The Wonders of Data and Measuring for Social Media Success in Sport


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Presentation at the Sports Tech Innovation Summit which was held at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium. We unveiled a new product that we had been working on which for the first time, correlates social media data with performance data and sales/revenue data.

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The Wonders of Data and Measuring for Social Media Success in Sport

  1. 1. The Wonders of Data and Measuring for Social Media Success in Sport Luca Massaro Founder of We Play & Matthew Falla Partner at Signal Noise
  2. 2. Lets go back in time… Sales and Marketing Analysis Fan Segmentation Social Media Strategy Product Manager
  3. 3. TargetMCG Media  and  Communica-ons  Group   Partners:
  4. 4. We Know Sports Fans Fan Segmentation Trends Analysis Territories Analysis Influencer and Advocacy Mapping Competitor Benchmarking Strategic Recommendations
  5. 5. When Social meets Real World Predicting the Next President Using Twitter Our Predictions Modest prediction: Barack Obama to win Bold Prediction: Obama will win with over 300 electoral votes but no higher than 310 Exact Prediction: Obama to win with 304 electoral votes Electoral Vote: Obama 332 (303 Before Florida) •  Analysed Tweets in the ‘swing States’ •  Used Sentiment analysis to see positive vs negative Tweets to create a Positivity Score •  Attributed the Positivity Score to the Swing States and number of votes available
  6. 6. v  
  7. 7. v  
  8. 8. Signal Noise is an information design agency combining the disciplines of information and UX design to create content, tools and installations.
  9. 9. Data Insight Content Product
  11. 11. Leaderboards Real time monitoring and fan engagement Empower any community with a real time engagement and monitoring dashboard
  12. 12. Leaderboards Trigger Tweet to Win an iPad How do our leaderboards work? Action Fans Tweeting Reward Data Brand awareness Happy fans
  13. 13. How do our leaderboards work? Leaderboards Fans and Followers Connect to Social Network Track Followers and retain data Publish League Table Monitor Performance Supercharge your target audience, get them to compete against each other to retain customer data
  14. 14. Leaderboards Leaderboard examples Twitter Betting League  
  15. 15. Profiling the Betting Community Leaderboards Accounts following Usage 700k Followers Keywords Territories The Betting Community Run Scripts Segmented and Profiled potential customer We can profile fans and give you the insight needed… to turn them into Customers
  16. 16. But how can this process be attributed to sports… and specifically; to players?
  17. 17. We believe this data is really valuable for… Clubs Player representatives Brands, sponsors, agencies
  18. 18. So we set ourselves a challenge…
  19. 19. The problem… Multiple software packages Expensive licenses Resources and training
  20. 20. But imagine…
  21. 21. So where would you begin? Listening tools
  22. 22. Data from all the social platforms in one place
  23. 23. Explaining the score The scoring is a formula that takes the data from each social platform in relation to the messages sent on that platform in the time period selected. That score is then relatively weighted based on all data from all players and modified into a single percentage out of 100.
  24. 24. But what part does perfromance play?
  25. 25. How can you use this data to determine value?
  26. 26. The factors that matter to your business… Merchandising sales Media spend Image rights
  27. 27. How do you start to turn this into actionable insight?