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Word Smart copywriting tutorial - How to write customer centric copy


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Effective copywriting focuses on the reader. This tutorial breaks down what it means to create customer centric copywriting with practical tips from a professional copywriter on how to do it.

This presentation is lesson `2 of a free copywriting course. Just three tips that will definitely improve your copywriting.

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Word Smart copywriting tutorial - How to write customer centric copy

  1. 1. How to write copy that focuses on your reader
  2. 2. This is #2 of a FREE copywriting course. 3 tips that will improve the way you write Sign up here
  3. 3. Lesson2: You VS ME How to write copy that focuses on your reader
  4. 4. When you write marketing collateral for your business it’s pretty normal to start with what you know…
  5. 5. If you want people to engage with your message, Make them the star of your story.
  8. 8. Use the powerful word in marketing…. YOU TIP: use YOU twice as much as ME/WE/US
  9. 9. How to turn ME into YOU 1. Identify every sentence starting with WE/I 2. Consider how it impacts your customer 3. Rewrite the sentence so it’s about them  Because we [do X] you can [benefit]  We [do X] which means that …  We [do X] so you can [benefit]  When you need [X] we can help.
  10. 10. We help you get your tax done on time.
  11. 11. We help you get your tax done on time. Turns into… Leave your tax stress with your taxes – on our desk.
  12. 12. Our studio only does ashtanga yoga.
  13. 13. Our studio only does ashtanga yoga. Turns into… Because we only do ashtanga yoga, you know you’re learning from a specialist.
  14. 14. Our business opened in 1967.
  15. 15. Our business opened in 1967. Turns into… Since opening our doors in 1967, we’ve been delivering the kind of quality service that keeps our customers coming back, decade after decade.
  16. 16. Remember…. 1. ID those WE/I statements 2. Think about the impact 3. Add how readers benefit 4. Use YOU more than WE/I
  17. 17. Want to learn more professional copywriting tips? Find out about my next Copywriting Master Class
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