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EntityForms with Drupal 7


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EntityForms with Drupal 7

  1. 1. Bumbling through integration with Entity Forms
  2. 2. What is an entity form?• A collection of entities presented as a form• Can re-use existing fields
  3. 3. Why Entity Forms?• Integrates with Drupal in ways other forms cannot reach – Features, Rules and Views integration• Loosely coupled• Don’t need to rewrite Rules engine
  4. 4. Problems– Large amount of fields if you have large forms and / or a lot of them– Embedding it in Content Types can cause issues with double titles – solve with Context.– Issues with featurising large forms and field sets– Conditional fields did not work
  5. 5. Integration• SugarCRM – Wrote our own integration module• Google Forms – Extended Droogle module to cope with Spreadsheets via Zend Gdata• Email – Use Rules and Drupal’s internal mail to contact our Service Desk
  6. 6. References• Modules – Entityform – Droogle• Book – The Tiny Book of Rules, Johan Falk, Wolfgang Ziegler, Leander Lindahl ules
  7. 7. Given to the Oxford Drupal Group ( by Iain Emsley Twitter: iainemsley Blog: d.o.: iaine