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Manuel Arguill's Life


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Manuel Arguill's Life

  1. 1. Manuel Arguilla’s Life ( 1911- 1944) Prepared by: Herrera, Ysabel Alexandra
  2. 2. • Born on June 17 1911 • An Ilokano writer in English, patriot, and martyr. • Son of Crisanto Arguilla, a farmer and Margarita Estabillo, a potter. • known for his widely anthologized short story “how my brother leon brought home a wife”. • His stories “midsummer” and “heat” was published in the united state by prairie schooner .
  3. 3. • When he was in high school in san Fernando, he became the editor-in-chief of his school’s newsletter, the La Union Tab • He studied at the University of the Philippines where he finished BS Education in 1933 • Became a member and later the president of the U.P writers club and editor of the university’s Literary Apprentice.
  4. 4. • He married Lydia Villanueva, another writer in English, and they lived in Ermita, Manila • He became a creative writing teacher at the University of Manila and later worked at the bureau of public welfare advocate until 1943. He was later appointed to the board of censors.
  5. 5. • He secretly organized a guerilla intelligence unit against the Japanese. • In 1944 he was imprisoned at fort Santiago with his family. His family was later freed but manuel was sentenced to death • In October 1944,he wass captured, tortured and executed by the Japanese army at Fort Santiago. He was died at the of 33.
  6. 6. Stories Arguilla • How my brother leon brought home a wife (won first prize in the “Commonwealth Literary contest in 1940”) • Midsummer • Morning Nagrebcan • Ato • Heat • A son is born
  7. 7. • The strongest man • The long vacation • Mr. alisangco • Though young he is married • Elias • Imperfect farewell • The socialist • Epilogue revolt • Apes and men