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B2 Construction Concept Profile


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Company Profile

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B2 Construction Concept Profile

  1. 1. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company’s Profile RC: 1177784 INTRODUCTION B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED is the idea of the family head Chief Peter Mamman and actualized under the amiable leadership Mr. Peter Abraham. Though the company had been in operation, operating at an informal level to individuals and organizations some of whom had enjoyed its services in these years, the company decided to formalize its operations and hence the birth of B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED which came into full operations. with the Registration No: 1177784. B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED is Engineering, Consultancy, Procurement, Supplies and General Contracting Company rendering services to the different tiers of Government, Corporate bodies, Educational/Professional Institutions and Private individuals in Nigeria. Our expertise in Nigeria construction and General supply industry reflects itself in many ways and our competence is well established and generally recognized by our clients. We are aided with modern construction equipment and a constituted pool of Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Management personnel whose principal aim is to solve the more complex problems connected with modern engineering designs and project execution. Our talented and experienced team of Engineers and Professionals of various
  2. 2. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 disciplines who have the capacity to understand and undertake projects in various fields of Engineering, Contract management, facility management, Corporate management training and Seminars and workshops. B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED has a working relationship with other professional firms. The firm undertakes fresh project, turnkey project, rehabilitation/refurbishment of an existing project, Professional Management Consultancy and General supply and procurement.
  4. 4. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Board of directors are solely constituted from among family members as a result of the vision of the Head of the family to have a sustainable family business established for a better tomorrow of the family. The successful and efficient handling of projects, both major and minor by the company is due largely to the motivating spirit in our experienced and dynamic directors. ABRAHAM PETERS: MANAGING DIRECTOR/CEO MR ABRAHAM PETERS is a product of the Kaduna Polytechnic. He is a seasoned engineer in civil and construction works. He has worked at various capacities in the Civil and Construction industry before taking over the leadership mantle of B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED. His exposure to civil engineering works has in no small way contributed to the growth of the company. He has attended several and various refreshers course, seminars and workshops within and outside Nigeria. Due to his expanded orientation and vision about the industry , he masterminded the registration and fully scale establishment of B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED, and has since been the first Executive Chairman.
  5. 5. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 LUCKY PHILIPS DIRECTOR Lucky is the an Executive Director with the company. He is a seasoned administrator and financial analyst. He is travelled wide and far over the continent. His wealth of experience has gone a long way to make the company find her footing in the Engineering industry. TIMOTHY MAMMAN PETERS: DIRECTOR Timothy is a seasoned Engineer. He is the Director of projects. Before now, he has worked in highly ranking construction company within the Nigeria federation at various capacities. He is the major in Civil and Mechanical Engineering services. JOSEPH MAMMAN PETERS DIRECTOR Joseph Mamman Peters is an Electrical Engineer. He is the Director of Engineering and procurement services. He has worked with various Engineering companies viz-a-viz NEWS Engineering, Arab Contractors Julius Berger Plc, before he finally settled down for business with B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED.
  7. 7. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 VISION B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED vision is built on experience and innovation; “To uphold and make stronger its core engineering business, to develop new skills and activities, and to respond to the changing needs of clients and markets”. OUR MISSION “To be number one Nigeria's leading construction, civil/electrical/hydro engineering, procurement, and related technical services company, serving selected industry sectors and geographic markets and this will be achieved through the know-how of our people by contributing to the success of our clients through value-added services and by continuous investment in the improvement of our technical and managerial competences.”
  8. 8. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 OUR CORE VALUES An organization of communal attitude that are at the heart of what we do. Clients First: We exist to serve our clients. Our success will be determined by how well we perform for our clients. Innovation: We are instinctive, inquisitive, creative, sensible and bold, which allows us to create new ideas for our clients, our business and employees. These ideas come from anywhere throughout our global operations. Teamwork: Success requires teamwork. We are collaborative and respect the contributions of each person to the team’s success. Respect: We are a global company with many cultures. We respect and embrace people and perspectives from all over the world. Accountability: We do what we say we will do. We own a collective responsibility towards clients, colleagues, communities and shareholders.
