PINK , Justin Bieber


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PINK , Justin Bieber

  1. 1. Music video stereo types
  2. 2. What are the men and women doing? PINK- The women are giving out speeches, playing football but this is when they are ‘good girls’ When they are ‘bad girls’ they are having spray tans, having sex and doings ‘stupid’ things The women in this video are using their bodies to try and attract men to watch the video. By wearing little clothes it attracts men to the video. Also the women are showing how not to be and what the right path to choose is. Most of the video the women are being stupid and not silly things but some of the video the women are being inspirational Justin Bieber- The men in this are sitting in cars and appealing to younger boys to show that this is the life they should have. They are also wearing lot of expensive clothes and rings and chains
  3. 3. How are the men and women dressed? PINK- In the video the women are wearing very little amounts of clothes and are half naked, this appeals to men as that is what they like. They are wearing items like: swimming costumes, sports bras, bras and knickers. This is when they are ‘Stupid girls’ but when they are good girls they are wearing : shirts,blazers and skirts Justin Bieber- The men in this are wearing jeans t-shirts jumpers and jackets. Also the men are wearing earrings , sunglasses and big watches. This is showing they are wearing clothes that are in fashion and the watches etc. show they have lots of money.
  4. 4. Describe the body language of the men/women? PINK The body language of the women in this video is them leaning over and showing the boobs and wearing tight bottoms to show their bum. This attracts men. They women also dance and try to act as thought they are in with the fashion but in reality they look stupid. Justin Bieber In the video the body language of the men are them sitting down in cars and dancing around with girls. Also the men are kissing and hugging the women.
  5. 5. Where is the video taking place? PINK: In PINKS video the video is set in lots of different places. It starts of in a small house with a young girl watching TV and then moves on to lots of places such as: a shop, a podium, basketball court or street corner, pet shop, spray tan shop, bowling alley, surgery, football pitch, a sports car, a toilet, a bedroom, a carwash, a car drive and a gym. Justin Bieber: In Justin Bieber’s video it starts of with him in a dark room that is black and blue, some objects in the room have snow or ice covering it. IT then goes to Justin driving around in a spots car, he then starts to drive round and then drives to a car park. Once in the car park he gets out and starts to dance and play the guitar.
  6. 6. What is the message of the song? Pink: The message of Pinks song ‘Stupid Girls’ is that you should not grow up to be a stupid girl. It starts of with a young girl seeing different things on TV around here and what might influence her.This is portrayed by different types of being stupid such as being old and bright orange or sliding around a soapy car half naked. There are some parts of the video where it shows what girls can actually become such as being on a podium or beating boys at playing American football. So what PINK is trying to say is don’t be a stupid girl when you grown up, be a good girl. Justin Bieber: What Justin is trying to say in his video is that he has all the money and cars by flashing them about. He is trying to attract girls and persuading them to be his boyfriend. The lyrics are very persuasive towards girls and attempt to get them to be his boyfriend.
  7. 7. What is the story of the video? PINK- The story of Pink's video is that it starts with a young girl being influenced by women. But the women are bad influences as they wear very little clothes and act stupidly. Some parts try to portray the fact that they can be good girls and be better at boys at American football or be president ton a podium. Justin Bieber- In Justin’s video he is trying to persuade girls to be his boyfriend by flashing his money and cars.
  8. 8. What objects are shown in the video? PINK:  Barbie doll  TV  Handbags  Sunglasses  Sun tan machine  Bowling balls  Surgeons tools  American football  Cars  Phones  Running machine  Shopping bags  Toothbrush  Sponges  Soap Justin Bieber- •Speakers •iPhone •Loads of cars •Sunglasses •Bracelet •Guitar •Necklaces •Gold shoes •Earrings •Watch •Beanie •Bra
  9. 9. What is the general atmosphere? Pink- The general atmosphere in Pinks video it that everyone is trying to show off and be influencing to younger people. They are doing their up most to be like everyone else and try and get men to be attracted to them. Justin Bieber The general atmosphere of this video is that Justin is trying to attract girls by driving around in fast cars and flirting with them.
  10. 10. Do music videos help to establish a stereotype of a pop star? Yes, it can establish a stereo types because many male artists will try and flaunt their expensive clothes and fast cars.