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3Sixty Consulting Profile


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Our Vision
3Sixty”s vision, as our name underscores is to be the first choice business partner for clients in the real estate and property development.
We provide insights, values and strategies throughout the entire business chain from pre-concept to a successful launch, and covering all 3sixty degrees of the business.

Our Mission
3Sixty’s mission is to be the premier one stop solutions hub with strong connections and strategic allies in relevant government agencies and supporting private sectors.
We offer practical and strategic solutions to our clients from merger and acquisition, legal, architecture, finance, sales and marketing in property development business
Our comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the business landscape in Vietnam provides our clients with that critical success factor.

Please contact: Duy Nguyen at +84937100280 or for TOP real estate investment deals in Vietnam.

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3Sixty Consulting Profile

  1. 1. OUR  VISION   OUR  MISSION       3Sixty’s  vision,  as  our  name  underscores  is  to  be  the  first  choice  business  partner  for  clients  in  the   real  estate  and  property  development.  We  provide  insights,  values  and  strategies  throughout  the   en>re  business  chain  from  pre-­‐concept  to  a  successful  launch,  and  covering  all  3sixty  degrees  of  the   business.  
  2. 2. OUR  VISION   OUR  MISSION       3Sixty’s  mission  is  to  be  the  premier  one  stop  solu>ons  hub  with  strong  connec>ons  and  strategic   allies  in  relevant  government  agencies  and  suppor>ng  private  sectors.   We  offer  prac>cal  and  strategic  solu>ons  to  our  clients  from  merger  and  acquisi>on,  legal,   architecture,  finance,  sales  and  marke>ng  in  property  development  business   Our  comprehensive  and  in-­‐depth  understanding  of  the  business  landscape  in  Vietnam  provides  our   clients  with  that  cri>cal  success  factor.  
  3. 3. BUSINESS  DEVELOPMENT   CONSULTING   STRATEGIC  PLANNING        Real  Estate   Investment     Property  Development  
  4. 4. BUSINESS    D  EVELOPMENT                                                                                                                        Investment  OpportuniAes   CONSULTING                                Partner  Search                                       PLANNING                                                                            ICnvestment  Proposal                   oncept  Development                                                                                                                                                    
  5. 5. BUSINESS  DEVELOPMENT                                                               CONSULTING          Feasibility  Study                                                                   PLANNING          Financial  Analysis                                                                      Legal                                                                          Architecture                                                                  Business  Model                
  6. 6. BUSINESS  DEVELOPMENT              CONSULTING                                                                                                                           PLANNING                                        Sales  Plan              MarkeAng  Plan                                                                          Branding  Strategy            Market  PosiAoning  
  7. 7. MARKET  ENTRY       “We  provide  a  comprehensive  understanding  of  the   local  market  and  are  dedicated  to  the  success  of  your   investments  in  Vietnam”  
  8. 8. For  interna*onal  clients  we  support:   Investment     IdenAficaAon                                                               Brokerage     Investment  Acquisi>ons   M&A  consul>ng   Nego>a>ons       Research                                                                     Market  Survey   Feasibility  Studies   Financial  Analysis        Legal  &   Architecture                                                               Architecture/Concept  Design   Development  Recommenda>ons   Legal  Compliance  Advisory   Desining  Contracts  
  9. 9. FOR  LOCAL  CLIENTS      
  10. 10. For  local  clients  we  provide:   Investment     Sales     Partner  Search   Investment  Proposal             Legal   &Finance                                                             Legal  Advisory   Financial  Analysis   Nego>a>on  Support         Architecture   Sales   MarkeAng                                                               Master  Planning/Concept  Design   Property  Development     Sales  &  Marke>ng  Planning   Project  Branding   Project  Improvement    
  11. 11. Why  3Sixty?      
  12. 12. Why  3Sixty?   We  truly  understand  the  local  market  
  13. 13. We  are  an  integrated  team  with  proven  track  records  
  14. 14. Our  strong  connecAons  and  strategic  alliances  in  all   relevant  sectors   WE  have  a  best  team  who  are   experienced  and  fun  to  work  with  
  15. 15. Our  global  market  trends  perspecAve  
  16. 16. Our  Team   “We  only  have  one  philosophy  at  3  Sixty  and  that  is  to  exceed  clients   expecta5ons  in  ALL  that  we  do.”  
