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Chem 2 ps answer key


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Chem 2 ps answer key

  1. 1. l Al *-Gction CN Acids and Bases Probset Chem3 Oct.12/13,?Olt 20pts bur-Jklr */" €dv* re_tr#tA sHow ALL PERTINENT EQUATIONS, CALCUTATIONS AND SOLUTIONS. BOX YOUR FINAL ANSERS 1, Calculate the [H.]and [OH-] of a solution made by mixing 25.0mL of 0.200M HCI and 490mL of 0.100M NaOH. 2. How many grams of KOH is needed to neutralize 25.0mL of 0.10M HCI solution? 3. What volume in mL of 0.30M H2SO4 solution ii needed to neutralize 15mL of a 0.50 M NaOH solution? A a. Calculate the [H.], pH, [OH-] and pOH of a solution made by mixing 30.0mL 0.25M HI and 29.9mL 0.5M Na0H, q The titratio n of 0.2I 42 grams of unknown acid requir es 32,7 m L of 0, 1 0 28 M NaO H. Assuming that the acid is monoprotic, calculate the molecular weight of the acid.
  2. 2. *"bttl MJIV",s. -I itrcth c,. Ct/"e47 !1OUl,t [av] -t LfiT" 1 Yt" a 9ol , ?. goil., Q, 2Y.o t^L d.26bM l+c.l 9o.owL o. ).i n *T {t. o ,*[ o. I oo rr)*otl z1.t wL o.(n lio.otf It-o h*.;o"n;v,*t|c)en)+ U"ol.tan- N"W N*Trr+ t.]Dn, v. {u [+ T tXr N*ou Uf tltT:lN*r!l n= l-lL 6- ,* r) ( orr) = (. o tr td3 ,,.1 LU h, (-ll" . Q,er 0 ( o.o)"L), 4.rr,o-1.11 tl: &L i Q. on) t*F4X, yt xcoa*,1 1s*g h = FIL - Q," yl ( o, 1-1r L) . o ot/?r *l Va cr €xa,o i {,oxeot aal - /-Z X ,o-T *Jl )Xr* t o.Dl{z(to<,( -V,r Kco4,*o/ -*1 o[{- = 7{r XLo-D,*rl N^.otl = @ (.o Xo4-{*.(, ho = yr^..[r tl4 tttl , rTl,n trIa - e l-"xto-{,nol (ft Lot{1 0.t?-(L M l/o [ur*- o. o2+ L + o.O{q L t7( / XCo-t f4 Wr - | l.7r/1r I (oW, -hJ t.lL(,Q- K.a o Cit-) LovlT - F x Lo 4,,-,t larL2- l.o I ffi yltt{-6ot{ 2 t|)o.t =W 8fi] t 1.o xcot{ (, o Kcotl cef+J /.9v FcoJ 2 arr,*il,"j -lb.l -_ ?1/ Fto -l f4 fr*l / *to, M oq- o vnr) ^uJ,- 1, ,rco* -- Q. kt J t{cte--" Kelctf W&l 0or^rl -. O.LllL g o.ovrL o.{,0 M I+"/ 32.7 v-L o. [o tY 14 l)*oll t1,Vr"hV = Woflo .. tir.qL. + prvv 2,6v-pn/. .l/v, 11 = {L Y1= f1L , Q"ox DGrc Vt) = zryuil^l dft..,1* Nos}{ * N:fd- "t *"u ttt I l.r xco -*l N ,- p. ,t- x frsw< fn hV ,or*obc*a" a eiTG tf+ ^o"*J Fol h= HL =Q. , oot A)( o, o>Ll , ttctrx6l* e.,(xto- yl-.yq v gikl.ol o I A.^-4 : I 0*u[-l w+l-t ,rah ( yl*r g. 1<lro xdannl 6U"r|,| :3,7oirr,rc;l"^t 0,, lboM A*D,/ ,2. ,4rJ- l(wL o. r-o M N*ol1 Md q,qd .-E-- -- -Ozrlt s . { ;C,tf(x"u4 2IJ-o H t t.!o/ --+ thncio, + il1,0 1,2-l*to/;ZAJoo|{ lt= l"tL . lW o z,.r^f"-h z-,t"u-" ,.rl,h. il nol",, KA; llot" e,ros)(o.orr) =?.txna,^l 1,r-rg hf,Mord L*"rl vt; PIvo,lL **o ?,f xco?^-nl N*atl : ! (+.rx to2,*ot L+-so) 11.-rzqrv- M^ Lt . P, Le g,?f yro",,,,.ol llrAo, . "r;ll bu u.-J. 1.4, -L L= vM -a L= o.otzrL : CrP r^; = GfY, Lq oW lJt *p<. IJ ,u, (ar. J,t ^l_,