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3 ways to beat procrastination before it sets in


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Procrastination is the curse of anyone that tracks billable hours. We exchange important, high value tasks for easier, low value tasks and while this kind of job swap keeps us “busy”, it’s the thief of time and energy!

The first step in tackling procrastination is to recognise when you’re faffing about. This presentation shares tips on recognising procrastination And beating it before it sets in.

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3 ways to beat procrastination before it sets in

  1. 1. to @CopywriteMattrs Top Tips 33 BeatBeat ProcrastinationProcrastination Before It Sets In
  2. 2. Procrastination is the curse of anyone tracking billable hours.
  3. 3. Do you...
  4. 4. - wait until you’re in ‘the right mood’ before you tackle an important task? Do you...
  5. 5. - sit down to begin and immediately stop to make coffee? Do you...
  6. 6. - fill your To Do list with tasks that aren’t urgent? Do you...
  7. 7. - lose hours reading blogs or updating social media? Do you...
  8. 8. You need help.
  9. 9. Use these top 3 tips to prevent procrastination sucking the productivity out of you!
  10. 10. 11Make a list
  11. 11. A well-written to-do list is the cornerstone of an organised mind.
  12. 12. But don’t fill your list with unimportant jobs that just make you feel busy.
  13. 13. 22Prioritise the list
  14. 14. Put difficult or irksome but important tasks at the top of your list and do them first.
  15. 15. Get them out of the way so you can enjoy your day with a lighter load.
  16. 16. 33Break it down
  17. 17. Sometimes a task seems so big that it’s daunting.
  18. 18. Break it down into smaller, achievable tasks.
  19. 19. Remember: Don’t get distracted with unimportant jobs that just keep you busy!
  20. 20. If the task you’re doing doesn’t move you towards your goal, it can wait.
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