  17. 17. Our  Team   DUY NGUYEN NICO VOLLENDEIDER BUSINESS  DEVELOPMENT   BUSINESS  CONSULTING   LEGAL     FINANCE   ARCHITECTURE     Duy   has   more   than   13   years   working   in   business   development,   sales   &   marke>ng   and   property   development.   He   has   developed   a   wide  network  of  connec>ons  in  the   relevant   private   sectors   and   government   agencies   including   c r e d i b l e   l o c a l   d e v e l o p e r s ,   interna>onal   investors,   financial   ins>tu>ons  and  banks.     Duy  was  responsible  for  investment   opportuni>es   iden>fica>on   and   business   development   for   SP   Se>a   Bhd  Group  and  Refico  Group.       He   also   had   2   years   experience   in   the  UK  where  he  worked  for  several   firms   and   obtained   a   master   degree   in  supply  chain  management.     Nico   Vollenweider   has   lived   and   worked   in   Vietnam   now   for   over   seven   years.   His   experience   in   Vietnam   and   his   home   country   Switzerland  is  in  sales,  marke>ng  and   business   development   as   well   as   customer   service.   Through   his   work   he  has  acquired  a  clear  understanding   of  the  cultural  differences  and  how  to   manage  issues  related  with  them.     His   experience   include   real   estate,   the   garment   industry,   financial   ins>tu>ons   and   soware   IT   work   as   well   as   outsourcing   and   consul>ng   in   marke>ng   and   sales.   Nico's   strength   is  in  communica>on,  which  is  also  the   reason   he   speaks   5   languages   fluently.       Business Development Business Development LINH DAO Business Development HANOI Linh   Dao   specializes   in   Market   Research,  Strategic  Planning,  Cross-­‐ c u l t u r a l   M a n a g e m e n t ,   a n d   Employer   Branding.   5+   years   experiences   in   Vietnam   market   entry   consul>ng,   marke>ng   and   branding   strategy   consul>ng,   b u s i n e s s   a n d   g o v e r n m e n t a l   research  project  management.         Interna>onal   MBA   –   Major   in   Marke>ng   (Bremen   University   of   Applied  Science,  Germany)   MSc.   Global   Business   (University   of   Hereordshire,  UK)     East   Asia   Study   –   Korea   (Silla   University,  Republic  of  Korea)         HOANG LE Business Consultant MELBOURNE Hoang   has   advised   mul>na>onal   clients   from   Australia,   the   US,   Germany,   Spain,   Hong   Kong,   China,   and   India   on   direct   investment   and   trade   promo>on   in  Asia.     He   has   also   worked   as   a   trade   analyst   and   representa>ve   for   Washington   State   Department   of   C o m m e r c e ;   O h i o   S t a t e   Department   of   Development;   and,   as   a   country   research   analyst   f o r   U K -­‐ b a s e d   E u r o m o n i t o r   Interna>onal   on   FMCG   market   research  projects  in  Vietnam.     Currently   Hoang   is   based   in   Australia   and   assist   3Sixty   to   develop  Australian  market  
  18. 18. Our  Team   BUSINESS  DEVELOPMENT   BUSINESS  CONSULTING   LEGAL     FINANCE   ARCHITECTURE     QUANG LIEU Business Consultant Mr  Lieu  Thanh  Quang  has  more   than   20   year   management   experiences   in   hospitality,   w h o l e s a l e s   a n d   r e t a i l   businesses.   His   exper>se   are   Sales   opera>ons,   FMCG,   whole   s a l e s ,   r e t a i l   a g e n c y ,   communica>ons,   presenta>on,   nego>a>on,   F&B   opera>on,   P&L   management.     He   has   worked   with   top   companies  in  Vietnam  including:   CBRE,   Metro   Cash&Carry,   Coca   C o l a ,   N g u y e n   K i m ,   L o g e   Vietnam,   Bonwick   &Associates   Consul>ng.  Quang  is  a  Graduate   of   Business   Marke>ng   at   S w i n b u r n e   U n i v e r s i t y   o f   Technology,   Australia   (offshore   program)       BAO TRAN Legal Advisor Bao   was   admiged   to   the   Bar   Associa>on   of   Ho   Chi   Minh   City   and   is   founder/owner   of   the   Pantheon   Law.   He   has   over   10   year-­‐working   on   the   legal  side  for  the  mul>na>onal   companies.   He   specializes   in   tax   and   opera>on   structuring   for   clients   and   managed   the   compliance   for   all   companies   acquired.     Bao   advises   clients   on   land   acquisi>on   and   contracts   s t r u c t u r e   a n d   a s s i s t s   customers   in   nego>a>on   with   joint-­‐venture  par>es       THANH TAM Senior Financial Analyst With   more   than   10   years   working   experience   in   Corporate   Finance   and   Investment  Finance  in  a  diverse  range   of  businesses  such  as  Hospitality,  Real   Estate,   Mutual   Fund,   Bank,   Hospital   across   both   local   and   foreign   companies.   Adept   at   financial   planning   and   project   management,   Tam   has   an   impressive   tract   record   of   using   her   analysis,   strategic   planning   and   nego>a>on   skills   to   successfully   develop   business   ini>a>ves   whilst   maximizing   profit,   minimizing   cost,   and  driving  con>nuous  change.     Graduated   from   Economic   University   of   HCMC;   achieved   CIMA   Dip   MA   designator   awarded   CIMA   Global   in   UK;  Real  Estate  Modeling  &  Company   Valua>on   Modeling   conducted   by   T erra p i n   –   F i n a n ci a l   T ra i n i n g   Singapore  and  others.   HIEU DO Financial Analyst Hieu   Do,   Economics   and   Finance  graduate  from  RMIT   Interna>onal  University  who   is  passionate  about  Finance,   market   research   and   Sales   &   Marke>ng.       He   is   also   an   ac>ve   social   a c > v i s t   a n d   c h a r i > e s   volunteer.          
