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How to excel in the IT field - June 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business
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How to excel in the IT field - June 2013

  1. 1. Jason WischerHow to Excelin the IT Field
  2. 2. • Service Desk Manager atThomson Reuters• President at Brew City HDI• Father of twins• Bowler• Musician• Love all things Milwaukee– Harley Davidson– Brewers– BeerAbout me
  3. 3. Just tell me how to excel!
  4. 4. From Wikipedia:• Soft skills is a sociological term relating to a persons "EQ" (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), the cluster of personalitytraits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships withother people.[1] Soft skills complement hard skills which are the occupational requirements of a job and many other activities.• Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance an individuals interactions, job performance and career prospects. Unlike hardskills, which are about a persons skill set and ability to perform a certain type of task or activity, soft skills relate to a personsability to interact effectively with coworkers and customers and are broadly applicable both in and outside the workplace.• A persons soft skill EQ is an important part of their individual contribution to the success of an organization. Particularly thoseorganizations dealing with customers face-to-face are generally more successful, if they train their staff to use these skills.Screening or training for personal habits or traits such as dependability and conscientiousness can yield significant return oninvestment for an organization.[2] For this reason, soft skills are increasingly sought out by employers in addition to standardqualifications.• It has been suggested that in a number of professions, soft skills may be more important over the long term than occupationalskills. The legal profession is one example where the ability to deal with people effectively and politely, more than their mereoccupational skills, can determine the professional success of a lawyer.[3]• Soft Skills are behavioral competencies. Also known as Interpersonal Skills, or people skills, they include proficiencies such ascommunication skills, conflict resolution and negotiation, personal effectiveness, creative problem solving, strategicthinking, team building, influencing skills and selling skills, to name a few.Soft Skills are “soft”
  5. 5. • What is Success? How do you define it?– Money• I’M RICH!!• Fancy car/clothes/house– Education• MBA• PHD• Alphabet Signature– Family– #Winning– HappinessSuccess??
  6. 6. • “Money DOES buy happiness, but not for yourself.”– Money spent on yourself doesn’t generate as much happiness as moneyspent on others.– Holidays– Birthdays– Surprise giftsSuccess = money??
  7. 7. “Success is peace of mind which isa direct result of self-satisfactionin knowing you made the effort tobecome the best of which you arecapable.”– John WoodenHow do you know when you’re successful?
  8. 8. Pyramid of Success
  9. 9. • Find something you arepassionate about.• Focus on it.– Learn– Practice– Help othersMy definition of success
  10. 10. • Build relationships• Embrace change• Be open-minded• Be opportunistic• Be humble• Consider perspectives of others• Become more self-aware• Help others succeedHow do I get there?
  11. 11. • Need a volunteer• 15-20 minutes• Form small groupsActivity
  12. 12. “Allow yourself to make mistakes. Make them. Learn from them.Move forward. Repeat. #alwaysrepeat”Learn from your mistakes
  13. 13. “The ability to learn makesyou smart. The ability tocommunicate makes yousuccessful.”Become a lifelong learner
  14. 14. “The single biggest problem incommunication is the illusionthat it has taken place.”- George Bernard ShawIllusion of communication
  15. 15. Social Media Awareness• The internet is forever.• Control your brand.• Think before posting.• Be smart.• Be real.
  16. 16. Network! Network! Network!!• Find a group.• Step out of yourcomfort zone.• Share.• Connect.• Learn.
  17. 17. Attitude is everything!“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your ultimate altitude.”– Zig Ziglar
  18. 18. Questions
  19. 19. •• iamjason• @only1wisch• Jason WischerContact Information