Digital Advertising Trends For 2010


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A list of the 10 things I think we're most likely to see happen in 2010 in the field of online advertising / marketing / digital communications / whatever you want to call it.

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Digital Advertising Trends For 2010

  1. 1. 10 Things That Might Happen in The World of Digital Advertising in 2010 @iaintait
  2. 2. Google Google Google Google Google Google Everyone forgets about the iPhone. In 2010 Google flick the switch on their phone, it'll be like that bit in Star Wars when those green lasers coming out of the Death Star combine to make that massive planet- destroying beam.
  3. 3. In 2009 YouTube showed TV shows. And we can watch the BBC on the iPhone, Wii and PS3. Boxee moved into beta and a hardware box went into production. The internet TV fridge finally lands (or something like that)
  4. 4. 0.4s 0.2s 0.1s RIP 0.1s 0.2s 0.4s Real time social information becomes even more impressive / pointless. People will get more of their links and info from friends in super-quick time. And we’ll hear about celebrities dying before they’re even dead.
  5. 5. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Blogs don’t die, they evolve, for example we’ll see people banding together to form collablogs. Groups of passionate folk who love each other very much. They encourage each other to spiral off into obscurity.
  6. 6. then now In-line comments are replaced by out-there comments. People refuse to talk about your thing in the space you give them - instead they slag you off everywhere else forcing you to chase them round like a headless idiot.
  7. 7. everything goes really small Big immersive ideas end. People have a hunger for ‘more’. But they don't have more time. So advertisers learn from the coke dealers of the 80s - they wash and cook their ideas so they’re small, compact and highly- concentrated
  8. 8. You have: 22,019 unread pieces of chod overwhelming your tiny mind After a series of high-profile suicides. Unread and undealtwith counters are banned. And features like FriendFeed’s ‘Best of Day’ save us all.
  9. 9. We finally stop worrying about owning things and give all our digital possessions to the cloud. We then rent everything back from ourselves at $19.99 a month
  10. 10. A self-proclaimed social media expert does something worth talking about rather than just talking about it. The Internet shudders then repairs itself.
  11. 11. ?? ?? ?? 2010 will be the year of total confusion and massive costly mistakes. Yay!
  12. 12. 2010 It’s going to be awesome! @iaintait