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  1. 1. Rick H. Sutherlin (Stewart) 2407 Mill Rd Emmett, ID 83617 615.947.0020 rick@therickstewart.com http://www.therickstewart.com Objective: To work in a market with fierce competition and achieve top ratings against a 25-54 competitor. I love starting out as the under dog and emerge the winner. I want to build a team of winners and work together with sales to not only achieve ratings, but most importantly to have the #1 billing station in town. Ratings do not mean anything unless you're making money. Experience: 3/2007-4/2009 (Country) WOW Country 104.3 (KAWO), Boise, ID Director of Programming / Brand Manager * Lead a team of talented people to be one of the top Country stations in Boise, ID. In two books 1.6 to 5.4 * Maintain Selector database * Manage air, promotion, & production staff 5/2000-3/2007 (Country) The NEW 101.9 The Wolf (KNTY), Sacramento, CA (Oldies) KOOL 101.9 (KCCL), Sacramento, CA Director of Programming / Brand Manager * Lead a team of talented people to be the one of the top Country stations in Sacramento, CA. Took on KNCI and fought the battle for 3 years. * Maintain Selector database * Manage air, promotion, & production staff 2/1998-5/2000 (All Formats) Jones Radio Network, Seattle, WA Consultant/Sales * New station start-ups and new formats * Sold national Programming & Programs / Delilah & Lia / Bill Cody * Syndicated Music Logs 8/1995-1/1998 (Country) 102.7 (KORD), Tri-Cities, WA Director of Programming / Brand Manager * Lead a team of talented people to be the #1 Country station in Tri-Cities * Maintain Selector database * Manage air, promotion, & production staff * Public appearances & remotes * Music Director/Production Director
  2. 2. 8/1983-8/1995 (Country) FM 98 (KNAX) / 101.1 (KRBT) Froggy Country 101.1 Fresno, CA Director of Programming / Brand Manager * Lead a team of talented people to be the #1 Country station in Fresno, CA * Maintain Selector database * Manage air, promotion, & production staff 1/1982-8/1983 (Rock) 97 Rock (WJAD), Bainbridge, GA Part-time (weekends) * Covered all air-shifts including afternoon drive * Worked here at the same time as WALG (below) * Public appearances & remotes 8/1980-8/1983 (Top 40) 1590 (WALG), Albany, GA Part-time then 7p-12m & PSA Director * Started out as a part-time air talent * Then 7p-12m air talent * Public appearances & remotes Skills: * Scott Studios * Next-Gen * Audio-Vault * Selector * Music Master * Vegas * Sound-forge * Pro-tools * Saw32 * Most all Windows & Apple applications * Internet & database savvy * Photoshop & Illustrator experience * Video production (Vegas & Adobe Premiere Pro) * People & Planning Manager * Production Director * Program Director * Promotions Director * Operations Manager * Imaging Director * Mornings, Mid-Day, Afternoon & Night Air Talent * Telephone Sales/Marketing Philosophy: Management: Execute simple principles, such as, lead by example, show enthusiasm, motivate with praise, on-going staff involvement, maintain a cohesive staff
  3. 3. by specifying clear goals, stay organized with proper time-management, and delegation. I believe in weekly air-check sessions with my air personalities and daily meetings. Music: Research it, play the hits, have a complete understanding of the product (music) and then deliver it. Marketing: As with research, all types of advertising should be used to promote the station once a market study is complete. Station imaging is a top priority, and an on- going and daily effort to define "stationality" is a must. Constantly focus on hot zip diary returns over the past 6 books and you will WIN! Morning Show: A Morning Show can make or break the radio station. My idea of a morning show: a team of 2, 3 or more people working together and off of each other's strengths and weaknesses. A morning show must be topical, local, informative, fun (not to be confused with funny), friendly, have "clean character" and tons of phones! The morning show team must be out in the public, and finally, must become well known in the market, creating water cooler talk everyday. A morning show must have a DICK, a DORK and a DEAR. A Good Radio Station: Is one that understands and reflects the lifestyles of its target audience. And then delivers it 24/7. Strong and on-going community involvement is also the foundation of a good radio station. Competition: I am not afraid to pit my station against another. If directly attacked, I focus on my game plan, fine-tune it and deliver. Don't change a thing. "Consistency" is a definite solution to winning. Strengths: I have gained considerable knowledge of FCC Rules and Regulations, Labor/Wage and Hour Regulations, people management, general business practices, music applications, formatics, sales & research techniques, and Arbitron applications. I pride myself being a successful motivator, delegator, cheerleader, planner and activator and has 28 + years experience with Selector and Music Master Music scheduling software. I have experience with most Digital editing software such as Pro Tools, Vegas, Sound Forge and Acid Pro and more. I am skilled on all Microsoft applications, including PowerPoint, Word, Access, and Excel. Desktop publishing includes Photoshop, Illustrator and most Adobe products. I am also very Internet savvy. References: Mixx Hennings (Apple) 916.628.6499 Bill Bradley (former GM) 360.561.4363 Ken Moultrie (consultant) 206.905.9449 Jim Hall (former employee) 916.847.9296
  4. 4. Isabel Gomez (friend) 916.761.1365 Dewey Boynton (KXDD Yakima) 509.949.0170 Bob Mitchell (former employer) 817.946.2108 Dave Kelly (friend & colleague) 916.285.5166 Jack Murphy (voice talent) 336.274.8042 Kip Beelman (IQ Beats) 206.352.2900 Jim Raposa (friend/employee) 770.633.7050 Mike Moore (Entercom Portland) 503.223.1441 Don Jarrett (former employee) 208.350.0736 Tarzan Dan (former employee) 208.949.7001 Robin Scott (former employee) 208.602.5480 Kevin Godwin (former employer) 208.891.3989 Dave Michaels (Stationality.com) 303.847.2767 Michael Berlin (IQ Beats) 206.406.9193 Cindee Scholfield (WOW Sales) 208.362.4595 Brent Carey (WOW colleague) 248.910.0750