  9. 9. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION Construction has been one of the essences of B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED business. With our office headquartered in Abuja, FCT, we have been able to carry-out various civil/building engineering in virtually all the 36 State of Nigeria. We have the resources and knowledge to undertake any job, anywhere, with unmatched expertise. We are familiar with construction regulations and labor laws in Nigeria, and we have a proven record of working smoothly with government agencies and labor organizations. Over the years, we have created many innovative construction techniques, some of which have become industry standards and we have foreign partners who are highly experienced in the construction industry.
  10. 10. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDING Construction has been at the heart of our business for over some years now. Our services on construction of building are based on specialized expertise. The works performed are Residential building construction, Commercial building construction, underground construction, construction of sports facilities, and the construction of streets, roads, bridges and Calvert facilities. BUILDING B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED employs experienced builders, architects and structural engineering in this field, hence the high standard maintained in all its building projects. Building projects handled by B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED include but are not limited to the following:, Auditoriums, Multi-purpose Halls, Hotels and Resorts, Estates, Shopping Malls and Complex’s, Civic Centers Rank and File Barracks etc. other civil construction works also handled by B2 CONSTRUCTION
  11. 11. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 CONCEPTS LIMITED are roads and bridges, Surface and underground sewage disposal network systems pilling projects, borehole drilling, estate development, landscaping and designs etc. Proficiency in Civil Engineering Constructions Our company is quite proficient in the field of civil and structural construction, and prides itself of a consortium of experts (WITHIN AND OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY) with special expertise in concrete and block, structural steel buildings on raft foundations/ pilings. To this end the Managing Director/CEO have had course to sign pact with renowned experts during his recent trips to South Africa, Dubai, China the Asia
  12. 12. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 ROAD CONSTRUCTION B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED is a premier leader in developing, managing, and constructing civil infrastructure. We have a wealth of experience in road construction and maintenance; from rural road construction to construction of rural-urban highway systems. B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED builds the infrastructure necessary to improve quality of life and sustain economic growth.
  13. 13. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784
  14. 14. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 DAM CONSTRUCTION B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED has developed some of the best processes and technologies in the industry, through the application of modern civil engineering techniques and assuring quality results while meeting tight schedules on the most challenging projects. We have a team of expertise that undertakes the construction of dams, Borehole drilling, construction and installation of water treatment plant. Our years of experience coupled with our manpower have made B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED a name to reckon with in Nigeria civil engineering industry. INFRASTUCTURE CONSTRUCTION We have a vast wealth of experience in infrastructure construction and our personal service approach to projects has made us to be the number one civil engineers in Nigeria. .The works performed are earthworks, foundation works, piling and foundation reinforcement, tunneling, and underground construction, , municipal engineering, and the construction of streets, roads, bridges, Solar Power and Calvert facilities.
  15. 15. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 WATER WORKS Dredging, Drilling of boreholes, Dams construction and installation of overhead tanks and water reservoir, construction and installation of irrigation facilities, structural water works, pipeline design and fitting, Geophysical and hydraulic conductivity studies, aquifer analysis, borehole development, pump test, installation and maintenance works, flood control and routing, water analysis, etc.
  16. 16. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 BOREHOLE DRILLING: The bore hole drilling operation is affected in stages viz:- Stage i: Geological survey. The initial step is to undertake a geological survey to determine the depth of the aquifer, good drinkable water and long lasting one. This is the feasibility work which will reveal the water level and rock basement which will enable us achieve a perfect work. Stage ii: We drill between 35-100 meters depending on the geological survey report showing the water level and basement rock. The basement rock does not pose much challenge as we have the needed equipments to ensure success of the exercise. Stage iii: Drilling, casting, development and installation. Etc. Stage iv: Mechanical & P4lumbing Work, DPC waste piping, water supply, channel piping, connections at input and out nut pipes. Fixing of all sanitary fittings etc.
  17. 17. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784
  18. 18. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 MECHANICAL SERVICES  Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Services. Precision Air Conditioning System  Lifts and Escalatory Installation.  Refrigeration and Cold Room Installation.  Fire Alarm Equipment.  Electronics/Electrical Automated Security Systems.
  19. 19. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 ELECTRICAL SERVICES  External and Internal Electrical Power Supply and Distribution.  Rural Electrification Scheme.  Supplies and Installations of Electrical Cables
  20. 20. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784  Power Distribution Board Power Distribution Board  Supply and Installation of Generating System.
