARIO IAMONI =  Great High Tech Industry Experience  Outstanding Services for Telco Industry Experience  Huge Sales Support Experience  Strong B2B Experience  International and multicultural ExperienceEXPERIENCE = KNOWLEDGE = WISDOM
  14. 14. WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get  Team Player  Creative Problem Solving  Result Driven  Takes Initiatives
  15. 15. Still doubtful? Have a look…This is what my previous colleagues and line managers at Nokia Siemens Networks think about me:Services Sales ManagerNokia Siemens Networks“Gianmario is one of the most complete and experienced services sales managers that I have worked with. His capability of managing the daily activities of the full sales cycle, combined with his great skills to cope with pressure, are a great asset to the company and to the team that he works in, excellent team player. Indeed, as the fantastic Sales Manager he is, Gianmario has always developed trustful relationships with our customers, that lead to positive business opportunities for both sides. Therefore, I can only recommend Gianmario for any job.” 3 ottobre 20121° Nestor Gonzalez Torres, Head of Sales Services, South Europe, Nokia Siemens Networks has been direct line manager of Gianmario at Nokia Siemens Networks“Gianmario has great business vision, he is committed on execute task and innovative on creating new business opportunity” 3 ottobre 20121° Fulvio Fugazza, head of sales, Nokia Siemens Networks has worked with Gianmario at Nokia Siemens Networks“Gianmario is an extremely senior and experienced Service Sales Manager I worked with for several years.” 25 settembre 20121° Gabriele Marabini, Account Director, Nokia Siemens Networks è stato superiore di Gianmario presso Nokia Siemens Networks“I had the pleasure to work with Gianmario for many years and liked his diligent and professional work approach. Gianmario has a friendly and cooperative personality and deep telecomms and services know-how. I liked his commitment and business focus. He supported different customers across Europe and adapted quickly to new situations and requirements. Gianmario is a very reliable and honest person, a real asset of my team.” 24 settembre 20121° Michaela Blendowski, Head of Solution Sales Management, Services West South Europe, Nokia Siemens Networks has been direct line manager of Gianmario at Nokia Siemens Networks“I worked with Gianmario on various projects and I was impressed by his manner of doing business. He is a very good and self motivated SalesMan Is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time. His technical experience makes him to view solutions instead of problems.” 14 settembre 20121° Rosario Mancusi, Senior Bid Manager, Nokia Siemens Networks has worked with Gianmario at Nokia Siemens Networks“I had a pleasure to work with Gianmario in Nokia Siemens Network and Nokia as colleague Gianmario is an achievement oriented, efficient, brilliant and reliable person, he is always positive really good in establishing and maintaining the relationship with customers. He is also very efficient and willing to take commitment and responsibilities and a really good team player inside the account team I would recommend him to any company” 11 luglio 20121° Fabrizio Dayan, Global Business Engagement Manager, Nokia Siemens Networks has worked with Gianmario at Nokia Siemens Networks“Gianmario is one of the hardest working, most dedicated professionals I had the pleasure of working with. Great professional with a proven track record in managing business/sales support and delivering quality service to clients. Insightful employee who can be trusted. His experience and understanding of best practices and challenges of a high performing sales organization makes Gianmario a real asset to any group he works with.” 6 luglio 20121° Jan-Arie Sepers, Head of Sales West South Europe, Nokia Siemens Networks has been indirect line manager of Gianmario at Nokia Siemens Networks“Gianmario always provides accurate responses, at the requested timing and also precious proactive inputs to help the success of the business.” 12 giugno 20121° Maria Adelaide Iuliano, Account Manager, Nokia Siemens Networks has worked with Gianmario at Nokia Siemens Networks
  16. 16. … some more feedbacks…Have a look at what my previous colleagues and line managers at Nokia Networks think about me:Services Solution ManagerNokia Networks“With Gianmario we worked closely, preparing a number of services for the end customer. The work contained both scope but also financial part. He always showed professionalism and customer focus, understanding market trends, customer needs and our company goals. In all cases he was consistent in his way of working and followed quality procesess, reacting fast to challenges.” 26 settembre 20121° Natasa Evaggelatou, Project and Care Manager for Wind project, Nokia has worked with Gianmario at Nokia“Gianmario is a senior solution manager with an excellent background in service business. His work was instrumental in establishing a successfull relationship with customers during ongoing negotitaions for large outsourcing cases. Gianmario proved himself as hardworking, insightful and very competent.” 20 settembre 2012Principali qualità: Gradevole, Conveniente, Grande integrità1° Daniel Clauss has recruited Gianmario as Business Development in 2006“Gianmario is a very competent and reliable Service professional. He has a great capability of understanding Customers needs and tailor them the most accurate and effective solutions. It has been a pleasure working with him on important projects.” 18 settembre 20121° Sandro Quadrini, Sales Director Subscriber Data Management - South Europe, Nokia Siemens Networks has been indirect line manager of Gianmario at Nokia“Gianmario is very business oriented sales manager thus remaining a great team worker. I enjoyed and learned through the years worked with Gianmario and would reccommend him as a strong and valid co-worker. Giselle Natonek HWS Senior PM - VF CBT” 14 settembre 20121° Giselle Natonek, ssm, Nokia Networks has worked with Gianmario at Nokia“Gianmario is a knowledgable and experienced professional in the domain of Professional Services. Timely and effectly supporting sales inititatives and customer proposal with a restless approach.” 14 settembre 20121° Nicola Marziliano, Global Account Manager - Services, Nokia has been direct line manager of Gianmario at Nokia“I had a pleasure to work with Gianmario many times , and always it was really very effective his contribution . He was always having such excellent skills like : customer attitude, customer negotiation , self- orientation , effective communication, deep knowledge about Services Management , team orientation, stress tolerance In fact as Project Manager , it is the best to have Gianmario on board on the pre-sales phase because he can manage the services offer in the right way , and then you do not have any problem about costs management when you lead the project in delivery phase . In addition this acumen about customer and deep and effective knowledge about NSN Services help a lot the account team to define the right strategy for selling services .” 14 settembre 20121° Stefano Protti, Project Manager - Customer Operations, Nokia Siemens Networks , Romania has worked with Gianmario at Nokia
  17. 17. …and if it is not enough… my last Line Manager (he was my direct line responsible since 2007) found time to write this letter for me in the middle of his busy days: I’m very proud of it!
  18. 18. let’s give your business an IMMEDIATE BOOST:+39 348 4210280 @GiaIamoni
  19. 19. Thank you!