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Bar Graph

Mathematics 7 (Statistics)
Presenting Data - Bar Graph

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Bar Graph

  1. 1. MATH
  3. 3. BAR GRAPH
  4. 4. BAR GRAPH It uses bars of different lengths and of equal widths to show the frequencies of the classes. It is used to show relationships between groups. The two items being compared do not need to affect each other.
  5. 5. Look at the way a bar chart is constructed. Can you name its different parts? What goes here? What is this called? What do we call this? What is this?
  6. 6. A bar graph always has a TITLE Vertical axis (y). Always labelled and numbered Horizontal axis (x). Always labelled. The height of the bars show frequencies recorded.
  7. 7. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Favorite Movie of Grade 7 Can you read the answers? What does this bar chart show? How many students were surveyed? Which is the favourite movie? Which is the least liked? What intervals are used on the y axis? What intervals could you use if twice as many students were Numberofstudents Movie
  8. 8. How can you collect the information needed to construct a bar chart? By making a tally chart first!
  9. 9. Let’s Practice! Create a bar graph of preferred TV station of Grade 7 students. TV Station Number of Students ABS-CBN GMA7 TV5
  10. 10. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 ABS-CBN GMA7 TV5 Favorite Movie of Grade 7
  11. 11. Create a bar graph to represent the following data Group 1 – Favorite Subject of Grade 7 Students (Filipino, English, Math, Science, AP, TLE, MAPEH) Group 2 – Grade 7 Students’ Preferred Interest Clubs (Drama, Dance, Glee, Culinary, Art) Group 3 – Preferred Sport of Grade 7 Students (tennis, swimming, basketball, volleyball, football) LET’S WORK TOGETHER!