  21. 21. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 INSTALLATION OF SOLAR SYSTEMS B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED has a strong technical support from the Institute of China Electric Technology Corporation (CETC). Their New Energy Business Dep. is engaged in design, development, manufacture, sales about high-quality PV module and its application. They mostly focus on research and developing of highly efficient PV module, solar home power system, and on/off-grid solar power system. Our services on solar systems are as follows;  Solar Off Grid Power System  Solar Wind Hybrid System  Solar Thermal Water Heating  Solar Water Pumping Systems  Solar Refrigerators and Freezers  Solar Mobile and Laptop Chargers  Solar System Components: such as Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Solar Inverters, Solar Charge Controllers, and Solar Accessories.
  22. 22. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784
  23. 23. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784
  24. 24. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 UTILITIES B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED is an experienced firm in providing design for utilities. Our projects involve the design of new utilities as well as the relocation of existing systems to accommodate additions and new construction. We have provided design for water, sanitary, transmission and distribution systems, wastewater collection, treatment and transport. SURVEYING CAPABILITIES B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED maintains its own in house survey Division for the express purpose of providing our clients as well as our own engineers, with the best in accurate, fast-track surveying for all projects the firm designs. Our senior surveying personnel have many years of supervisory experience in all types of projects. Providing exacting standards and schedules. Our surveying division utilizes compatible field data records and computer equipment to ensure accuracy and fast-track completion of field work.
  25. 25. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 GENERAL SUPPLY/INSTALLATIONS Over the years, B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED Procurement Unit has met the challenges of national supply demands by providing efficient supply and delivery solutions to its clients under a single point of contact and responsibility. The B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED Procurement Unit has both international and local partners of more than 15 procurement professionals, located in permanent offices in 10 countries around the world, this inform the reason why we are always able and capable of meeting our clients need. MARKETING: We engage in good service delivery and mega marketing approach. That is getting things done at the right time, to the right people with reasonable cost. This is achievable through the team work of professionals of integrity embedded in the company.
  26. 26. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 MARKETING STRATEGY: This strategies being employed by the company be summarized and classified as follows: 1) Professional Quotation: That can be comparable in any market in Nigeria and the world at large. 2) Quick and Proper Delivery of Service being paid for. We see client interest as paramount in all our operation. 3) The use of experts relevant to various work/job at hand which enhanced quality service delivery which the hallmark of our business. With these strategies we have been able to build a client base that is growing daily. We shall consolidate and improve on our marketing strategy in order to be all time relevant in Nigeria and world at large. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project management ties together all activities on a project. A project may be well conceived and adequately financed; the contracts may be carefully drawn up, the contractors and workers highly experienced. But if all aspects of the project are not expertly integrated and managed, it may overrun the budget, fail to meet the schedule, or fall short in technical quality.
  27. 27. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED is a leader in project management, with experience on some of the most complex engineering and construction jobs ever undertaken. We know how to manage all aspects of even the most complex project, from engineering to procurement to construction and completion. We also are experts at resolving conflicts and identifying issues before they become problems. Our teams focus on the overall picture, establishing priorities and coordinating activities and participants to ensure quality projects that are delivered safely, on time, and within budget. COMMITMENT TO QUALITY Across the company, B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED employees embrace client-focused, data-driven philosophy and apply it to everything we do. We also work with our clients and suppliers to achieve the highest levels of quality possible. We continue to build on successes by sharing best practices across all of our businesses, putting the full power of B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED behind our quest for better, faster client solutions. There are three key elements of quality: client, process and employee. Everything we do to remain a world-class quality company focuses on these three essential elements.
