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Thebestof Mar Apr 2009


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Another Coolhunting Report produced by Andrea Betti and her Coolhunters in JWT Milan.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Thebestof Mar Apr 2009

  1. 1. The Best of March – April 2009
  2. 2. Towels in the shape of a stain of blood to promote the new show "Weekend Murders"
  3. 4. Crash-test dummies unemployed because of the new City Safety system of the Volvo XC60
  4. 6. An innovative idea born from the collaboration with the world of contemporary art
  5. 7. Nokia is showing off its GPS through the works of Stravros. His works are to create the figure using the paths tracked by GPS. In this case, have been reproduced the shapes of the footprints left by shoes.
  6. 8. Help dogs to fight ticks
  7. 10. Real natural colors
  8. 12. Launch of a TV program: I would do anything for money
  9. 14. An energy drink to recharge yourself
  10. 16. The most powerful USB key ever produced
  11. 18. “ Killzone 2” video game was launched with an application that attack you while you surf the internet...
  12. 19. To download the application:
  13. 20. Downloaded the application, it will come into operation at any time. The arrow of the mouse turns into a viewfinder and the screen turns into a battlefield To download the application:
  14. 21. Campaign against the waste of paper
  15. 23. The consequences of global warming on your city
  16. 24. A billboard completely covered with ice was placed over a tank that contains the model of a city. Dissolving shows the effect of global warming on the city.
  17. 25. At Oslo‘s Tryvann Winter Park it’s always snowing
  18. 27. A school to promote its courses in creativity (ideas can come at any moment)
  19. 29. Max coffee gives you adrenaline
  20. 31. A gym makes you feel guilty while you wait the bus
  21. 32. When we sit on the bench on display appear the weight of the person sitting
  22. 33. A black marker against censorship
  23. 34. Highlight distributed to journalists during the press conference on the Olympics in China
  24. 35. Kingstone promotes his waterproof 32 GB USB
  25. 37. A restaurant best in class in spicy food
  26. 39. Viral McLaren & Vodafone
  27. 40. To see the video: A boy has designed an application for the iPhone that lets you drive a model of McLaren. He filmed a video explanation and loaded it on youtube. Team McLaren Racing saw the video and invited the guy at their box.
  28. 41. To see the video: Arrived at the McLaren box, he sees that his application had been used on a real F1. Hamilton had the task of driving the car through the iPhone.
  29. 42. A Snack filled with Caramel
  30. 44. Viral with 2,300,000 visits in one week
  31. 45. To see the video: A flock of sheep was "dressed" with LED lights and come down once the sun has been done pre-grazing patterns to form the figure, to play "Pong" live etc ...
  32. 46. To see the video:
  33. 47. A new show about “vampires” arriving in town
  34. 49. The new Nike catalog is for true sportsmen only
  35. 51. A school of parachuting gives you a preview of the thrill of a launch
  36. 53. Playboy for the “Big Brother” Brazil
  37. 55. Viral by Ray-Ban
  38. 56. To see the video:
  39. 57. Supporting a Japanese basketball team
  40. 59. A fund raising campaign made by a sticky poster
  41. 61. Promotion of an insurance against automotive theft
  42. 63. Business card of a mechanical engineer
  43. 64. To see the video:
  44. 65. Launch of "Blue Whale Odyssey" on “Nat Geo Wild HD” (National Geographic Tv channel)
  45. 67. Viagra to raise awareness
  46. 69. MTV tackles the issue of sustainability by edible advertisement
  47. 71. A wet poster to promote Calvin Klein’s sexy underware
  48. 73. Dog-marketing
  49. 74. Some trained dogs have been left free to run through the center of town with a pack of dog food between the teeth.
  50. 75. A tyre that really works on wet roads
  51. 77. To demonstrate the precision of a drill
  52. 79. Garnier pure pen against blemishes and pimples.
  53. 81. Campaign against work’s accidents
  54. 83. Promotion for the sex museum in New York
  55. 85. Nike Viral
  56. 86. To see the video:
  57. 87. Promotion of a children’s speech therapist
  58. 89. Perfect shave with Gillette.
  59. 91. Samsung Viral
  60. 92. To see the video:
  61. 93. Mother Nature personification
  62. 94. To see the video: