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Company insert

  1. 1. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 1 Beyond Space & Time How to dramatically increase the value and impact of every sales dollar.
  2. 2. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 2 T he very thing that determines the success of the marketing dollars you spend, the products and services you sell, and ultimately your company itself has a 98% mortality rate.
  3. 3. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 3 No, it isn’t advertising space or time. It’s the idea. The idea is the backbone of every business. It’s what creates the identity and image of the company and what it sells. It’s what gets people to buy. It’s what gets people to sell. Everything starts with an idea: The company. G The Idea (98% fail) The company name. G The product or service to be sold. G The product or service name. G The company logo. G The product or service trademark. G The packaging. G The advertising. G The communication material. G People don’t buy products or services. People buy ideas. In reality, business and selling are a battle of ideas and the battle takes place in the mind of the buyer. The winner is the company that communicates the right idea, with the greatest impact on the mind of the potential buyer. This insert shows examples of how we think and how ideas work. It also explains how we use “The I Factor” to increase the success rate of ideas. the i am group inc helping clients win the battle of ideas. 1.800.421.2358 B R A N D I N G • C O M M U N I C AT I O N S • C O R P O R AT E I D E N T I T Y • D E S I G N • M A R K E T I N G • M O T I VAT I O N • P R O M O T I O N • S T R AT E G I C P L A N N I N G • C O M M E M O R AT I V E A RT • P U B L I C R E L AT I O N S
  4. 4. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 4 How to Improve Your Marketing The Non-Office Office We don’t operate out of a typical office setting. Success Rate by Dramatically There are no walls or cubicles to restrict the flow of ideas. Instead, there are wide-open spaces Lowering the Death Rate of Your Ideas filled with rotating art . . . to stimulate the imagination. A total freedom to challenge, expand, create and implement what is the lifeblood of business — ideas! It works. Success Comes From Breaking the Rules Some call what we do “outside the box thinking.” Dr. Edward DeBono calls it “lateral thinking.” You can call it what you want but remember one very important thing — it works! The success or failure of every product, service and company is based on the creation, implementation and management of “the idea.” That’s what we, the i am group inc, help companies do. Introducing a unique alternative to services that no longer work for most businesses Marketing success is achieved by taking advantage of weaknesses and opportunities that exist in the marketplace and creating powerful ideas — ideas that are transformed into verbal and visual images that capitalize on these weaknesses and opportunities and separate one’s company, product and service from the competition. That’s what we, the i am group inc, help companies do. the i am group inc was formed by a group of people from the ad agency, design and corporate sides of the business. Our goal was, and still is, not to just create marketing support material for companies, but to help companies achieve greater selling success by developing, implementing and managing powerful ideas that help generate a greater return from every marketing dollar invested. We do what ad agencies do — and then some. We do what promotion houses do — and then some. We do what design organizations do — and then some. We just approach things a little differently. No boxes — just wide-open areas with trees and rotating art.
  5. 5. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 5 Using a Chimp to potential buyers felt that they would It not only sold one hell of a lot of have problems training employees to run equipment; the fascinated mobs Make Chumps the machines. of spectators it drew helped sell the Out of the Competition company’s other products too. Solution? A British manufacturer of textile We trained a chimp to work the machines identification equipment had trouble (in less than an hour) and took it to every entering the U.S. Market. major trade show in the country. We found that the major reason was that Our new facilities, at “the idea ranch” in New York, contain over 9,000 square feet of creation space including design facilities, a think tank, and a photo studio on 13 acres with roaming Irish Wolfhounds and chickens that lay blue eggs. All within 5 minutes of the airport and 10 minutes to the train.