  28. 28. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT Safety is always B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED top priority - a value that is fundamental to our culture. B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED has earned an industry-leading record of achieving zero lost-time incidents on 90 percent of our projects nationwide. Year after year, our zero accidents policy helps put our safety performance right at the top of the industry. At B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED, we believe that every accident and injury, is preventable, and we embed that philosophy into every B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED project through a combination of technical field procedures and ongoing training programs. Every employee has stop-work authority— if it's not safe, don't do it. We also ask our subcontractors and partners to adopt our commitment to safety and health. The result is exceptional safety performance, even in hazardous work environments, severe weather, and remote locations. Our dedication to safety helps keep workers safe and it also pays off for our clients. Their operating costs go down and productivity goes up because less time is lost to accidents. COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED is committed to environmental excellence. Each of our projects; whether a power
  29. 29. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 plant, a refinery, a new road, or a telecommunications facility, has the potential to affect people, animals, plants, and the land. Our goal always is to protect the environment during a project, and to build in safeguards that will keep protecting it long after the project is complete. We make sure that every project we undertake meets or exceeds government regulations for air and water quality. We also take steps to mitigate potential impact on nature at and near project sites. That includes creating new habitats for animals and birds, planting trees to replace any that must be removed, and modifying project designs to accommodate rare and endangered species. QUALITY POLICY B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED is dedicated to contribute locally to the society at large through providing our quality professional engineering services by way of construction of industrial facilities and supply of technical services. As an engineering company, it is our mission to ensure the satisfaction and success of our clients through the provision of effective total solution. The key to this mission is to meet Quality requirements as well as Safety and Environment requirements called for by our clients and society. In this regard, our company will share the same vision with our clients and will maintain mutually beneficial
  30. 30. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 relationships with all stakeholders, and our business conduct will abide by the following policies: 1. We supply reliable products that meet clients' requirements, are safe in service and have the least burden on environment. 2. Focusing on creation of safety oriented culture; we complete our job with no accidents and no harm to people. 3. We minimize energy consumption and wastes and maximize re-use of wastes so that regional and global environment can be best preserved. 4. We honor ethics and abide by the laws and regulations regarding Safety, Quality and Environment. INFORMATION SECURITY POLICY Information is an asset which, like other important business assets, has value to our organization and hence needs to be properly secured. In order to ensure business continuity, minimize business damage and maximize return on investments and business opportunities, all officers and employees are called upon to perform their tasks and assignments in compliance with the following information security policies, and strive to secure information from a wide range of threats.
  31. 31. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784  We implement information security measures for our information asset. "Information security" means preservation and maintenance of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information  We observe business, statutory and/or regulatory requirements, as well as contractual security obligations with our clients, licensors, and partners.  We execute appropriate in formation security measures, and minimize the adverse consequence that information security loss may have upon our assets.  We establish and maintain information security control plans and measures necessary for business continuity.  We provide comprehensive education and training for personnel, thereby enhancing awareness of information security.
  32. 32. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 LIST OF COMPANY EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY Our Technocrats set the most advanced technology on motion. We overcome difficult terrains to satisfy our customer’s need. S/N DESCRIPTION QTY OWNED CAPACITY 1. Bulldozers 2 Owned 240-340HP 2. Cat 12G, 14G, 120B; 140G Motor Graders 4 Owned 3.5m 3. Cat 215, 225, 235 Tralled Excavators 4 Owned 1.03 cub.m 4. ABG 15Tons Double Drum Roller 2 Owned 5,/4/4:10T 5. Pneumatic Tyred Rollers 3 Leased 120/88,8 6. Blow Knox paring Machine 3 Owned 7. Petrian – Controlled Double Drum Rollers 4 Leased 160HP 8. Poker Vibrators, C/W 6”/9” pokers 6 Owned 0.7/0.5 9. Stationery Concrete Mixers 8 Owned 30CUB/hr 10. Moveable / Mobile Concrete Mixers 4 Owned 20Tons 11. Mobile Concrete Pump Machines 3 Leased 30m/83.8 12. Multi Blocks Marching Machines 6 Owned 13. Metal Cutting Machines 2 Owned 13.5-160A 14. Pick – Up Vans, Tipping Trucks, etc. 11 Owned 15. Scaffolding Components Lot Owned 16. Cat D8K Building C/W Ripper 2 Leased 17. Stabilizing mixing plant 12 Owned 200TH, 300TH, 500TH 18. Cement batching plant 6 Owned 80NF, RZS50, M100 19. Driller 19 Owned S320, AGP20, R-622HD 20. Crane 13 Owned NK25, TENDEM40
  33. 33. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 SOME OF THE PROJECTS EXECUTED BY B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED Rehabilitation of the Federal Department of fisheries field office At Cross River State Construction of 11KV Line and Installation of 1.5 MVA Transformer At Kano
  34. 34. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 Renovation work at River State Residential Building at Mbaitoli, Imo State
  35. 35. B2 Construction Concepts Limited Company Profile RC: 1177784 PROJECT TEAM In order to achieve objectives, B2 CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS LIMITED utilizes the professional know-how of seasoned staff and personnel who are qualified graduates with considerable years of experience achieved through years of involvement in many varied projects. In addition, the part-time services of a number of specialists are also regularly utilized to supplement full time professional.