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                                                               To acquire quality
About the Company
The Partnered Property Acquisitions Group (The PPA Group)      equity partners is our first priority eac...
The PPA Group’s strategy is to invest in high return
commercial real estate with our large network of private


Monte Lee-Wen is the President and CEO of The PPA...

Dave Carter is The PPA Group’s principal consultant in commercial real estate an...

Glenn Gonzales brings to The PPA Group over 18 years ...
Sample Investments
•	Sunset Canyon, a 466-unit apartment community located in San Antonio, Texas.
•	Sunridge Apartments, a...
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The PPA Group


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The PPA Group is a full-service commercial real estate investment firm that seeks attractive, risk-adjusted returns for accredited and sophisticated investors. We specializes in the acquisition and repositioning of commercial and multi-family properties nationwide, focusing on primarily value-add and core-plus opportunities.

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The PPA Group

  2. 2. Our Mission To acquire quality properties providing secure and sustainable returns for our equity partners. Testimonial “We have been involved in the growth and expansion of the PPA Group over the past several years and are proud to have been involved in arranging financing where the group at PPA exceeded projections in both the time it took to facilitate the turnaround and the increase in NOI at the property. Bill Haley Vice President - NorthMarq Capital
  3. 3. About the Company The Partnered Property Acquisitions Group (The PPA Group) equity partners is our first priority each day. Honoring our is a full-service commercial real estate investment firm promises and commitments, we distinguish ourselves with that seeks attractive, risk-adjusted returns for accredited the highest level of professionalism and ethical behavior. and sophisticated investors. The PPA Group specializes We believe the key determinants of our success are in the acquisition and repositioning of commercial and “buying right,” aggressive leasing and creative asset multi-family properties nationwide, focusing on primarily management. Typically, target investments are in need of value-add and core-plus opportunities. Our extensive physical improvements, are partially or completely vacant network of private equity partners maximize their returns and require improved operations and management. Our by investing with a scaled operator with a large portfolio ability to execute quickly and derive value where others of commercial real estate as well as in-house asset and cannot allows us to “earn” our returns rather than wait property management capability. The investor benefits for them like more passive investors. from the diversification of risk and economies of scale of a Buying right provides the margin to improve, lease and sell large asset portfolio and operations group regardless of the assets in a compressed time frame, which helps us achieve structure or size of their ownership interest. target returns for our equity partners. We understand that The PPA Group, LLC specializes in the identification, professional property management is the key element to finance, acquisition, repositioning and management of ensure the success of our real estate holdings. The PPA all types of commercial real estate throughout the United Group uses a mixture of our in-house expertise along with States. We are dedicated to sourcing quality properties for our sister company, PPA Real Estate Management, whose our investors and providing the premier asset management diligence and quality standards provide our equity partners service in the commercial real estate industry. Our team with the assurance of effective operations and protection offers a unique spectrum of expertise with a combined on their investments. This process of buying assets at synergy capable of meeting any challenge while maximizing the right time coupled with our expert property and asset opportunity. Our acquisition strategy exclusively focuses on management services has led The PPA Group to higher- assets that create secure and sustainable returns in current than-expected returns on many of our properties. market conditions. Providing exceptional service to our
  4. 4. Strategy The PPA Group’s strategy is to invest in high return commercial real estate with our large network of private equity partners. We own and asset manage our portfolio of commercial real estate including apartment complexes, office buildings and retail centers. The PPA Group’s ownership of a large portfolio of properties allows our equity partners to benefit from economies of scale, eliminating many of the duplicative processes and costs that apply when an investor purchases properties on their own. This allows our equity partners to enjoy cash flow and tax benefits while the property matures in value, while eliminating the worry and hassle of property and asset management on their own. The PPA Group invests large amounts of time and human capital to source the most attractive opportunities for our investors. Extensive due diligence, including financial statement and property audits, is conducted by our in- house analysts and property managers prior to all asset acquisitions. Our equity partners receive in-depth and transparent reports on the findings of our analysis, so they receive all of the information needed to make educated investment decisions. We acquire low- to medium-risk properties with the right combination of price, location, quality, growth and rental potential. We provide a broad range of ownership structure options to meet the needs of our investors including joint venture partnerships, fractional ownership, direct ownership investments, equity partnerships, 1031 exchanges and private placements. Vision Real estate is a complex industry. The market, by strict where others cannot. We produce outstanding returns while definition, is finite, yet it offers boundless opportunities to competing in a uniquely challenging investment climate investors and those who are willing to take the market by its and providing our investors with structure options that suit horns. To succeed today, real estate managers must create their individual needs and goals. At The PPA Group, LLC we exceptional value while meeting market demands. Returns understand how decisions today affect the value of investments must be earned through diligence, vision and execution. Our tomorrow. We have the expertise, track record and experience market timing is both accurate and precise, our underwriting to identify opportunities in today’s market and the enterprise skills are impeccable, and our vertically integrated asset combined with financial strength to act upon them for the and property management services allow us to add value benefit of investors, partners, tenants, clients and residents.
  5. 5. Biographies Monte Lee-Wen PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Monte Lee-Wen is the President and CEO of The PPA Group, LLC. Since 2002, Monte has conducted over $600 million in transactions, acquiring, managing and repositioning commercial property across the United States. In 2004, Monte formed The PPA group, LLC as a commercial real estate investment company in Seattle, Washington. The company is now headquartered in Austin, Texas and also serves as the holding company for The PPA Group family of companies. He has a unique investment philosophy which involves evaluating and taking advantage of opportunities where superior risk-adjusted returns can be realized. This approach has allowed The PPA Group to realize tremendous returns on investments. Through founding The PPA Group, Monte has been able to combine his investment experience and philosophy with the creative talent required to renovate and reposition properties. Monte brings an extensive knowledge in property assessment and transaction due diligence. He has created a standardized internal analysis system to effectively evaluate investment properties, which has enabled the PPA Group to streamline the process of acquiring profitable real estate investments. In 2008, Monte formed a subsidiary company called PPA Real Estate Management (REM) to serve as the property management company for PPA Group real estate holdings, and to conduct third-party fee management business. PPA REM currently manages a diverse portfolio of multifamily units, emerging office and development properties. Monte takes pride in investing not only in properties, but also in the communities and families that reside at the company’s properties. Monte is a seasoned entrepreneur having started and run several companies since the mid- 1990s. His networking and speaking skills have propelled the company forward very quickly. He is actively involved in board positions and guidance committees of many private and public initiatives nationwide. Nalie Lee-Wen CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER As Chief Financial Officer, Nalie Lee-Wen heads The PPA Group’s internal Department of Finance and Commercial Specialists. She works diligently developing relationships with capital partners and coordinating transaction closings during the funding and closing phase of PPA Group’s acquisitions. Nalie oversees the team of accounting professionals for PPA Group and its family of companies, including PPA Real Estate Mangement. Her experience in commercial financing and leder relationships brings significant value to the company’s operational management. She plays a pivotal role in the asset management and property mangement departments. Prior to joining The PPA Group, Nalie was the Chief Executive Officer of a commercial real estate funding group. Nalie has worked directly on the successful financing and closure of over $200 million in real estate transactions. With her strong background in real estate and finance, she brings a high level of expertise in solving title issues, working with state and local governments, surveyors, vendors, lenders, and legal professionals. Nalie shows a great ability to anticipate potential problems and creates solutions prior to issues arising during asset acquisitions and asset management.
  6. 6. Dave Carter CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER Dave Carter is The PPA Group’s principal consultant in commercial real estate and investment opportunities.Dave is involved in all major investment, acquisition, dispositions and asset management decisions; is responsible for value fund development; and sits on The PPA Groups acquisition and disposition committees. Dave has more than 20 years of successful business development experience resulting in significant value creation involving over $4 billion in commercial real estate and totaling 100 million square feet nationwide. During his 20+ years in commercial real estate, he has held executive-level positions with GE Capital Real Estate, a $4 Billion division of GE Capital; Commercial Net Lease, a $1.3 Billion REIT (now known as National Retail Properties); and CB Richard Ellis, the world’s premier, full-service real estate services company. Prior to these positions, he spent 10 years in the appraisal consulting side of the business, during which time he completed consulting assignments for all types of commercial property including multi-family, office, retail, industrial, hospitality, special use and undeveloped land. During this period he received his MAI (Member of Appraisal Institute) designation. M. Scott Mikel CHIEF LEGAL OFFICER M. Scott Mikel officially joined The PPA Group, LLC as legal counsel in June of 2008, but he has been an integral part of the company since its inception, providing independent legal services to the PPA Group since 2004. Scott’s experience is especially valuable in that he not only brings legal expertise to The PPA Group, but his background as an accountant, with experience in financial management and analysis, provides a unique legal/financial perspective which has proven to be extremely beneficial. Scott has over 16 years experience in accounting, law, real estate, contracts, securities, finance, acquisitions and management. He has had the opportunity to work with the largest independent oil company in the Pacific Northwest, a venture capital investment firm with over 1.8 billion in assets under management, a financial portfolio fund with over 1.3 billion in assets under management and has over eight years of legal experience advising clients in the areas of real estate, business, tax and estate planning, focusing on emerging companies and high net worth individuals. Scott has been a principal member of a Seattle based real estate, business and estate planning law firm since 2006. Scott oversees all legal aspects of The PPA Group’s acquisitions: including contract drafting, negotiations, entity formation, financing, funding and escrow. He also manages legal processing of liens, litigation, evictions and other required legal actions for PPA Real Estate Management, LLC.
  7. 7. Glenn Gonzales, CPM PRESIDENT OF PPA REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT Glenn Gonzales brings to The PPA Group over 18 years of experience in management, development, operations and leasing of commercial real estate of all property types. He served as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Washington Multi-family Housing Association, and was elected as President of the association in 2006. From 1994 to 1998, Glenn was a board member for the Utah Apartment Association. He also served a two year term as the Chairman of the Public Relations Committee and a one year term as the Secretary Treasurer for the Institute of Real Estate Management. Since 1994, Glenn has also been an instructor for the National Apartment Association. Prior to joining The PPA Group as President of PPA Real Estate Management, Glenn spent many years working in multi-family and commercial property management with companies such as Equity Residential, Evergreen Management Group, Glacier Management, and most recently Pacific Property Company. He is also a licensed real estate broker and Certified Property Manager. Most recently, Glenn has participated as founding member of an online services company that provides industry professionals with access to competitively priced and reliable vendor contacts. Iain Hackett DIRECTOR OF ACQUISITIONS Iain Hackett has over 22 years of professional experience in the real estate and hi-tech industries. His real estate background includes multifamily acquisition and management, resort development and operations, raw land development and high-end residential development. As Director of Acquisitions, he spearheads the company’s property acquisition program, playing an integral role in locating, analyzing and negotiating the acquisition of high return investment properties. Iain provides strong leadership to the company’s management team, with extensive business, project management and financial analysis experience. His management background in hi-tech provides a deep experience in streamlining operations, technology integration, process management and project oversight. As a principal in two hi-tech startups, he was responsible for creating and managing the engineering groups, company operations and technology strategy while the companies grew and were eventually sold or taken public. As a Director at Microsoft Corp, he held senior roles within the company including the Windows development team and on the staff of the CTO. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Microprocessor Systems from The University of Essex and currently resides in Austin, Texas.
  8. 8. Sample Investments • Sunset Canyon, a 466-unit apartment community located in San Antonio, Texas. • Sunridge Apartments, a 332-unit apartment community located in Grand Prairie, Texas. • Kenton Place, a 244-unit apartment community located in San Antonio, Texas. • Peppermill Apartments, a 232-unit apartment community located in Universal City, Texas Seattle/Tacoma, WA Everett, WA Boise, ID Salt Lake City/Provo, UT Cape Fair, MO St. Louis, MO Sterling Heights, MI Phoenix/Mesa, AZ Eastland, TX Universal City, TX San Antonio, TX Waco, TX Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex Acquisitions Iain Hackett Director of Acquisitions 512.651.0513 x912 Investments The PPA Group Dave Carter 11940 Jollyville Road Chief Investment Officer Suite 330-S 512.651.0513 x910 Austin, TX 78759 512.651.0513 - telephone Media Enquiries 800.928.6033 - toll free Kristin DiCenso 877.630.5817 - fax Marketing & Investor Relations Associate 512.651.0513 x904