  6. 6. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 6 We emulate the mind of an 8-year-old, The more than 1,200 awards which is free of “can’t do,” “won’t work” we’ve won, gives our clients and “never-been-done-before” attitudes, additional media exposure. which spell instant failure. The only other elements in the ads were the We contacted the organizers of New York’s masthead of our client’s publication and one Columbus Day Parade and offered to line of copy underneath it . . . “The only create a gigantic Italian flag out of the new process industry publication serving carpet and install it right in the center of management exclusively.” Fifth Avenue where the television cameras covered the full day’s activities live. What the ads did was dramatically position the competitive publications as reaching “Why have your big show take place on Controlling the Peddling Pig labor and our client’s publication reaching dirty streets when you can have your flag as management — the people who buy. your stage!” we said. Selling price is usually the ploy of someone with nothing to sell. It not only increased ad pages dramatically, They agreed. it cooked the peddling pigs and their It can be very dangerous (just look what it’s So, on Columbus Day, for six full hours live price selling. done to the retail industry) and, in most and six hours taped repeat . . . plus national cases, removes valuable profit from the Twelve Hours of pick up, millions of Americans watched our bottom line. client’s new carpeting — with constant Television Exposure mention and client spokespeople on TV on a Nickel and Dime Budget A leading magazine publisher, with a to support it. business publication serving the multi-billion dollar process industry, was constantly being A major carpet company that had It became the official carpet of the attacked by its four competitors serving never experienced much in the way of Columbus Day Parade and was the industry, due to its much higher rate results from its advertising was looking merchandised to carpet wholesalers and per thousand. to impact the market with a new, highly retailers across the country. durable product. Instead of doing what it had been doing for years “defending itself,” we suggested that We created a name, trade and consumer the client take the offensive. advertising, point of purchase and incentive program, but were looking for some real We ran almost copy-free ads in the client’s impact (on their small budget) that could be own publication (costing almost nothing). merchandised for months. One ad showed four lunch buckets and a While eating pasta in our favorite Greenwich fine leather briefcase. Village restaurant one day, a discussion of the Columbus Day Parade came up and out Another showed four subway tokens and a of it, an idea that would give us the impact Mercedes-Benz car key. we were looking for. Still, another showed four hamburgers and a giant porterhouse steak. Another showed four beer cans and a bottle of French champagne. The last one showed five “Men’s Room” doors and the door to the “Executive Washroom.” “I have the mind of an 8-year-old, but I’m not mentally challenged.” — I Rachael Miller, Exec. VP, Design Most ideas die on the selling battlefield because companies fail to use “The I Factor” to manage them. “I have the mind of an 8-year-old, but I’m not mentally impaired.”— Victor Valla, Senior VP, Director, Commemorative Art
  7. 7. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 7 We approach marketing as a war. Send for a copy of our Warketing piece and you’ll see how it adds meaning to your selling efforts. They were given mounted pieces of the That’s why we created “The I Services include: carpet from the parade. And it was Factor,” a system that evaluates Marketing: Planning, strategy development, heralded as “the carpet that army the potential impact of product extensions, intelligence gathering, tanks, trucks, cars and 25,000 feet your idea on the minds positioning, etc. couldn’t destroy!” of customers and potential customers. Design: Corporate identity, logos, packaging, The program, of which the displays, exhibitions, brochures, design carpeting of a major city street It measures your idea systems, web site development. was a part, became the most against the buyer’s, successful carpet introduction in seller’s, and competitor’s Media: Print, radio, television, multi-media, the history of the industry. ideas, by means of an presentations, web sites, etc. internal/external audit. $65 million in sales in six Promotion: Consumer and trade short months. It evaluates your competitor’s incentive programs, contests, targeted strengths and weaknesses communications. This “out of the box” thinking works in all and the weaknesses and areas of marketing: identity, packaging, Public Relations: Product and corporate opportunities that exist in promotion, special events, etc. publicity, special events, new product the marketplace. introductions, etc. It works because it’s not one-shot, Then, it analyzes your cutesy-pie headlines. Fine Art: Corporate sales and licensing, competitor’s communication custom corporate art, corporate murals, etc. strategies, the media being used, Everything we do is developed using and provides direction in media selection — strategy that evolves from a system we call No matter how small or large, we give both personal and non-personal — “The I Factor.” each client the same intense service to determine your most cost-effective and attention. Lowering the Casualty Rate avenue of communicating with the prospect. So, before you embark on your next project of Ideas This data, which tells you what’s taking or program, consider our multi-discipline place in the minds of the three most approach, instead of a single discipline We said it before and we’ll say it again. important groups of people, is then used service, built around the idea. Marketing is a war. to plan creative strategy that will enable you You’ll be surprised at the results. to increase the impact of your idea. A battle of ideas. It lowers the casualty rate of your idea . . . The battle takes place in the mind of and enables you to make a quarter work the buyer. like a dollar and