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Fil tuwaang


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Fil tuwaang

  1. 1. ;_ i{ I TUWAANG TUWAANG maidens of pinanggayungan. He is received in the house of the young.Man- of pangavukad, who Published lgSB; 7925. Transcriber, E. Arsenio iour_ neys with him to the house of Batooy. There, Manuel, The Maiden."f Buhong Sky, a Co,;ii;;, Tuwaang Song From the Bagobi !: is received. As he lies sleeping near the Maiden FoIk Epic ho_oong, euezon of thi Buhong Sky, the Maiden ,p"""kr, disrobes, and Cty: UP Press, 195g. Transcriblr, E. Arsenio Manuel, plucks a strand of Tuwaang,s iowlick. The Maiden tells llrwaang Attends.a_Wedding, euezon City; Ateneo University Press, 1925. Jurlaang her story: she has been running away from the Young Man oi pangumanon, a giant whose Tuwaang is the- epic of the Manobo, a head_ group dress reaches the clouds, who waits to marry her, occrrpying the boundary area of Cotabato, BukiXnon, Becauee. she rejected him, the young and Davao in Mindanao, near the areas occupied Man of n"r.,g.r_ by manon has burnt her kingdom. Reckilssly pursued"by and Tagbanwa. There are over 5O Tuwaani lTl"g:l songs, but thus far, only two songs from the the gi;rnt, she has soughi shelter in the earthworld. epic havE No sooner has she finished her tale when the been published. Both aie in the Nianobo language and Young Man of pangumanon, enyeloped. in are perfon4ed during wa.kes,. weddings, flames, , rituals, and hunts. The first is tdikrgfi; arrives, killing Batooy,s people. The Voung Man oi Mangiaayt nuhing ni Panga.rukad, Tuwaang,s companion, is among Langit (The Maiden of the Buhong"Sky), .e"o.auf, the last ny he slays. Next, he attaiks Tuwaang. The E. Arsenio Manuel an-d publish"? *iin an Englisir two warriors translation in a_ journal in 1952. It was fight, but neither one of them gXins an advantage. publishe? in Shields are smashed, ancl spelrs and blades are book form in 1958. The other is Midsakip Ilren, the young Tnbpopa- *o!..quy^ang Attends a Wedding), recorded ind broken. Man of pangumanon calls on his,pan.turru, a span-long-iron bar endJwed with published with an English translatiJn by super_ E. Arsenio natural properties, and coils it around fuwaang. bhe Manuel in 1975. Manuel,s principal source for the two pantung bursts into flames, but when Tuwaanglaises songs was Saddani pagayaw, hiJcompanion in Davao. his- right hand, the fire is put out. In turn, Triwaang Pagayaw dictated the songs or, sepa.ite occasions. He calls on his own pantung, i skein of gold. He calls never-sung them, but learned them from one who did, oi the wind to fan the flames of his pantung, which a. bard named Inuk, who belonged to a family of Young pangumanon and kill him. singers. Inuk, in turn, had learied Midsakop "pi. gngulf tl.rerevives Man of fab)o_ poruoy from another bard, Itam. Tlyuung the dead folks by his spittle. Then, riding the lightning, he carries the Maiden on his . fuI song of the Tuwaang epic is inhoduced by the shoulder to his country in Kuaman. Tuwaang,s sister singer with a proem or prelude known to the Manobo as the greets them with betel chew, After resting for five tabbayanon, which, intum, has twoparts: thetabbayanon days, a stranger brings death to Tuwaang,sJollowers proper, which elicits interest and often expresses the and challenges Tuwaang. 1hey fight, aid Tuwaang singe/s loves and dreams, and the bantangon, which overcomes him. The hero revives his followurc ur,i announces the beginning of the song proper. The Manobo takes another five-day rest. Afterwards, he gathers his T=.urp".i{y receptive d.unng epic singing. Th"y express people to take them to the country of Katusan, the their reaction-s Eo"gh the ondion, hth; formof sighs, land without death and one of the heaventy lavers of crie_s, a1d yells. Sometimes, their reaction lc expresied, the skyworld. The people ride the sinalinfua, an airboat. within hearing qf the sitrger, in words of appredation or Tuwaang places his,, sister and the Maiden on hisencouragement, from a simple word or phrase to a com_ shoulders and follows the sinalimba to Katusan.plete poetic line. In the second song, Tuwaang is a wedding guest .Tu-!.rl sorg is about Tuwaang getting himself who becomes the wedcling a wife. fu fust presented as un*uitirun""dept at found in the first song groo*. Several motifs .Hq making leglets, at engraving finger rings, ancl at mold_ r"cu. ir, Midsakop Tabpopa- ruoy, such as the announcement of the problembying chains of gold. One day, hJte[s lis sister that the the wind, the lightning rides, and Tuwaang,s makingwind has informed him about the Maiden of the Buhong friends along his way. Tuwaang tells his aunt that theSky. She has come to Pinanggayungan, the counhy oi wind has informed him about the wedding of theBatooy, but she refuses to talk to iny of the gallants Maiden of Manawon. Although the aunt foresees trou_there. Although his sister is fearful of what may result, ble, he is determined to attend the wedding, havingTuwaang_soon gears himself to journey to Batooy,s given his y9.d. He prepares himself for thJjoumeylcountry. Transported by lightning, bedecked with iris taking with him his 6lade, his dagger, his shield, andwarriors cosfume and headdress, and armed like a his spear. Riding the lightning, he arrives at the kaw-gallant, he becomes the object of admiration of the kawangan grassland, where h1 rests and hears a bird 379