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5 key mobile trends you should know about


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What are some of the key trends in mobile that everyone should be aware of?

The slides were used during a lecture on mobile technologies for business and management students of an E-learning Summer School course. It includes various links to additional resources, so it can be used as a starting point in the exploration of what's hot today in the mobile, consumer focused sector.

You can also find the full video of the lecture and a short recap on my blog:

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5 key mobile trends you should know about

  1. 1. From apps to location and into the cloud: 5 key mobile trends you should know abouteveryone Presented by: Alja Isaković
  2. 2. Hm, why should I care? Image source:
  3. 3. “Within the next 5 years more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs.” - Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley analyst, 2010 (source)Want to know more? Morgan Stanley: Internet Trends report, 2010 Image source: Opera mini and mobile
  4. 4. In other words: mobile devices are getting popular wd co ld cro ol croo wdWant to know more? Mashable: Mobile By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] Image sources: IconFinder, Apple, Google
  5. 5. Let’s explore 5 key mobile trends that are changing the way we study, work and socialize Image source: Apple (Mac OS X icons)
  6. 6. Interactive learning gets physical
  7. 7. Traditional e-learning with point and click interactive study materials: hyperlinks = awesome Mobile e-learning with interactive apps on mobile devices:hyperlinks + touch + sensors = magic What we already know and love + more Image source: Apple
  8. 8. Learning on mobile devices is: personal, friendly, interactive, up-to-date, anywhere and anytime your device, your choice - always in your pocket instant access to professionally developed contentWant to know more? Apple: See how iPad is transforming teaching and learning at all levels Image source: Apple
  9. 9. Example: Our Choice iOS app,a next generation digital book
  10. 10. Example: Evernote Peek iPad 2 app,digital flashcards get physical
  11. 11. Theres an app(and an app store) for that
  12. 12. Apple App Store: over 400 k apps, 33 million downloads/day Google Android Market: over 200 k apps, 16 million downloads/day There are now apps for pretty much everything.Want to know more? [x]cubeLABS: The Smartphone App-o-graphic Image source: Apple
  13. 13. Why apps? fullscreen, context aware, immersive experiences touching is different than clicking Image source: Apple
  14. 14. Example: Planetary iPad app,interact with your music in a new way
  15. 15. Why apps? Simple distribution channel: the application stores one place for all apps recommendations, user reviews one click download or buy often using existing accounts easy to manage update notifications Did you know there’s also (among others) the: ‣ Amazon Android Appstore? (Android apps) ‣ Chrome Web Store? (browser Apps, Extensions, Themes) ‣ Mac App Store? (desktop software) pp store! Everyone wants an aWant to know more? Apple: App Store on the iPad (video)Want to know more? Wikipedia: List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices Image source: Apple
  16. 16. App stores are big business for someP.S: The app store owner also takes a cut fromevery purchase, usually around 30% of the price (That’s why everyone wants an app store) Image source: Apple
  17. 17. Q: How do developers make money from app$? The obvious: ✓ selling apps ✓ advertising But also: ✓ in-app purchases (virtual goods) ✓ digital subscriptions (magazines) Tap Tap Revenge: free app, buy extra content OS X as well!Want to know more? Distimo: Market Shifts In Content Distribution Com ing to Mac
  18. 18. Websites and our desktops are turning into apps
  19. 19. New web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 can make websites do awesome things! For instance: offline access, video support, animations, file access... Sample HTML 5 website: 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web Meaning: ‣ websites can behave more like apps, ‣ development time and cost savings (one “app” for all platforms) + they can avoid app store fees and cutsWant to know more? HTML5 Rocks - HTML5 vs Native: The Mobile App DebateWant to know more? Focus: What is HTML5? (Infographic) HTML5 badge source: W3C
  20. 20. Example: Financial Times web app, a peek into the futureIs Facebook next? TechCrunch: Project Spartan: Facebook’s Hush-Hush Plan To Take On Apple On Their Own Turf
  21. 21. web design is being influenced by mobile devices responsive design: websites adjust to your deviceWant to know more? Mashable: How the iPad Is Transforming Web DesignWant to know more? Smashing Magazine: Responsive Web Design Image sources: Twitter, Smashing Magazine
  22. 22. Both Apple and Microsoft are bringing mobile paradigms to our desktops (Get ready for touch gestures and fullscreen apps!) iOS (iPad) Mac OS X Lion Windows Phone 7 Windows 8Want to know more? Apple - Introducing OS X LionWant to know more? Microsoft: Building "Windows 8" - Video #1 Image sources: Apple, Microsoft
  23. 23. Location, location, location - search, checkins, deals, payments...
