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Confidence In Blog Postings Over Time


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This is how I feel when I post to my blog. Psychologically I start off feeling very confident. Then over time my attitude gradually changes.

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Confidence In Blog Postings Over Time

  1. confidence in blog posts over time a brief analysis
  2. confidence time
  3. confidence YAY! A new post. I’m quite proud of that. time
  4. confidence Oh, bollocks. Typos! time
  5. confidence Phew, fixed. time
  6. confidence Hooray. Positive comments. People agree! time
  7. Oh. confidence It’s those nice people, the ones that usually agree. time
  8. confidence Hmmm. These new comments aren’t so positive. time
  9. confidence I wonder if anyone would notice if I deleted the original post...? time
  10. I wonder if the world confidence would actually be a better place without my blog? time
  11. I wonder if the confidence world would be a better place without me? time
  12. don’t let blogging get you down.