Copywrite Matters SEO Copywriting Seminar March 2012


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This is part two of a seminar showing small business owners how they can share their knowledge using content marketing to pull customers to them (rather than simply pushing marketing message out).

This half showed them how to incorporate SEO copywriting into the process of creating online marketing.

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Copywrite Matters SEO Copywriting Seminar March 2012

  1. 1. Online marketing that yourcustomers and Google will L ve How to turn your knowledge into more profitable business
  3. 3. What is SEO?
  4. 4. How your website Links back to your is setup website (from other online sources) The clarity and value of your THE SEO content SWEET SPOT
  5. 5. Some definitions… WHAT IS COPYWRITING? Writing the material you use to promote your business WHAT IS SEO COPYWRITING? Writing online content that search engines can interpret WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Search engines can’t “see” your website. You need to tell what your website is about
  6. 6. What does Google see?
  7. 7. Step1: Find the best keywordsThe words (and phrases) your customers use tosearch online• Get specific (with a specialty or location)• Don’t be afraid to use a whole phrase• Make it relevant and actionable
  8. 8. Keyword brainstorming1. Write down words that describe your business2. Describe the issues people have when they come to youWrite down every word you can think ofBe descriptive and Be specific
  9. 9. A Case Study: iCanQuit
  10. 10. A Case Study: iCanQuit [Quit Plan page]
  11. 11. iCanQuit Keyword Brainstorming
  12. 12. Competitor KeywordsView your well ranking competitors websites and see which keywords they are using.• Notice who is ranking• Go to their website• See which words and phrases they use• Add them to your list
  13. 13. Find out if your ideas match searchesFREE Keyword Tool – Google AdwordsPAID Market Samurai Keyword Discovery WordtrackerTIP: Explore Google Webmaster Tools
  14. 14. Step 2: Use Your Keywords As frequently as is natural In headings, subheadings and lists At the start of the items above Bolded, underlined and in italics In links within your site and back to your site
  15. 15. Use Your Keywords FrequentlyFrequency is the number of times aspecific keyword appears on your pageHow?Be specific
  16. 16. Remember this image?
  17. 17. Introducing
  18. 18. iCanQuit Quit Plan pre-optimisation
  19. 19. iCanQuit Quit Plan post-optimisation
  20. 20. Use Related Keywords cigars smokers tobacco cigarettes Smoke-free QUIT SMOKING nicotine Non-smoker PLAN cravings smoke addiction
  21. 21. Use Keywords Strategically  Headings  Sub-headings  Lists (numbered or bullets)  LinksADD SOME RAZZLE DAZZLEBold italic underline
  22. 22. The SEO tightrope Keywords Readability Persuasiveness
  23. 23. SEO Copywriting TIPS• You don’t have to be EXACT Matching exactly is better but don’t compromise the quality of your content.• Don’t try and target multiple keyword themes on a single page or post
  24. 24. Use Your META tags Luke… • Page Title tag (60 chars) • Page Description tag (160 chars)
  25. 25. Page Title and Descriptions
  26. 26. Use Your META tags Luke… • Page Title tag (60 chars) • Page Description tag (160 chars) • Link Titles • Image captions and ALT tags Make them unique Put your keywords at the start Remember your reader
  27. 27. Have you done enough SEO?
  28. 28. SEO Copywriting ChecklistHave you identified your keywords?Is your keyword in your main Headline?Do you use subheadings and lists?Are your product references specific enough?Have you highlighted your keywords?Have you filled out your page title &description (using your keywords)?Is your page or post still interesting to read?
  29. 29. Don’t PANIC
  30. 30. General Copywriting TIPS• Know thy reader• Keep it conversational [write like you speak only better]• Benefits not features• Break up your text so it’s easy to read• Always have a call to action
  31. 31. Questions?
  32. 32. You can find me at…. Subscribe to The Copy Detective blog for a new copywriting mystery solved every week …