Burger Chains


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Burger Chains

  1. 1. French Fries French fries is the most popular side dish that accompanies your burgers, grills etc & is loaded with calories, fat and sodium.• Nutrition Break-up: A medium serving provides 380 kcal, 19 g of fat and 466 mg of sodium (almost one-fourth of day’s requirement). The calories for the burger and cola are separate, so french fries set you back by enough empty calories especially for those trying to lose weight and keep it off.• Eat this and not that: Instead you can substitute fresh fries with grilled vegetables or mashed potatoes. These substitutes half the calorie count and contain approximately 195 Kcal, 5 g fat and 27 mg of sodium. *Burn off the calories: Medium size serving of french fries alone will take an average person approximately 45 minutes of jogging at moderate speed to burn the calories.
  2. 2. Fruit Shake Fruit shakes may sound synonymous with health food, but they are not. Shakes contain too much added sugar, high amount of carbohydrate, and are not recommended especially to people with sugar problems. Nutrition-wise: A serving of fruit shake (without whey protein) provide 680 kcal, 119 g carbohydrate, and 98 g of sugar and 15g of protein. Eat this and not that: Recommended substitute for a fruit shake is a fruit smoothie. A serving of fruit smoothie (without whey protein) provide 320 kcal, 78 g carbohydrate, and 58 g of sugar and 7g of protein.
  3. 3. Double Cheese Chicken Burger Chicken/vegetable burgers are flavorful, lip smacking delicious burger that also contain lettuce, tomato, onion topped with dressings like honey mustard, cheese or mayonnaise. Nutrition-wise: A serving of Double cheese chicken burger provides 440 Kcal, 23 g of fat (almost half of day’s requirement) and 1150 mg of sodium. A serving of Double cheese vegetable burger provides 390 Kcal, 12 g of fat and 15 g of protein Eat this and not that: Instead opt for a chicken/vegetable wrap. Chicken wrap has 250 Kcal,8 g of fat and 670 mg of sodium. While a vegetable wrap has approximately 210 Kcal, 7g of fat.
  4. 4. Chicken Nuggets/Popcorn Chicken Chicken nuggets and popcorn chicken are bite-sized pieces of chicken and breaded for a flavorful snack Nutrition-wise: One individual serving of popcorn chicken provides 400 Kcal, 26 g of fat (almost half of day’s requirement) and 21 g of protein. Eat this and not that: Instead get 21 g of protein from Boneless Chicken Strips (3 nos.) which provide 200 Kcal, 10 g of fat.