  19. 19. Our  Team   BUSINESS  DEVELOPMENT   BUSINESS  CONSULTING   LEGAL     FINANCE   ARCHITECTURE     DIEGO MALTESI GIANG NGUYEN Project Architect KHANH LE Design Manager Diego   has   over   14   years   of   experience   in   the   field   of   architecture.     Over   the   last   7   years   he   has   been   working   in   Hong   Kong,   Macau   and   Vietnam   for   pres>gious   interna>onal   firms   mainly   involved   in   large   scale   projects.     He   is   par>cularly   experienced   in   developing   concept   and   schema>c   design   for   large   scale   mixed-­‐use   buildings   as   well   as   in   hospitality   and   retail   design.   Giang   has   more   than   9   years   in   Architecture   Development   with   a   n u m b e r   o f   o u s t a n d i n g   projects  including  Crescent  Mall,   Crescent  Residences,  Park  Hyag   F&B,   Fideco   Office,   An   Yen   R e s o r t ,   V i e t n a m -­‐ G e r m a n y   University.       He   was   with   Korn   Achitects   who   won   many   architecture   awards   in  Vietnam.       Giang   provides   conceptual   design   and   master   planning   work   for   local   developers   and   land  owners             Australia   trained   Architect   with   experience   and   passion   in   d e s i g n   d e v e l o p m e n t   i n   commercial,   residen>al   and   urban  in  Australia.       Par>cipa>ng   in   projects   and   compe>>on   in   China,   Australia   and   researching   program   studio.   Khanh   is   very   passionate   in  design  consultant,  developing   conceptual   architecture   design,   zoning  and  preliminary  render.       She   has   several   years   working   with   Holland   Pty   Architect   and   par>cipated   in   projects   such   as   Pavilions,   Hilltop   (China),Office   B u i l d i n g   ( G u a n g z h o u ) ;   Department  Mall  (Melbourne)..   Architect
  20. 20. Networks  &  Strategic  Allies   We  consider  our  strategic  partners  as  most  important  factor  
  21. 21. Our  Friends   LEGAL   FINANCE   MASTER  PLANNER     ARCHITECT   BRANDING     OTHERS         Shalom  Law  Firm   THANG  NGUYEN   Managing  Director     Ms.  Thang  has  nearly  9  years  of  experience   in   advising   a   number   of   interna>onal   companies   in   M&A,   corporate,   commercial   and   real   estate   magers,   and   in   represen>ng   clients   dispute   resolu>on   before   the   courts   of  Vietnam.       Ms.   Thang   Nguyen   has   assisted   and   provided  advices  to  many  large  foreign  and   local   investors   such   as   DBS   Bank   Ltd.,   VinaCapital,   Sun   Wah   Proper>es   Group,   Luks   Land   Group,   ITC   Group,   CJ   Group,   SP   Se>a,  Toyota,  Google  Inc.,  Yahoo  Inc.,  Dong   A   Bank,   Kinh   Do   Group,   PNJ   Co.,   Vinamilk   Co.,  Vina  Game,  etc.       PHUONG  DO     Managing  Director     Phuong  Do  is  admiged  to  the  Ho  Chi  Minh  City  Bar   Associa>on   and   Tennessee   Bar   Associa>on,   USA.   She   has   intensive   professional   experience   in   Vietnam.       Her   prac>ce   areas   mainly   cover   Banking,   Real   Estate,   Corporate,   M&A,   and   Investment.   Before   seqng   up   Shalom   Lawfirm,   she   has   worked   at   Mayer   Brown   JSM   (Vietnam),   Audier   &   Partners   (Vietnam),  and  ANZ  Bank  (Vietnam)  Limited.       Ms.  Phuong  has  par>cipated  in  the  prepara>on  of   the   Offering   Circular   for   the   US$1   Billion   interna>onal   bond   issuance   of   Vietnamese   Government   in   2010.   She   has   also   advised   two   State-­‐owned   corpora>ons   for   issuance   of   c o r p o r a t e   b o n d s   a n d   v a r i o u s   fi n a n c i n g   arrangements,   to   name   a   few,   a   syndicated   offshore  loan  facility  of  US$250,000,000  to  a  State-­‐ owned   enterprise   and   a   syndicated   onshore   loan   facility  of  US$130,000,000  to  a  Vietnamese  en>ty.         TRISH  NGUYEN   Co-­‐Founder   Melbourne           Paramount  Lending  was  established  in   2006  and  has  been  engaging  in  finance  and   mortgage  broking  services.     The  company  currently  is  located  at  St  Kilda   Road  Towers,  1  Queens  Road,  Melbourne   as  central  business  district  of  Victoria.     Paramount  Lending  assists  3Sixty’s  clients   to  connect  with  Australian  investors  and   provides  financial  solu>ons  from  more  than   20  major  lenders  in  Australia.          