bring more dollars to your And like any battle, military or marketing, bottom line. one has little hope of winning without Services to Meet knowledge of battlefield conditions. Today’s Challenges What will it take to get your targeted the i am group inc subjects to surrender . . . and buy your We provide a broad range of integrated helping clients win the battle of ideas. product or service? communications services seldom found in 1.800.421.2358 firms with single disciplines. Do your enemies, the competition, have any weaknesses that can be exploited You can come to us for single, specific or strengths that you will have to project needs, a full-scale program, or, as defend against? many clients do, let us function as your marketing communications department. Then you have your allies, the people who are going to sell your products or services. Do they support your “idea” or what steps will have to be taken to get them to? What are the best media weapons to use to penetrate the targeted subjects with the least resistance from the enemy? Without this knowledge, the battle and the war will most likely be lost. “I have the mind of an 8-year-old, but I’m not mentally disabled.” — Lee “Mad Man” Elliot, President, Creative Director
  8. 8. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 8 THE SANCTUARY at Ultra high-end residential development, with no golf, tennis or clubhouse, is positioned as a sanctuary. Results: $1 billion in sales. New packaging and name, “Happy Grass,” for carpeting rejects, helps sell product for three times the price of first quality goods. Identity The name, logo, and packaging must stand alone in building identity and image, regardless of the amount of dollars that will be spent on communications. Name, trademark, corporate identity system and packaging, create a uniform look replacing six multi-name trade/industrial electrical products with a single-name consumer line. Navigational flags spell out name of $250,000 boat condos. Name, trademark, and packaging for multi-cultural body powders that match a person’s skin tone.
  9. 9. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 9 Fire your advertising agency. If you’re not number one or two in your So, if your ad agency isn’t producing the market, you need a lot more than advertising. results you’re looking for . . . fire it. You need a company that can develop Then, spend 45 minutes or so with us. the strategic ideas to take advantage of the We’ll show you how we use “The I Factor” weaknesses and opportunities that exist to produce the results you need and make in your market. quarters work like dollars. the i am group inc One that can create tactical ideas to outflank helping clients win the battle of ideas. Call Lee Elliot at 1.800.421.2358. the big boys with all their marketing dollars. 1.800.421.2358 B R A N D I N G • C O M M U N I C AT I O N S • C O R P O R AT E I D E N T I T Y • D E S I G N • M A R K E T I N G • M O T I VAT I O N • P R O M O T I O N • S T R AT E G I C P L A N N I N G • C O M M E M O R AT I V E A RT • P U B L I C R E L AT I O N S
  10. 10. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 10 Positioning the management publication It got major engineering firms to drop Image against four “labor” magazines, to eliminate a fifty-year habit. price selling. Advertising must contain an idea big enough to stop the reader and positioning that helps separate you from the competition. This “best” new product introduction positioned a hardware product to the female market. It helped generate 300% more sales than projected. Overcoming the “high-cost” image of Corporate/product ads provided major electricity with “value” advertising. benefits and introduced a new player into the shelter material world. Positions high- end roofing product against fire-prone wood shakes. The name is a cross between shake and shingle. Attacking how others sell and dominating the medium with 16 pages for the cost of a one-page ad.
  11. 11. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 11 Thisis an advertisement It didn’t run in a magazine. There was no The one shown above was used by a just give us a call or visit our web site at waste circulation, because it reached only major publishing company to introduce a the people and companies we wanted it to. new information system. And it didn’t wind up in the wastebasket We’ve created Commemorative Art for at the end of the month. Instead, it hangs on many companies including Citibank NA, the office and boardroom walls of thousands McGraw-Hill, University of Miami College of of the largest engineering firms in America. Medicine, University of Hartford and Castrol. We call this type of advertisement If you would like to know more about Commemorative Art. Custom art turned Commemorative Art and murals and the i am group inc into limited-edition prints that are used how we can help you build an effective helping clients win the battle of ideas. by companies and non-profit organizations marketing program around them, 1.800.421.2358 to announce new products, celebrate anniversaries, raise funds, etc. BRANDING • COMMUNICATIONS • CORPORATE IDENTITY • DESIGN • MARKETING • MOTIVATION • PROMOTION • STRATEGIC PLANNING • COMMEMORATIVE ART • PUBLIC RELATIONS
  12. 12. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 12 Chimp, trained in twenty minutes to operate equipment, overcomes buyer’s fear of technology at trade shows Impact across the country. Most programs fail because the idea isn’t big enough to impact the mind of the potential buyer. To succeed, the idea must stop, excite and get the prospect to respond. That’s what we do for our clients. (left) Antique Rolls Royce brings 500,000 customers into retail stores and helps sell $65 million worth of Paper dolls and doll house mailing turns CEO’s into kids again and helps carpeting in six months. turn business news magazine into consumer publication. (below) 68% of the doctors who received this signed, limited- edition print offer responded. Most switched banks . . . creating a 75% market share increase. Five-part board game direct mail campaign lets prospects play out obstacles in selling five market segments. Increased client product awareness 85%.