  24. 24. “At Google, we are seeing mobile search grow at an exponential rate, increasing five-fold worldwide in just the past two years - a rate comparable to the early days of desktop Google Search.” - Google Mobile Blog location is becoming a prominent element of mobile searchWant to know more? NYTimes: Google, a Giant in Mobile Search, Seeks New Ways to Make It Pay Image source: Google
  25. 25. Example: Google mobile local search,making finding nearby places easier
  26. 26. Example: Google Goggles,making mobile search easier
  27. 27. basics: check-in and unlock badges, share your become mayor, location, tips unlock specials with friends Available on all data capable phones: + mobile site: (any phone)Want a case study? Social Fresh: 21 Unique Location Examples from Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, and MyTownWant to know more? Mashable: 5 Ways Foursquare is Changing the WorldWant to know more? Foursquare: The foursquare community has over 10,000,000 members! Image source: Foursquare
  28. 28. Check-in and deals Facebook says: me too!Want to know more? Telegraph: Facebook Places: A user guideWant a case study? Digital Buzz Blog: Coca-Cola: The Facebook Places Recycling King Image source: Facebook
  29. 29. ... while Google ”just” wants to take over your whole wallet : NFC payments : offers and loyalty cards P.S: Guess what? All these nice offers and deals are also potential revenue sourcesWant to know more? Google Blog: Coming soon: make your phone your wallet Image source: Google
  30. 30. Wait... NFC what? Near Field Communication reading and exchanging safe, easy and content fast payments fun with Angry Birds MagicWant to know more? Engadget Primed: What is NFC, and why do we care? Image sources: Google, MasterCard, Rovio,
  31. 31. Example: NFC on Google Nexus S,reading smart tags with a light touch
  32. 32. Another cool tech that could make LBS (Location-Based Services) even better:ho me Geofencing Geo-fence: a virtual fence defined by a real world geographical area Sample usage: Location reminders in iOS 5Want to know more? ReadWriteWeb: Is Geofencing the Next Evolution for Location Apps? Image source: Apple
  33. 33. ... and there’s so much more location services can offer! Additional posts with more fresh ideas, trends and insights: ‣ Mashable: 5 Innovative Mobile Marketing Campaigns to Learn From ‣ Mashable: Who’s Really Scanning All Those QR Codes? [INFOGRAPHIC] ‣ Digital Buzz Blog: McDonald’s: Interactive ‘Pick N’ Play’ Billboard ‣ The Next Web: Augmented Reality: The past, present and future ‣ Scribbal: INFOGRAPHIC: How Groupon Stacks Up Against Facebook Deals, Google Offers ‣ Softpedia: Google+ for Mobile Has Group Messaging, Instant Upload for Photos ‣ The Chronicle of Higher Education: As the Web Goes Mobile, Colleges Fail to Keep Up ‣ The Next Web: Mobile technologies take hold to shape the future of Africa ‣ Simply Zesty: Are geo social networks about to take off? Discover cool new social networks and tools based on location: ‣ HuffPost Tech: Color: A Social Network For The Post-PC--And Post-Privacy--World ‣ ReadWriteWeb: New Wave of Social Networks Have You "Friending" Your Location ‣ Mashable: What’s Happening Around You? Banjo Knows ‣ Mashable: iPhone App Lets You Cut Movies Using Clips on Friends’ Phones Image sources: Smashing Magazine, deviantART
  34. 34. The cloud will keep our lives synchronized
  35. 35. Some common problems we all have: ‣ I forgot to send myself that file... ‣ I wish I could listen to that song I have on my PC on my phone... ‣ I wish I could show you the photo I took yesterday... ‣ I never remember to backup my stuff... Fear not, the “cloud” is here to help! Syncing all our devices, giving us access to all our important data and files.Want to know more? PCMag: What Is Cloud Computing? Image source: Wikipedia
  36. 36. You probably know - easy sync or backup of your files in the cloud Save files to Dropbox, Private collaboration Full feature mobile access them anywhere or public sharing apps, even offline + mobile site: (any phone)Want a case study? Bright Hub: Top Tips for Using Dropbox at SchoolWant to know more? Lifehacker: How to Use Dropbox as a Killer Collaborative Work ToolDiscover more apps that work with Dropbox! Dropbox App Directory Image source: Dropbox
  37. 37. Example: Google Music Beta (US only), streaming your music library, anywhereWant to know more? Apple iCloud vs. Amazon Cloud Player vs. Google Music Beta
  38. 38. A peek into the future: Apple’s iCloud ‣ iTunes Store purchases (music, apps, books), photos, documents are automatically synced across all devices ‣ Automatic backup saved in the cloud ‣ Free push email, calendars and contacts on all devices “It just works” - instant, free, across all your devicesWant to know more? Betanews: 5 things you should know about Apple iCloudWant to know more? TechCrunch: Thinking Outside The Browser Box: Why Should Apple ... Image source: Apple
  39. 39. Instant Upload is already here, and it works!Want to know more? ReadWriteWeb: Instant Photo Uploads from Android is Google Pluss Killer Feature Image source: Google+
  40. 40. 5 key mobile trends you now know about: Magic mobile learning App$ and app $tore$ Mobile influencing websites and desktops Location, location, location The cloud will make everything work
  41. 41. Final piece of advice: it’s not about the technology,it’s about the experience
  42. 42. Final piece of advice: it’s not about the technology,it’s about the experience See the full comic at: What its like to own an apple product · The Oatmeal
  43. 43. Questions? Comments?Presented by: Alja Isaković |