  22. 22. Christophe Do Our  Friends   LEGAL   FINANCE     MASTER  PLANNER   ARCHITECT   BRANDING     OTHERS         N e w C i t y   h a s   a c h i e v e d   hundreds   of   works   in   urban   planning   and   architecture   since  2004.  Their  team  formed   up   by   former   government   officers  and  top  experts  in  real   estate.         NewCity   provides   Master   planning   consul>ng   as   well   as   latest   Vietnam’s   master   plan   informa>on.       DR  TAN  LOKE  MUN   Founder   Malaysia         LE  NGOC  DANG   Founder   Vietnam       Dr   Tan   Loke   Mun,   is   a   Director   of   ArchiCentre  Sdn.  Bhd.       He   is   the   Immediate   Past   President   of   the   Malaysian   Ins>tute   of   Architects   ( P A M ) ,   C h a i r m a n   o f   t h e   P A M   Sustainability   Commigee,   Member   of   the   GBI   Accredita>on   Panel   and   also   a   member   of   the   Board   of   Architects   Malaysia.     ArchiCentre   was   established   in   1994   and   their   works   are   widely   published   and   they   have   received   numerous   Architectural  Awards  for  their  projects.   CHRISTOPHE  DO   Founder   Taiwan                   D+A  studio  was  established  in  2012  by   Dang   Ngoc   Le   and   Anh   Truc   Hoang   Nguyen.       D&A   has   been   working   in   a   wide   architectural   range   with   commissions   mainly   in   Vietnam   but   also   in   other   Asian   countries.   The   majority   of   their   finished  works  are  housing  projects  and   building   interiors.   They   are   also   involved   in   public   buildings   and   urban   planning.     Christophe   Do   founded   Christophe   Do  Interna>onal  Design  in  1999.       More   than   14   years   he   has   been   strategic  design  partners  with  many   luxury   and   high   end   projects   in   France,  China,  Taiwan  and  Vietnam.       His   works   respected   by   top   property  developers  in  the  region      
  23. 23. Our  Friends   LEGAL   FINANCE     MASTER  PLANNER   ARCHITECT   BRANDING     OTHERS         SHAUN  ANG   Founder   Singapore           DENNIS  TUAN   Founder   Vietnam     With   over   12   years   of   design   experience,   Shaun   is   founder   of   P r o j e c t   K a n z e n   w h i c h   w a s   established  in  2011  in  Singapiore,   provides   compelling   design   project   services   that   involves   Marke>ng   Collaterals,   Web   D e v e l o p m e n t ,   F a c e b o o k   campaigns,   iOS   and   Android   applica>ons   –   all   surrounding   the   concept  of  KANZEN.             Founded   in   Vietnam,   D2C   Branding   is   a   leading   360o   full-­‐service   integrated   marke>ng   agency   with   branding   as   the   plaeorm,   located   at   the   heart   of   Ho   Chi   Minh   City.   We   focus   on   brand   building   for   premium   consumer   goods,   lifestyle   b r a n d s ,   a n d   p r o f e s s i o n a l   corpora>ons,  developing  innova>ve   and   relevant   strategies,   and   execu>ng   through   the   line   with   i m p a c e u l   a n d   m e m o r a b l e   crea>vity. Founded   in   2009   VNRE   provide   mul>-­‐dimensional   i n f o r m a > o n   o n   t h e   investment   and   business   laws...   Details   about   the   p r o j e c t s ,   s u c h   a s :   Residen>al,   Shopping   centers,   Office   buildings,   Resorts,   Industrial   and   Infrastructure.
  24. 24.     CONTACT  US   Duy  Nguyen   Team  Leader   +84  937  100  280