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March schedule


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March schedule

  1. 1. 5) Republic of the Philippines Department of Science and Technology PHItIPPI[{E SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOT - MAIN CAMPUS Agham Road, Dilirnan, Q.C. OFFICE OF THE CAMPUS DIRECTORMarch 11, 2011Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents, As the school year draws to a close, the school management would like to thank everyone for a fruitful year, May wegive the following updates and guidelines for the remaining activities: DORM POLICY FOR MARCH 1. 4th year dormers should go home cluring the moratorium period and return on dates when attendance is required on March 9, 16-18, 21-25. Last day for 4th Year dormers is on March 25 {Friday) Those who live very rest of far and would really need to be in the dorm {not only during the moratoriuni period but also for the March until graduation day) should write a letter addressed to the SSD Chief requesting for dorm stay. When approved, dormers will not be ailowed to leave the campus Z. 1", 2no, and 3d Years can stay ln the Dorms until March 22, last day for clearance. Dormers joining the FUN RUN "Takbuhang Pisay" can stay in the evening of March 18 until morning of March 3. 19. when exams 4. Dormers should always be in proper uniform when outside the dorms during office hours, even t and activities are over. il. AppRovED ADVISERS,/IEACHERS REqUEST FOR SOME 4h YEAR STUDENTS TO COME DURING MORATORIUM PERIOD 1. Godchildren for the PSHS Foundation Activity 4n Year ?. BBSC Facilitators for Batch Night of 20L3 3. Lagablab Staff 4. SCA Choir 5. CAT Officers 6. Batch 2011 Council and Fair Commlttee Members lll. SENIORS REqUIRED ATTENDANCE March 9 - 9:00 am to 12:00 nn March 16 * 18 School Fair - March 21, -25 Graduation Practice 8:00 am to 5:00 pm tv. SCHEDULE FOR RETURNING OF BOOKS* 1oYear 2no Year 3to Year (March 10 & 11)x* {March 14 & X5) (March 16 & 17) March 10 March 11 March 14 March 15 March 16 March 17 A.M. Diamond Apal Adelfa llanq-ilsng Beryllium Potdssium 8:00-9:30 Emeruld Ruby Comia Josmin Cesium Rubidium 9:30-L1:00 P.M. Garnet Sapphire Chompaca Rosol Lithium Sodium 1:00-2:30 2:30-4:00 lade Topqz Dohlis Samooquita Maanesium Strantium f Those with Rernoval Exams may return the books later. ** For subjects affected, please reichedr"rle classes anytime from March 74 to 17
  2. 2. v. SCHEDUIE FoR PRE-ENROIMENT oF 11 zno, AND 3*o YEARS (tD picture taking; submission of studenfs Directory Form; submission of 5 white envelopes). For details, please check the pSHS website. March 16 - 3d year (82012) March 17 - 2no year (82013) March 18 - 1" year {82014)vt. SCHEDULE OF REMA|NING ACTIV|TIES, MARCH t4-22,2A,:]. DATE 1"YEAR 2"" YEAR 3N" YEAR MARCH 14 (Mon.) 1. Final Activity for Noli (M. 1. Soc. Sci. 2 Synthesis (M. 1.Benchmarking Test: Sanchez) 8:00am - 11:30am Perez) 7:30 am * 9:00 am Center for Educational 2. Return of books Measurement (CEM) 8:00 AM: Adelfa, Camia am to 1:00 pm PM: Champaca, Dahlia 2. Frog Dissection (C. Calsado) 7:30 am - 2:30 pm (Na, Li, Rb, K)MARCH 15 (Tues.) 1. Final Activity for Noli {M. 1. Return of books 1. CAT Clearance and Sanchez) 8:00am - 11:30 am AM: ltang, Jasmin Graduation (Selected 3o PM: Rosal, Sampaguita Years) 2. Catfish Dissection {E. 2. Frog Dissection (C. Pinlac) 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Calsado) 7:30 am - 2:30 {All 2no Year students} pm {Cs, Mg, Be, Sr)MARCH 1.6 {Wed.) L Final Aclivity for Noli (M. 1. Pre- Enrolment Sanchez) 8:00 am * 11:30 am 2. Return of Books FAIR 3.e Field Trip to "Myth of z. FAIR Human Body" (Selected 3d >f,1 year students) D, Crisologo 4. FAIR 1. Pre-enrolment 1. Return of BooksMARCH 17 {Thurs.) FAIR: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 2. FAIR 2. Field Trip to "Myth of {until 8: 00 pm for those who 3. Asian Food Fest (R. Human Body" (Selected 3d will watch the Battle of the Carpon) 10:00 am - 12: 00 year students) D. Crisologo Bands) nn 3. Career Talk 4. FAIRMARCH 18{Fri.) 1. Pre-enrolment L. CEM Benchmarking Test 1. Field frip: Lakbay 8:00 am - J.:00 pm Kalikasan (F. Tacuboy)MARCH 19 (sat.) FUN RUN FUN RUN FUN.RUNVII. OTHER REMINDERS:t. Attendance is required for 1t to 3d year students from March 14-18 and March 21-22. Students official time shall be from 8:00 to 4:10 pm. Students can go home early provided they are fetched by their parents/guardians and they have secured a gate pass.2 Students are reminded to return the Students Handbook to their Hom6room Advisers. This is clearance requiiement. For lost handbooks, please secure replacement after payment of fifty pesos (P50.00) at the pSHS Cashier.3. The school lD is to be returned to the Discipline Officer on March 2! or 22. The return of the lD is also a clearance requirement.4. For the lD picture-taking during Pre-enrolment, please be in complete uniform. You may change to civilian clothes for the school fair, but always wear your lD, No wearing of shorts and/or slippers.5, Please observe proper behavior at all times. Ihe PSHS Code of Conduct is alwavs enforced. For your guidance and strict compliance. r qfu---L - DR, HETEN E. CAINTIC r Campus Director