  13. 13. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 13 Every day, intelligent business people attempt suicide in an area not much larger than this. They run ads with no idea. In addition, they probably had no set objective or objectives that had little chance of Or too many ideas. being achieved. And run them in publications dominated Pure suicide. by the competition. For suicide prevention, give us a call. the i am group inc helping clients win the battle of ideas. 1.800.421.2358 B R A N D I N G • C O M M U N I C AT I O N S • C O R P O R AT E I D E N T I T Y • D E S I G N • M A R K E T I N G • M O T I V AT I O N • P R O M O T I O N • S T R AT E G I C P L A N N I N G • C O M M E M O R AT I V E A R T • P U B L I C R E L AT I O N S
  14. 14. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 14 Impact 4,000 wedding photographers gain consumer exposure on album company’s consumer web site. To take advantage of weaknesses and opportunities in the marketplace, one must look beyond normal media and seek dramatic ways to communicate ideas and images that impact the buying audiences. That’s what we do for our clients. TV commercial for multi-cultural powders. Voice over: “Because all people aren’t created equal . . . Equal, the body powders that match your skin tone.” Dramatic three-screen presentation positions new travel medium. Sells multi-million dollars worth of space . . . $3 million at first viewing. Carpeting of Fifth Avenue on Columbus Day produces 12 hours of television exposure. Motion display allows customers to mix and match inserts and frames instantly and helps sell $15 million in product selling for 15 times competition.
  15. 15. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 15 Concepts vs. Contraceptives A concept is an idea that is used to separate one A contraceptive is something designed, inadvertently company, product or service from another. or on purpose, to prevent anything from happening. It creates the identity or image of the company and Most companies use contraceptives in their marketing what it sells. and communications. It’s what gets people to buy. Or turn concepts into contraceptives by failing to control “The I Factor.” It’s what gets people to sell. For more information about “The I Factor” and how To be successful, it must be believable, defendable, we can make it work for you, just give us a call. properly executed and exposed to the potential buyer in a non-hostile environment. the i am group inc helping clients win the battle of ideas. 1.800.421.2358 B R A N D I N G • C O M M U N I C AT I O N S • C O R P O R AT E I D E N T I T Y • D E S I G N • M A R K E T I N G • M O T I V AT I O N • P R O M O T I O N • S T R AT E G I C P L A N N I N G • C O M M E M O R AT I V E A R T • P U B L I C R E L AT I O N S
  16. 16. MoM-005.Insert-8.5x11-6-17 6/23/08 3:50 PM Page 16 SENDUS YOUR DOG Every company has at least one product or We do it by using what we call service that isn’t moving the way it should. “The I Factor.” And when there just aren’t enough dollars And it works. available to feed its development, the problem So, if you have a dog, or a product or gets even worse. service that could become one, give us We’ve built a reputation for creating the a call for an obligation-free presentation and the i am group inc “big idea” that turns what are commonly discussion of your problems. helping clients win the battle of ideas. referred to as dogs into marketing But, please call us before it eats you 1.800.421.2358 success stories. out of house and home. B R A N D I N G • C O M M U N I C AT I O N S • C O R P O R AT E I D E N T I T Y • D E S I G N • M A R K E T I N G • M O T I VAT I O N • P R O M O T I O N • S T R AT E G I C P L A N N I N G • C O M M E M O R AT I V E A RT • P U B L I C R E L AT I O N S