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Git your Jekyll on - WebCamp Ljubljana 2015


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An intro talk about Jekyll, a Ruby-based static website generator and my story of moving my old blog from Blogger to a GitHub Pages hosted Jekyll. The talk includes a few practical Jekyll examples and highlights the benefits of using a static website generator for simple multi-page websites that don't change often or personal blogs.

The slides were prepared for my talk at WebCamp Ljubljana 2015

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Git your Jekyll on - WebCamp Ljubljana 2015

  1. 1. Git your Jekyll on Alja Isaković @iAlja jekyllgit
  2. 2. (and who is this Jekyll?) How did I meet Jekyll?
  3. 3. In 2006, I started a blog on Blogger. And for a few years, it was good. Once upon a time …
  4. 4. 2013: betrayal! Time to move. betrayal
  5. 5. Host your own WordPress. And see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Just move to Tumblr. You can trust them.
  6. 6. I want the best of both !both
  7. 7. O hai, = Ruby-based static website generator scary flexible puts the dynamic into static no db/server hassle easy peasy HTML
  8. 8. $ gem install jekyll $ jekyll new awesome-site $ cd awesome-site $ jekyll serve
  9. 9. But how is this better than WordPress?
  10. 10. lightweight, secure, fast
  11. 11. knows the cool kids allows you to write pages in Markdown <3 supports Sass, CoffeeScript, YAML, JSON, and CSV
  12. 12. track all changes (design, content) w version control templates, plugins, decent documentation easily migrate blogs from other platforms haz superpowers + free GitHub hosting
  13. 13. • GitHub Pages, powered by Jekyll GitHub <3 Jekyll* • Awesome because: - host Jekyll projects on any GitHub repository - git push to deploy - your contrib chart is going to look nicer :) - you can accept Pull requests on your blog! - free hosting & use your own domain GitHub Pages
  14. 14. GitHub <3 Jekyll* ** it’s much more fun to do your own hacking anyway * the small print: - limited plugin support** - gotta get over your fear of commit-ment - check - good thing moving is easy, eh?
  15. 15. pics or it didn’t happen!
  16. 16. WebCamp website by Maša Černovšek Logar
  17. 17. Europe Code Week website
  18. 18. Peer 2 Peer University course builder by Erika Pogorelc
  19. 19. Storesense website by Jan Isaković
  20. 20. meh?
  21. 21. _config.yml … Example 1: site variables
  22. 22. /_posts/ /projects/ Example 2: Using the blog-aware part
  23. 23. /about/ /_data/press.yml Example 3: using YAML data
  24. 24. Jekyll doesn’t fit all needs
  25. 25. you need a multi-page website that doesn’t change often you’re a geek with a blog you (or somebody you love) want to learn HTML/CSS and a lil’ bit of programming But it fits nicely if …
  26. 26. There’s always the evil twin Hyde. Written in Python. Don’t like Jekyll/Ruby? There’s always the evil twin Hyde. Written in Python.
  27. 27. There’s always the evil twin Hyde. Written in Python. There’s almost 100 alternatives. There’s always the evil twin Hyde. Written in Python. Don’t like Jekyll/Ruby? Go here:
  28. 28. CubeSensors <3 Complexity* * we do hardware after all. Are we’re hiring people who like a good challenge: Python-based static website generator
  29. 29. And now you know about Go build something fun. static website generators @iAlja