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A copywriter's bible of (power) words that sell - and how to use them


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Words that sell. As a copywriter, they are our bread and butter. Words that turn the ordinary into something worth paying money for.

Get ready for 63 copywriter's power words in 8 categories with 3 all important action steps.

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A copywriter's bible of (power) words that sell - and how to use them

  1. 1. A Copywriter’s Bible of (And How To Use Them) @@CopywriteMattrsCopywriteMattrs Power WordsPower Words That SellThat Sell
  2. 2. Words that sellsell are a copywriter's bread and butter.
  3. 3. To write copy that generates a reaction, copywriters must dig into the emotional and psychological impactimpact of the words we use.
  4. 4. Get ready for - 63 words - in 8 categories - and 3 action steps…
  5. 5. To turn ordinary copy into something more powerfulpowerful and effectiveeffective.
  6. 6. The most powerful word of all11
  7. 7. The most powerful word of all11 YouYou
  8. 8. Words about newness22
  9. 9. Words about newness22 Breakthrough Surprising Exciting Astounding Introducing Welcome Unique Announcing
  10. 10. Words about exclusivity33
  11. 11. Words about exclusivity33 Forbidden Never Revealed Exclusive Limited Special Secret Hidden Truth Temptation
  12. 12. Words about urgency44
  13. 13. Words about urgency44 Direct Hurry Quick Fast Now Discover New Results Only
  14. 14. Words that reassure55
  15. 15. Words that reassure55 Care Simple Safety Lifetime Can Guarantee Proven Easy
  16. 16. Words about caring66
  17. 17. Words about caring66 Heaven Dream Health Family Love Children
  18. 18. Words about saving77
  19. 19. Words about saving77 Reduced Bargain Bonus Discount Lowest Save Money Win Cheap Free
  20. 20. Words about pain88
  21. 21. Words about pain88 Alone Reject Stress Stupid Guilty Hate Failure Afraid Lazy Humiliation
  22. 22. "So I got power words..."
  23. 23. "What the heck am I supposed to do now?"
  24. 24. Consider the emotion you want to tap into. Step 11
  25. 25. What do you want the reader to feelfeel or avoidavoid feelingfeeling? Use a word from that category.
  26. 26. Use these words in headlines & subheadings. Step 22
  27. 27. One well-well- placed powerplaced power wordword could be the difference between marketing being read – or ignored.
  28. 28. Test out these words in your copy. Step 33
  29. 29. See if they changechange the responses you get.
  30. 30. Want to get better at convincing people to buy?
  31. 31. Grab this handy cheat sheet: 20 Incredibly Useful Copywriting Tips (that will transform the way you write)
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